Welcome Inn was a popular hotel theme that we loved but since it approached that magical retirement age and we had to let it go. One of the major updates this year was replacing Welcome Inn with Haven. Just to make it clear, you can’t upgrade Welcome Inn to Haven since they were built on different frameworks. The great news is Haven came with smart solutions for every issue our old theme had.

Haven is built on Unyson Framework

Unlike Welcome Inn, Haven was built on an open source framework with almost 470.000 downloads and daily contributors. Since the framework is evolving, bettering itself constantly working with our theme is also becoming easier day by day. It is now very simple to add room images and animations without using the attachments like you did with Welcome Inn. Intuitive, visual and fast editing will make you love Haven even more.

Handy external booking system

Welcome Inn had a reservation request form on the website, and no way to export your aggregated data. Haven has a proper system that works with external shortcodes that offer integration with the most popular booking websites.

3 Demos with different approaches

You know there’s an entire science behind making a perfect, user-friendly, conversion oriented websites with a great design and easy on the eye. We managed to incorporate everything a Hotel Website needs and we made it clean, good looking and perfectly functional. For Haven, we made not one but three options for you to use or customize as you wish!

2 Premium Sliders

Welcome Inn had only one animated slider. It was customizable but it limited your options. With Haven, you can still personalize your basic slider like you were used to but you also have two premium sliders – Layer Slider and Revolution Slider.

WooCommerce Ready

Start selling your additional offers or products today, using the popular WooCommerce plugin! We have customized everything, making the plugin perfectly integrated.


Basically, we came up with a whole new way to use, manage, customize and get inspired for your hotel website. Owning an accommodation business and managing your website with an online booking system is now made more fun, clean, easy and very stylish. And don’t forget if you encounter any difficulties we can always answer your questions and give support on our helpdesk.

Live Preview | Theme Details

Of course, you can test Haven in our Test Labs (2 days free) because we already know you’re going to love it! Leave a comment and tell us what you think.


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