How to Make Your WordPress Blog to Stand Out In 2013; Starting with 5 Ideas

Let’s face it, The New Year is not that far away in the future. This means that today is as good as any other to start planning your actions for the next 12 months and to think about the things you can do to make your WordPress blog more successful.

And by more successful I actually mean to make it to stand out from the crowd. This isn’t about some standard stuff like SEO, or getting a new theme, by the way. This is about content, promotion, and improving your blogging skills in general.

There’s one more thing this post isn’t … a New Year’s Resolutions list. I really don’t want you to promise yourself anything only to abandon the idea a couple of weeks later. Not the point here.

1. Pick a new publication schedule

Change is good. Embrace change.

For instance, if you’ve been posting once a week, try doing it three times a week. If you’ve been posting every other day, try doing it once a week.

What’s the point? Basically, you won’t know which posting frequency is the best for your blog until you try at least a couple of them.

For some blogs, the traffic they get correlates directly with the number of posts they publish. More posts = more traffic.

For other blogs, however, publishing just a handful of extremely detailed articles per month is a better approach because their readers don’t get distracted by the volume. This makes them more willing to help spreading the word and make the content more viral.

I’m not trying to say that this will work for sure. Maybe your blog has the perfect posting frequency right now. But you’ll never know for sure until you do some testing.

To make things easier you can create a new calendar on Google Calendar and place all your publication dates there. This will help you to be consistent and mind the plan at all times.

2. Write with no introduction

This is a concept I’ve been promoting lately. It’s all about writing your content without any introduction.

In my opinion, writing introductions is just some leftover school stuff. Back in the day, your teachers were forcing you to start each essay with an introduction, and the idea stuck.

In the real world, however, no one actually reads introductions. Especially if we’re dealing with list posts. Tell me, when was the last time you’ve read an introduction to a post like “X Top iPad Apps for {something}?” Probably never.

So the concept is quite simple. Don’t focus on writing any sort of an introduction. Go straight down to business immediately. This will make your writing easier and quicker. Introductions can often be very time consuming.

3. Start with massive guest posting

I don’t know how about you, but I still consider guest posting being the most effective method of promotion for any blog or website.

We all know the principles, so let’s just talk about the exact approach you can take here.

First of all, what I mean by massive? Something like one post per day. If you can do more, make it two posts per day.

Now, how to get them published on other blogs. (A scenario for 15 posts a month):

  1. Pick 5 generally popular sites and target them first. By generally popular I mean sites like:, Freelance Switch, and others. By publishing on such sites you’re building your reputation and your brand. Besides, a percentage of the audience will be interested in what you have to offer on your site regardless of the topic.
  2. Pick 10 popular sites in your niche. For instance, if you’re in the blogging niche you can try sites like: ProBlogger, Copyblogger, Daily Blog Tips. Publishing there will help you to establish your authority in the niche and will also send a nice chunk of traffic your way.

Sending 15 articles within a month should give you some nice recognition in the marketplace, and as a side product also improve your SEO. There are literally no downsides to guest blogging.

4. Connect with other bloggers

That is unless you’re building new connections already.

The idea is that it’s a lot easier to find success online if you know a lot of people and a lot of people know you.

If you have some befriended bloggers, you can always reach out to them with some joint venture projects, guest posts, or anything else.

By starting a joint venture, for example, you’re not only getting twice the audience to cater to, but you’re also providing them with something special (if the project is interesting enough). This should do a well enough job to make your blog (and you personally) more recognizable.

Connecting with people over the internet is not much different from doing it in real life. You just have to be friendly, don’t ask for anything upfront and don’t act like a jackass. If you keep that in mind you’ll be fine.

5. Launch an early contest

First of all, by early I mean doing it on Jan 1st, 2013. A contest can be anything, but please don’t make it too obvious … don’t say that in order to participate one just has to tweet, like and comment.

Create a genuine task, or ask a genuine question (do whatever makes sense for you, your site, and the niche you’re in). Then gather the entries and pick the winner.

The prize can be the only problem here. If you have any products of your own, you can give them away for free. If you don’t have anything like this, you can pair up with another blogger in your niche to get it. In such a scenario, they provide the product and you handle the promotion. Finding a sponsor is another solution … if your brand is strong enough.

Of course, the goal of such a contest is to build some publicity for your site.

One more thing, mind that in order to make this work, you need an audience to begin with. It doesn’t have to be big, but it has to be returning audience. Not just 200 new people coming from search engines every day.

I know that there are probably dozens of other things you can do to make your blog to stand out in 2013, and this is where I ask for your help. Feel free to comment and mention some of your own ideas on what one can do to make their WordPress blog more recognizable and interesting in the upcoming year.


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  1. Ricky 20th December 2012

    That's a good start. It would be great experience for users as well to know themefuse thinks. "Introduction is a just some leftover school stuff"....whoa...i never thought about it. I usually start with the introduction for better understanding. The other part where you have mentioned about guest blogging is something I should include in next year resolution. However, I really doubt that whether I will be able to churn out 30 quality articles per month or not.

  2. skyrock2610 22nd December 2012

    i ill update

  3. Sabrinaa 27th December 2012

    Thanks a lot for your post, really I like your plan for the guest posting and will give it a try.

  4. Silja 2nd January 2013

    What an inspirering article about different ways to optimize a wordpress blog. I think you do have a point about writing without no introduction and I have actually decided to try your suggestion for one of my new blogs.

  5. Brenda Music 13th January 2013

    Thanks! Happy New Year 2013!

  6. Mubashir Ayaz 26th February 2013

    thanks, i will surely start some new blogs after 2-3 days. your post inspire me a lot. thx admin

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