In the past few years, what we often see in the online world are quizzes popping everywhere. They are becoming more and more popular and businesses decide to use them as a part of their marketing strategy. Quizzes are a part of every type of social media, we can see them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even in our mailboxes.

People often avoid them, having the opinion that they are useless and the truth is completely opposite. If businesses incorporate quizzes as a part of their strategy they can affect positively on the sales and growth of the company.

The social media gives you the chance to get closer to the potential customers and provides you with an even bigger platform that you can work with. If you are thinking of incorporating this idea into your strategy, you need to pay attention to the type of the quiz that you are going to create. Your responsibility will be to create a well-produced quiz that will help you to reach your starting objective.

It is very important for the quiz to have more than just an entertainment value. By taking the quiz, the user will give you some relevant information and normally in return they will want something.

If you haven’t created a quiz before, the first steps may be hard but when you once get used to it you will start using it as the most powerful tool in your marketing strategy. The next quizzes will only need a bit of redesigning and changing the content, a piece of cake!

Personalize your value proposition and ask for a lead in return

The content marketing can be an effective marketing strategy, but the question is how can you know that you are providing to the customers the things that they are expecting to read and see. The answer will be- by using quizzes.

If you are afraid that people won’t even try to take the quiz, a good idea is to offer something for free in return. Everyone wants to get something for free, and people are usually ready to give some basic information about themselves if they are going to get a free gift for it. Using this type of “gifting” quizzes you will get the information you want and the customer will get the price he wants.

Once you gathered the information you can use it to create a quiz that will match the preferences of your customers. Like that, you will go even deeper, know what the customer prefers and what are his buying habits so you will be able to continue to make even bigger sales.

Pair a quiz with a big event in your company or industry

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If you want to spread your business a good idea is to from time to time to create some events that will bring you closer to your customers. Send invitations for a cocktail where you will present some of your best-selling products.

In order to attract people and sparkle attention, you can create some online quizzes through which you will inform them of the upcoming event. The quizzes are a very powerful tool for bringing social attention to your business and generate leads.

If you decided to create a quiz, keep in mind the following things:

– Naming
The first thing that a reader and a potential customer see in a quiz is its name. Because of that, you will need to come up with an interesting and eye-catching name that will attract the reader and make him open the quiz.

– Tone and Structure
The tone and the structure of the quiz are extremely important. The quiz always needs to be simple and casual with a conversational tone. When creating a quiz think of it as you are talking with your customers in person.

Keep in mind that the quiz will reach a diverse audience, everyone with different needs and knowledge. That’s why you should always use words and references that everyone will understand. Be sure that the questions are understandable and easy to answer.

Don’t make the quiz extremely long, since the reader will give up if it’s needed to spend a lot of time in solving and answering it. Write a maximum of 12 questions that won’t take more than 12 minutes for answering. Like that you will keep the readers focused and interested.

– Content
If you don’t know how to start and what kind of content to create for your quiz, make a little research. You can even take some quizzes by yourself, and you will see how your competition works and what are they focused on. Always try the content to be associated with some new events and inventions so the readers will know that they are reading something that is new, nobody wants to spend time on an outdated content. If you have some new product you should definitely incorporate it in your quiz.

Always use a positive tone through the entire quiz structure. The readers need to feel respected and important. The tone always needs to be friendly and to encourage the reader to share your content with some of his friends.

Capturing Leads

Never forget that the main goal of your quiz is to capture leads. Keep this in mind during the entire process of creation and advertising of the quiz. When the customer is going to take the quiz, he will probably be required to provide some personal information, such his name, and email address, and with that will create new “leads”. Later, you will use the information to create a new relationship with the potential customer and gradually transform him into a loyal client.

Keep the need for personal information to a minimum. Many people are sceptical in sharing more than their name and email address, and to be honest you don’t even need more than that. If you are too picky you won’t attract new customers.

WordPress quiz plugins

One way to create quizzes is to use WordPress, and here we will present some of the best WordPress quiz plugins:


This is a very powerful WordPress quiz plugin with many functions. It has a really nice design with many configuration options. It can be translated into many languages and is fully compatible with cache plugins.

Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat allows you to create eye-catching quizzes in BuzzFeed style. It has a beautiful landing page with a headline, subheadline, and a start button. It lets you create an unlimited number of quizzes.

WordPress Simple Survey

This plugin allows you to easily create quizzes and surveys and track the results. There is an option the results to be sent to the email address of the reader. It has a responsive design and supports custom fields and drop down questions. WordPress Simple Survey plugin is compatible with most of the web browsers.

mTouch Quiz

Using it you can create a quiz with very friendly interface. You can specify hints based on answer selection and give a detailed explanation of the solution. There is a possibility for multiple choice or single choice questions.


It has a very cool and eye-catching design, very easy to handle and customize. You can save user scores and restrict the readers to submit the quiz without answering the questions, which will save you a lot of time in analyzing the results.

SS Quiz

Using this plugin, you can make quizzes very fast and easy. You can easily rearrange questions and insert multimedia items. It also has the ability to automatically translate itself into the language of the country of the user.

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