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As you might have guessed from this theme’s name, Evangelist is our take on a Church WordPress theme. We have studied long and hard what makes a good website for ministries and churches, and we think we’ve found the perfect combination between complexity and added functionalities and ease of use – very important in this type of template, where the end user is probably not very familiar with WordPress or with webdesign in general.

We can’t reveal too much right now, except for a few crooked screens and a homepage sneak peek – but it shouldn’t be very long until we release this new WordPress theme. Just check out the sneak peek below and also more screenshots can be seen in your Themefuse account, under the IN THE WORKS sidebar area. Stay close for more info and further release details. Take care guys and God Bless!

Update: The Church WP Theme – Evangelist was released and it is ready to be used. You can find more Premium WordPress Themes in our WordPress Themes Shop.

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  1. mishkin 21st May 2013

    "we;ve found the perfect combination between complexity and added functionalities" Wish you had that philosophy when you created MetroVibes.. Another theme that's to niche to be of use to me. Maybe next time..LOL Keep pumping them out though, your getting faster each month.

    • @Mishkin (or Wayne): we have lots of other portfolio themes with more complex functionalities, probably more suited for your needs. We wanted to create a simpler and a more minimalistic aproapch to the portfolio themes with MetroVibes, not to canibalize our other themes sales. Ofcourse we can not cater to each individual needs and will be some (like you) who will need more functionalities, but these themes exist in our portfolio so i'm not sure what all the fuss is about. It's your 3rd comment bashing MetroVibes and trust me, we get it… but we can't and won't try to please everyone's needs in one theme out-of-the-box, because functionalities like this can be easily added later. Also, i am almost positive that nobody forces you to buy the MetroVibes theme if you don't like it.

  2. mishkin 21st May 2013

    LOL, relax Bogdan, i'm not bashing MetroVibes at all, it's just in my opinion i feel you left out a few functions that could have made this theme great instead of just good. I will probably still buy it come payday anyway..LOL Iv'e always considered ThemeFuse one of the best template clubs around and your works are testament to that fact. I'm not bashing, merely trying to add constructive criticism. If my comments come across as harsh, then i apologize as it is not my intention to offend or otherwise make trouble, i just get frustrated when i see what i feel is a slightly missed opportunity. Of course that's just my own personal view, you clearly made the design choice to omit certain functionality for a reason. I hope the theme does well. Again, sorry if my comments offended. Regards.

    • No problem mate, we didn't feel offended or anything. Don't get us wrong, we will consider your feedback for next portfolio theme for sure, but right now it is what it is.

  3. Tim 21st May 2013

    @mishkin: You're still going to pay for this theme, or any theme for that matter, after the way Bogdan just treated you, a paying, repeat customer? Just reading his comment, I can guarantee you I will never purchase a theme from here again and I'll be sure to spread the word how Themefuse treats their customers (just took a screenshot of this page and zoomed in on comments). @Bogdan: Instead of getting all defensive and crying, try to come up with a solution or maybe just handle the feedback like an adult and business owner that you're supposed to be. Good bye. P.S. Evangelist looks awesome. I would've definitely purchased this before reading your comment.

  4. mishkin 21st May 2013

    Sure, i just want the themes to be the best they can be..:) Oh, and i Just purchased MetroVibe's as a gesture of good will.. Kind of relevant considering the subject of your next theme..;) Cheers.

  5. Nick 22nd May 2013

    I am so excited about this coming theme. I've been waiting a long time. I was thinking about Metro Vibe as well. Looks really good guys. Well done.

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