Voyage Travel WordPress theme

The template we are currently working on is called Voyage, and it’s a Travel Agency WordPress theme, as you might have guessed. It is a very relaxing experience, with a handful of filters and searches that help visitors of the site find easily the right vacation package for them. Almost all of the powerful functionalities are based on our HomeQuest theme, which is regarded as one our best and most complex themes to date.

So, for the moment we can’t show very much but we can tell you that if you own a Travel Agency and are looking for a Travel WordPress theme, this will be the one to get. Its gorgeous design will make your website stand out from the crowd and its functionalities (both in frontend and in backend) will cover all your needs.

The WordPress theme is due soon so stay in the loop by following our RSS Feed

View the homepage sneak peak below. Also, more screenshots can be seen in your Themefuse account, under the IN THE WORKS sidebar area.

Update: This traveling WP Template was released and it is ready to be used on any traveling agency or adventures WordPress Website.


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  1. lionel 3rd January 2013

    Let us know when it will be ready!

    • It will be out probably sometime late next week.

  2. Wpfix 3rd January 2013

    Nice design.

  3. Turd 4th January 2013

    Looks pretty sweet! Can't wait to see it.

  4. Paid Blog Review 5th January 2013

    Its really looks beautiful.

  5. skyrock2610 10th January 2013

    That a beautiful design,thanks!

  6. Dylan Irzi 13th January 2013

    Exelente Theme! Buying.. Thanks!

  7. James 14th January 2013

    This looks great, could be just the theme I've been looking for my wife's travel agent business.

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