Would you like to boost your website’s email conversion rates and generate more subscribers for your email list?

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For most bloggers, growing an email list is a struggle of its own. Well, you can’t expect people to discover your blog and signup for your email list all on their own. You need to equip your blog with the right tools to promote your email list to get that job done.

In this post, we’ll show you some of the best WordPress plugins you can use to get more people to join your email list. These plugins are guaranteed to increase your email list conversions like never before.

#1 OptinMonster

optinmonster plugin for mail conversion

  • Price: $9 per month
  • Main Features: Opt-in forms, welcome gate, embed forms, etc


OptinMonster is one of the best lead generation plugins available on WordPress. This plugin will help you install pop-up messages, embed email opt-in forms inside blog posts, add a welcome gate to capture leads, A/B split test your signup forms, and so much more to make the most of your website traffic.

Why Use It?

You can’t grow your email list without promoting it to your website visitors. OptinMonster is a plugin that does this perfectly.

This plugin comes with lots of useful tools like MonsterLinks, technologies such as exit intent, and plenty of professionally designed opt-in form templates for setting up an effective lead capturing system on your blog.

#2 Yoast SEO

yoast plugin for mail conversion

  • Price: Free
  • Main Features: Optimize blog posts for search engines


This is a must-have plugin for every WordPress blog and website. Yoast SEO optimizes each page and blog post on your website for search engines to help your articles rank higher in search results.

Why Use It?

How do you expect to generate more subscribers if your website doesn’t generate traffic?


Yoast SEO will make sure your blog posts are properly formatted and optimized for the right keywords for the search engines to easily recognize your website. This will bring in lots of organic traffic to your website. Giving you the opportunity to convert more visitors into subscribers.

#3 WPForms

wpforms plugin for mail conversion

  • Price: $39 per year
  • Main Features: Build contact forms with lead capture


WPForms is a form building plugin that you can use to create various types of forms without even having to type any code. You can use it to create advanced contact forms, signup forms, registration forms, and much more.

Why Use It?

A cool feature in WPForms is that it allows you to add a lead capture option into your contact forms to let the people who use the contact form to subscribe to your email list with a simple checkbox.


WPForms comes with an easy to use form builder that you can use to build forms by dragging and dropping elements into your designs.

#4 Tidio Live Chat

tidio plugin for mail conversion

  • Price: Free
  • Main Features: Capture leads from contacts


Live chat is an effective way of offering support to your website visitors and customers. This can also be used to generate more leads. Tidio is a free plugin you can use to set up a live chat system on your website.

Why Use It?

Tidio also supports integration with email marketing services such as MailChimp, GetResponse, and more. Which allows you to turn the people who contact you through live chat into leads.

The plugin also lets you keep track of who visits your website and engage with them in real-time. It also supports an offline messaging system so that you don’t have to stay online all the time.

#5 LeadQuizzes

leadquizzes plugin for mail conversion

  • Price: Free
  • Main Features: Capture leads with quizzes


LeadQuizzes is another lead generation plugin that helps you capture leads with entertaining quizzes. Using the plugin, you can create fun quizzes and embed them on your website to engage with your audience.

The plugin asks for the user’s email at the end of a quiz to send the results. This will help you add more subscribers to your email list without much effort.

Why Use It?

Quizzes are not only fun, but they also help people explore their identity, personality, and even a future career. With LeadQuizzes, you will be able to grow your email list with more engaging subscribers.

LeadQuizzes supports all major email marketing services and comes with a free forever version for test driving the service.

#6 Elementor

elementor plugin for mail conversion

  • Price: Free
  • Main Features: Build landing pages


Elementor is a free page builder plugin that you can use to build landing pages on your website to promote your lead magnets.

Elementor is beginner-friendly and comes with a live page editor that allows you to design landing pages without any web design experience. It also includes a number of pre-designed templates.

Why Use It?

Landing pages help you drive more traffic to your lead magnets and effectively convert your traffic into subscribers. You can use Elementor to build beautiful landing pages to showcase your free eBooks, email courses, and other lead magnets on your blog.

#7 WP Rocket

wprocket plugin for mail conversion

  • Price: $39
  • Main Features: Caching, optimize website speed, etc


WP Rocket is a powerful caching plugin for WordPress. Unlike the free caching plugins, WP Rocket can easily be installed with a single click.

It also comes with plenty of other great tools for optimizing your website for speed. Such as cache preloading, lazy load, minification, support for CDN, and more.

Why Use It?

Caching your website pages can drastically improve your website performance. And, as you may know, Google considers website speed as a ranking factor.


Which means you will be able to rank higher on Google by optimizing your website for speed and generate more traffic to your website. Of course, that also means you will get more email subscribers as well.

Over To You

These plugins will definitely help increase your email conversion rates. However, growing an email list takes more than WordPress plugins. You also need to generate traffic, offer a valuable lead magnet, publish great blog posts, promote them on social media, and so much more.

Don’t expect your subscriber numbers to grow automatically. Now that you have the right tools, it’s time for you to get to work.


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