It happens to everyone, even the best of them. Bloggers, who produce well-written, well-researched content that is easy to read, amusing. They even publish plenty of blog posts, to try to prove their audience that they’re taking their jobs seriously. And, they do, and they care. However, even besides that, their traffic is much lower than they’d like it to be.

And that’s when they start questioning everything, themselves, blogging, are they wasting their time, etc. But, they might not be ready at the moment. They might be ready in the future. And, blogging does work, and it is a way to create stable income. However, the problem that these people have is not with blogging, it’s the fact that they don’t get enough traffic, nor trust, on their blog.

A few years back, even simply publishing content was enough. Just having five articles, 300-400 words each, was completely sufficient, because nobody was doing it. However, the world caught up with this and everyone started doing it. People were forced to put out better content, longer posts, posts that go further in depth and give you much more useful content. Those posts were known as “epic posts”. Nowadays, though, that is no longer a differential point, as everyone and their grandma does “epic posts”.

There is one secret to instant website traffic, though. You need to do what the others are not doing, or what they’re not willing to do yet. These things can increase website traffic fast, and increase your revenue as well.

Think harder about your content

Nowadays, everywhere you look for hints and tips and tricks on how to generate traffic to your website, you will find “write better content”. However, better content isn’t just about quality. It is also about having a strategy that helps you with your marketing.

There are two general categories nowadays, as far as content goes, it is either useful or cool and funny. Take a look at the audience you’re serving the content to, and choose one of those two categories. The content that meets a specific need is usually the best content, and you’re already off to a good start.

As far as topic ideas go, there are plenty. You can take a look at questions regarding your industry that are being asked on Quora, or even use a blog topic generator, there are plenty and they can give you a good idea about writing. When we’re discussing style, statistics and infographics are your friends, and you can even revert to storytelling via video. Your goal is to create something that people will want to share with everybody.

Create timeless content

If you want your content to last, make sure it is timeless. If you write content for this year’s flagship smartphones, in a few months new ones will come out and that article is useless already. However, if you write a post about the most innovative smartphones of all times, you can include older phones as well and that article will still be relevant a few years later, making it timeless. This kind of content lives on for years to come, and new articles won’t make it obsolete.

Think of attractive headlines

In this game, appearance is everything. So what if you wrote a staggering content piece, which is amusing, gives a lot of important information, and then you put it behind a dull headline? That article is as good as dead. Those headlines are what attract people to your site, and what captures their interest, make sure they love them. You can’t rely on boring headlines if you want to promote your blog posts.

A good way to check this is to experiment, for example, share a post a few times, but put a different headline, and see which one works best. And if you wonder how to enjoy creating headlines, then you should read this!

A linked cluster is basically a group of links, which all point towards a page or a post. This greatly improves that page or post’s search engine ranking, and it is stupidly easy to do. All you need to do is make sure that a couple of your other posts are linking to the original post, and that post will move up in the Google SERPs.

Pay attention to the HTML title tags

If you keep tracking your stats, you will, at some point, see which posts get traffic from a certain keyword, even though that keyword isn’t actually listed in the HTML title. If you want to strengthen that post’s rankings, and increase the traffic, add those keywords to the HTML titles. This is another thing that takes little to no time, yet yields results.

Don’t publish your best posts at 3AM

3AM is simply used as a placeholder here, but the general idea is that you need to know when your blog has the most traffic. Simply analyze the stats and see on what days and at what time your blog has the most visitors, and take advantage of that. Having a very good post saved up for a later time is a smart idea, and will only take up a minute or two at that later time, but it can bring back plenty of social votes and shares.

Re-edit your posts

Your post can be improved at all times. Be it the first paragraph, or the title, you can almost always improve. The beginning is especially important since it is what tells a reader whether to continue or back off and what gets you that traffic and link. Spend an extra 30-40 minutes on that post, and make sure it’s as good as possible.

Don’t focus on yourself, focus on your audience

Unless your blog is a personal blog and one that your friends read, it is highly unlikely that anyone else wants to read about you, your cats or your kids. Stop with the off-topic posts, this will help you obtain more traffic, and it is very easy to do. People will start reading your blog when you offer them something that they want, be it an answer to a certain problem, or entertainment, or anything else.

If you spend time writing on topics that are trending, and currently popular, you will get new readers. You need to be prepared to write about something that is either controversial or popular on social media. You can’t really afford to worry about people’s opinions. An extra reason for this is the fact that people will undoubtedly hate what you just said or wrote, but they will also undoubtedly be back at some point in the future, to see if you have some new information.

They will also tell everyone how bad your blog is, which generates interest and makes their friends want to visit your blog. There, you just got new readers using people who don’t even like what you’re writing. Some of those people who were referred by people who don’t like you might end up loving your blog. Any publicity is good publicity, make use of it, generate comments!

Don’t neglect social media

If you want readers that are yet to visit your blog, get them on social media platforms. You can create pages and accounts that display every new blog post once you write it. Investing time in social media accounts can generate you a pretty large following.

Share your readers by partnering

When you partner with a blog, they can let you share your own posts on their blog which has a lot more readers than you. What this means is that everyone, or almost everyone, who reads that guest post will be inclined to visit your site and see what your other posts are like as well. The sheer size of their following can improve your traffic.

When you let another blogger post on your blog, this is also great. Their readers will come to your blog to check out the guest’s post, and will undoubtedly take a look around and see what your other posts are about. Their readers will become your readers, and everyone wins.


There is one more important thing to be careful about, and that is consistency. Nobody can promise overnight results, but these strategies are proven to work as long as you stick to them. You will, eventually, get new visitors, boost your conversion rate, and build a sustainable business that will be worth your time.

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