Influencers can be very effective, especially with a good marketing outreach plan. An influencer is a person with a big number of active followers, who you use as a person to drive your brand’s message. Influencers outreach ideas may include anything from YouTubers to Instagram celebrities sharing your brand, etc. Regardless of the platform, they have the ability to reach people.

According to an infographic, influencers have multiple roles, and a good influencer outreach strategy is essential if you want any effect whatsoever. Influencer outreach marketing usually involves having connections with influencers and getting to a relationship that is mutually beneficial.

What are the benefits you can get from an influencer, as a company?

  • Your credibility increases
  • You have access to a much larger audience
  • You get social influence you couldn’t get elsewhere
  • Your content is user-generated
  • You get new customers and leads

An influencer will act like a friend that will get you in the inner circle of your customers, instead of you having to sell it. Influencers also have much to gain from these relationships as well.

  • Free products, and free services, both for them, and their audiences
  • Sponsorships
  • Monetary compensation for their influence
  • They get exposed to the audience your brand already has.

This is actually why influencer marketing is so important. It is a win-win situation for both the influencer and the brand.

The term is slowly picking up steam, and it is pretty difficult to catch one actually. Nobody knows how a typical influencer looks like, and that is the biggest challenge. An influencer will have to have multiple images, one for every brand he represents, and usually one for every campaign of that brand.

We live in a year where recommendations, as well as criticisms, spread through channels such as social media at an incredible speed. Influencers are active on such channels, and they are promoters of the brands and niches they have an agreement with.

True, any person with hundreds of thousands of people that are following him on Facebook can expose your brand. However, if they don’t fit within your brand’s idea, and what you’re trying to achieve, and if their audience isn’t particularly interested in your brand, you won’t get much from that.

Make sure you research the influencers first

Finding the right people here is crucial. There are influencer marketing tools that can let you know which influencers are relevant to your brand, and the niche you’re trying to target.
Involvement in your field is crucial, it almost guarantees that their followers and audience are also interested in whatever content you have to share with them.

If you develop your relationship with an influencer who is a car collector, where your brand is actually selling drilling machines, it doesn’t have much of an effect, does it? You’ll waste their time, and more importantly, you’ll waste your time. Do your research.

Connect with the people

Once you have an idea of who the right people for your brand are, start following them. Follow them on Twitter, try to establish some sort of connection, by liking their posts or commenting on their Instagram pictures.

They are pretty active on their social media channels, take advantage of that. However, be nice and positive, you are trying to connect to a human being after all.

After a while, your name will start sounding familiar to them, and you will slowly see what triggers them – you will need this in the next step when you want to contact them.

Contact the target influencer

Once you think that you’re ready to start working on your relationship in a more active way, try to think of a personal message, tailored to the situation. Don’t send them a generic message, you are trying to make them respond to you, aren’t you?

Your goal should be to make them feel good about themselves, and tell them that you chose them for a specific reason.
If you did your research, you know what triggers them, and it will be a good idea to let them know you do know a thing or two about them. The method of contacting them is also important – give it a little thought.

Don’t hide your intentions

If you aren’t honest and try to hide what your goals are, you won’t get what you’re after. Influencers know that you don’t want “just to be friends” with them, they know you need something, and hiding that fact isn’t a good choice.

They should feel like the relationship is good for them as well, so you might want to focus on telling them how you can be of assistance to them, instead of asking for things. Find the influencer of choice’s influencers. The marketing strategy works because people trust them – use that to your advantage.

If you already have influencers that you’re in a good relationship with, ask them to introduce you to any influencer friends they might have. Due to where your introduction comes from, they have no reason not to trust you, and they will very likely want to work with you.

Make sure your content is good

This is more or less stating the obvious, but if you want someone to share your content, that content better is good. It should be good regardless, but if your content isn’t up to the standard of the influencer of choice, they might not want to share it.

You will create a poor image of yourself, and you will also hurt their reputation.

Use an individual approach

All influencers aren’t the same, and you can’t use a generic approach for all of them. Think about what motivates each influencer, and if you can use that to your advantage to get them to work for you.

Some of the best ways to segment the influencers might be activity-level, reach, industry expertise and interests. You can also combine all of these metrics with some demographic data, such as location, age or gender, and use that.

However, reach is in no way the same thing as influence. When looking for influencers, look past simple metrics such as a number of followers. When an influencer has a massive social audience, they can be used well for spreading awareness.

They are basically the VIPs of social media, they’re always in high demand, and getting them to work with you might be much harder than you think. If you want awareness, you will have to work hard to get their attention.

The best way to get to them, in a cost-effective way, is to look for influencers that focus on a specific niche, and have a decent grasp of knowledge of your industry. They might have a smaller reach than some, but their audience is highly targeted and you will get a larger percentage of their followers.

And you don’t have to neglect your existing customers. If you have regular ones, give them a VIP treatment – they will become brand advocates in no time.

Impress your social influencers

If you’re asking for their time, make sure they think it’s worth it. Depending on what product you’re pushing, you might offer them to try it for free. The best way to build and deepen your relationship is to have face-to-face contact, so you should do your best to meet them in person. Inviting them to an exclusive launch of a new product is a good method to do so.

If you want to give them a gift, make sure you put some effort into it. Don’t send a company-logo pen. Be creative, and send something that will truly grab their attention. If you want a big impact, they better be impressed. Whatever you do, try to stand out from the generic crowd, and find a way to engage with them.

Don’t forget about them once you get what you want

If you get what you needed, don’t dump them. Maintain the relationship, you never know where that kind of person will get you and your brand. Make sure to thank them and don’t let them feel used. At the end of the day, it’s all about mutual benefit.

If you get what you needed, don’t dump them. Maintain the relationship, you never know where that kind of person will get you and your brand. Make sure to thank them and don’t let them feel used. At the end of the day, it’s all about mutual benefit.


All of the above steps should give you an idea of what you should be doing and what you should be paying attention to when you want influencers. These people can get you organic reach, and huge audiences, and you will want to know if that worked.

If you’re a content marketer, you’re most likely focused on quality content, doing technical tasks for promotion, etc. Going from task to task very quickly is how you usually get results.

However, influencer outreach marketing is the exact opposite. You need to go slowly, focus on your people, and do your best to help them reach their goals. Even though it might seem like a waste of time, it is a huge, huge long-term investment.

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