Customize stunning WordPress websites with the Unyson framework, the most powerful tool for agencies and freelancers

Designing a WordPress theme can be a real challenge and a very time-consuming process. Every WordPress developer is searching for a powerful, free and flexible framework that allows him/her to easily build amazing websites. By using the Unyson WordPress framework, you can create and launch a website in only a few hours. Imagine what returns you may have from such opportunity?

  • Will you spend fewer efforts on delivering more professional results?
  • Maybe you will earn more by completing several projects in less time?
  • Or you will finally be able to design that theme you’ve started last year?

Regardless of what you aim to achieve, the possibility of quickly building a website will definitely save you two of the most important resources: time and money.

This idea stood at the basis of our Unyson WordPress framework. We wanted to build a solid ground for our future themes and an open source framework that anyone could benefit from. Since Unyson is created by us, ThemeFuse, the web studio that develops integrated WP products since 2009, we focused all our efforts to make it a perfect solution to easily customize websites.

Our over 100 000 customers motivated us to create this framework through which you can quickly develop stunning websites. Moreover, if your clients require complex and individual solutions, you can simply build and add your own specific extensions as plugins and easily integrated them with Unyson framework.

Unyson Framework is also the key element of our latest theme The Core, which showcases the true power of Unyson’s possibilities:

  • Quick – Unyson for WordPress is a plugin. Download, Install and Enjoy;
  • Easy – Drag & Drop shortcodes makes designing a piece of cake;
  • Powerful – Impress your clients with your outstanding complex and multi-purpose websites.

Check the below infographic based on Unyson’s customers’ survey results and the framework’s statistics from 24th of February 2016.

Unyson - best WordPress framework

Without any doubts, Unyson framework is beloved not only by us, but also by all the developers that created their great themes based on it. It’s the absolute best choice for creative freelance developers. Enjoy Unyson by downloading it from the Github repository or take a look at the Developer manual and begin to built amazing WordPress themes.

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