Have you ever caught yourself wondering: „I write so well, I give step-by-step explanations, but my WordPress website’s traffic is still low.”? In other words, your content does not have a strong grip – it is not viral; even it is a quite good one. You are sooooo altruistic to people, but nobody is there to observe it!

Have you ever observed that their reaction is almost the same every time: „Hmmm… should I read ALL this?”

Dear blogger, business owner or content manager, remember: people do not have time to read boring texts in 2018. They get frustrated when they see some „1000-words-no-images-no-charts-just-texts”.

Knowing this golden rule, we have got some challenging „truth or dare” stuff to deal with: how to get used to our potential customers, if they are not intending to read about what our site is ready to offer to them?

Man, go interactive! Change your approach. We are in 2017 when the content goes crazy. In a socialized century, there is nothing more important, then getting closer to your users: to feel what they really want to get and to give them that piece of gold. So, do they want a rocket that launches in cosmos? Give it to them!

Viral content does involve quizzes, infographics, Facebook interaction, polls, and charts – yes, the viral can be created.

How? Let us show you!

We’ve made for you a list of WordPress Interactive Trends in 2017 in order to make you know where and how you can go interactive. We will also give you some advice on tested and absolutely free plugins and tools that you can use.

I. Rich content

Create some rich content to your WordPress website: Interactive Video, Quizzes, Calculator, Timeline, Interactive Gallery, Polls and so on.

a. Quizzes & knowledge testsGeneral Knowledge Quizzes, some News Quizzes, Skills Tests, Entertainment Quizzes – these all will help you increase the number of visits gained by your site, and for sure – they will get shared. These catching tests are a quite good way to bring people to your page. As long as you caught the visitor, it’s up to you to orient him on your site.

On the other hand, promoting in a smart way a test regarding your business or product, lets you know better your audience and their knowledge level, so that you can deliver some more targeted content further.

How can you get quizzes on your website? Use H5P Plugin for WordPress – H5P makes it easy to create interactive content by providing a range of content types by adding the H5P Plugin to your WordPress. H5P provides a huge range of interactive content:

  • Games
  • Multimedia
  • Questions
  • Social media

You can see an amazing screen from a teaching and nice-looking quiz, created with H5P

b. Calculators – Have you ever observed that they say: calculate your ideal weight! And you do it. Even you already know your ideal weight, that nice looking calculator hypnotizes you. Time savings calculator, Return on investment calculator, Total Cost calculator – these are ideal tools, that can solve so many problems regarding understanding the price formation, the content impact, the social media campaign impact etc.

If you’ve got a specific service, that needs some personalized calculations, let the user do them by their selves. Provide them an interactive way to understand the cost of your service, but be careful, proving them a tool that is quick and simplistic in use.

Another way to use it is allowing a user to measure the impact of your product or campaign. Give them a clear and intuitive platform and they will love you!

On the other hand – after you gather these valuable insights, you have to be insane not using them in order to optimize your CTR.

c. PollsOpinion Polls, Voting Polls and the Poll of the Month – these are just some ideas to get your site interactive by collecting opinions; moreover, you will gather lots of valuable insight from your users. People like to express their opinion and to make their voices heard.

An excellent idea is to integrate your voting polls with contests, combining 2 awesome instruments that will scale it up! Contests always rise up the desire to compete and this will bring a fresh wave to your site.

d. Interactive galleries – Event-based galleries are a good way to engage your visitors. Give them the opportunity to express their selves in a creative way, telling a visual story.

User-generated photo galleries are subject to awesome contests. You can boost it up not only because people like competing, but you own a tool that will make them interact with each other, as well. You can set up an approval form before someone enters your contest, which will give you insights into your audience and their interest.

e. Interactive video – Das ist fantastisch! Creating these dialogue videos you get an innovative and effective way to talk with your audience, which makes the users feel like they’re talking face-to-face to you.

You can add some customized form with multiple or single choice polls& true or false statements that will orient the user and make him interact with your content.

H5P Plugin for WordPress gives you the possibility to create some awesome interactive videos.

Example of Interactive Video, created with H5P

II. Contact form

As being a business owner you not only have to allow but also, you have to push a little your customers to contact you. There are thousands of nice looking and creative contact form that people like.

An easy way to get feedback is using Unyson Extensions for Feedback – this extension adds the possibility to leave a couple of different form of feedback: comments, reviews, and rating (a star-based rating system) about your products, articles, videos etc.

III. Get subscribers

MailChimp – MailChimp is one of leading online email marketing service provider. It allows you to build email lists and send emails to your subscribers. It is easy to use, free and useful.

IV. Go social

Unyson Social– You can use this extension to configure all your social related APIs. Other extensions will use the Social extension to connect to your social accounts.

If you want to get visited, remember that some interactive content & a little of encouragement to share can help promote your content. You just have to highlight something special about the user, making him feel unique and important. And you’ve got a lot of quite intuitive and interesting tools for WordPress, that can help you in getting closer to your audience – use them in order to create a long-term and involving content campaign on your WordPress Website and do not forget to measure the impact and improve your CTR each time. During all this getting awesome process, try never to break the golden rule: content is the king.

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