I’m proud to present you a project we’ve been working on for 12 months now, it’s called Brizy and it’s a new innovative way to create WordPress pages fast and easy. We think this is a game changer. A visual page builder with an unmatched user experience and ease of use.

Before I talk about what Brizy will mean for ThemeFuse, here is the Brizy website link that will help you find more about this page builder for WordPress.


Download it for free – Brizy will work under a freemium business model, we are already working on a Pro version. More about the Pro here. You can use Brizy with any WordPress theme out there.

Feature highlights – more about Brizy’s features: https://brizy.io/features/

YouTube channel – videos on how Brizy works on the Brizy YouTube channel

We need your voicejoin us on Facebook to help shape the development of Brizy.

How will Brizy impact ThemeFuse?

There are two major points to take from this:

1. We’ll update our themes on Brizy

Right now if you install Brizy it will work with all our themes, but you will not be able to edit the current page content with it but only create new content.

Because of the technology that Brizy was built on, there is no easy way to press a button and just update the themes in the new format. We basically have to recreate all our premium WordPress themes with the Brizy visual page builder.

What this means is that the pages built with the Unyson page builder will be replaced with pages made with Brizy. All the other parts of the theme (the blog, header, footer), mainly the dynamic parts of WordPress, will stay the same.

This update process will take around 4-6 weeks and we plan to start releasing them in batches and not wait until we have them all. We have around 10 already done and we’ll start pushing the updates in the next days.

We’ll keep you in the loop about the updates over email.

New Clients

This update will not have an impact on new clients as they’ll get the new pages built with Brizy by default.

The visual page builder extension from the Unyson framework will not be installed anymore so the old pages will not be there.

Existing Clients

For existing clients, the new Brizy pages will be accessible by installing the demo content again for the themes that have already been updated.

The theme doesn’t change, it’s the same theme, only the demo content changes (the pages created with the Unyson builder will be replaced by pages with the Brizy builder).

IMPORTANT: It’s important to understand that the new Brizy themes will work on new websites not old ones.

All the current ThemeFuse websites that you have built can’t be automatically upgraded to Brizy. If you want them on Brizy, you’ll basically need to recreate them.

2. We’ll include a Brizy Pro license

Brizy Pro is in the works and will be available in 2-3 months.

All our themes will be updated on Brizy Free, all the functionality will remain the same, we don’t want to force you to buy Brizy Pro to use our themes.

As a bonus to our clients all our themes will come with a license of Brizy Pro in accordance with the Brizy license system:

– 1 website Brizy Pro license if you buy a single ThemeFuse theme

– multiple (3-5) Brizy Pro licenses for the Developer pack (with included renewal for Brizy Pro if you continue to pay for the Developer ThemeFuse Membership)

– 1 unlimited Brizy Pro license for Lifetime ThemeFuse owners for 2 years.

More about Brizy Pro and what will contain can be found in this article.

Please note that we are still discussing how Brizy Pro will work and some adjustments may appear that might change the numbers above, but every client that purchases a theme from us will have access to Brizy Pro in a way or another.


We are very excited about Brizy and what it brings to the table.
Here is why we think Brizy is better.


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