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UPDATE: Update: Although this Promo is over, you still have the possibility to save some money. We give you a $10 discount on any of our themes, just use this Promo Code: GIVEME10. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Together with our friends from AppSumo, we've created this exclusive deal for you. You can “take home” 4 of our original wp themes right now and do whatever you want to them. Install them. Modify them. Use them all at once. Whatever you desire!

Our themes are normally: $237 for 4 themes (or 3 developer themes)
Appsumo Crushed Price: $59 for 4 themes (or 3 developer themes)

Let me walk you through the process to get a better understanding on how it works.

Step 1. You buy the bundle/deal from AppSumo for $59 and get a $237 voucher.

Step 2. Come to our website and add the themes you want in the shopping cart.

You can add 4 standard themes or 3 developer themes. Another option will be to add our developer pack with all the themes (worth $299), use the voucher from AppSumo ($237) and pay the difference ($62) to get all our developer themes.

Step 3. Use the voucher from AppSumo in the shopping cart input box and hit the button "Update" to get a $237 discount.

That's it! Congrats on the great deal you've made today.

Don't forget that together with the themes you have bought updates for life and support on our dedicated forums for life


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  1. chili 5th May 2011

    was just looking at this... is this a choice for ANY 4 Themefuse themes? and will it include any future updates?

  2. yes, you can choose any 4 themes from our portfolio and ofcourse, they will include all future updates and support.

  3. Wayne 5th May 2011

    A very generous offer indeed and one i might take up. ThemeFuse always deliver the goods.

  4. Burke 5th May 2011

    Perhaps I am missing it but I cannot find information on the different between "themes" and "developer themes". Can you enlighten me?

    • Dimi 6th May 2011

      Sure Burke, You can find the answer to your question in the Frequently Asked Questions here. Also you didn't miss the deal yet because we decided to run it another 14 hours, so hurry up : ) Cheers.

  5. yolanda 5th May 2011

    Can you please clarify the difference between standard theme and developer theme. Definitions of these terms vary with each seller of themes. I looked all over your site and could not find the answer. Thanks.

    • The Standard theme is just the WordPress theme, and after installation it will look exactly how you see it on the Live Preview. The Developer version comes with all the files used to design it and with the HTML files as a separate project. So, if you are a developer, and sell the themes after modifying them to your clients, it makes more sense to have the Dev theme.

  6. there's no way to still get on this?

    • unfortunately no, but in a few days we'll have another interesting bundle which will also run a short period of time... so stay tuned!

  7. Tony 18th May 2011

    I was excited about getting your 4 themes for $59 only to see that it was sold out. Will this deal have a rain check for it? looks like a awesome deal!

  8. Scott 2nd June 2011

    Sorry I missed this incredible offer. Hoping you're going to run your next bundle very soon. I'll be your first buyer!

  9. JMac 25th July 2011

    I am on and it says: "UPDATE: We’ve decided to prolong the bundle after the numerous requests we received on email. So enjoy and hurry before it’s over, there are only 12 hours left." I'd really like to get this offer, but says "SOLD OUT." Are there 12 hours left or ??? If it is sold out, will you run this promotion again?

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