While each hosting company is supposed to give more or less similar solutions for the website owners, their targets groups and extent of offered essentials might differ dramatically for the customers. Starting from what operating system you are going to run your website on and finishing with your top must-haves (customer support, free data transfer or money back guarantee) you might discover a range of websites that would not fit your expectations. This is why we come with a detailed comparative research on two hostings to give you a broad vision of the offers.

linode hosting vs hostwinds review 2018


Specialized mostly in cloud and VPS hosting solutions since 2003, Linode targets its own niche – web and app developers who budget their needs on a high scale. With customers in more than 131 countries, it seems that the solutions they provide are known worldwide. Its servers are located all over the globe, with choice of six data centres: Tokyo, London, New Jersey, Georgia, Texas or California.


FEATURES VS. OFFER. The prices set up by Linode vary from as little as 10 dollar package to 400 dollar solutions. However, they include solid state drives, high technology like Intel E5 and a 40 BPS network and upgrade of various features for free (RAM, bandwidth, software update).

It also offers extra features like StackScript to manage the website easier. Also, users signing for the services can choose themselves the favourite plan and server’s location.

99.9% UPTIME GUARANTEE is where Linode company keeps the standards of the industry. Even though it doesn’t offer any official statistics on its activity on the website, in order to encourage users to join it, the company offers compensation in case of the downtime period. In their Terms of Service, they mention that a pro-credit is offered on request in case their servers go down long enough. However, although statistics are not available, users are providing a generally good feedback on uptime.

AWESOME BACKUP OPTIONS. Data, whether it is separate digital information or website related, has a tendency to get lost. In order to keep it going, Linode decided to offer spectacular opportunities to keep the backups of the data for any possible loses. The system allows to chose your own options of regular data back up through a single click, having the access to the changes whenever you might need it. Moreover, the system is built in such a way that incomplete or corrupted back up wouldn’t replace a full data package stored previously.

LOAD TRAFFIC BALANCED. Linode Hosting Company didn’t overlook the potential traffic jam that can happen when a website might suddenly start receiving a lot of traffic. These are usually the times when data can crush or website might slow down seriously. In order to avoid the situations, companies use various load balancers that help spread the process over other servers. Linode’s balancing system is called NodeBalancers and they help the website run properly no matter the traffic load.

FREE OPTIONS. One of the helpful options offered by serious hosting companies is the free website migration. Moving through a hosting to another can become a difficult process that requires support and delivery short times. Linode helps to make the process easy and makes it for free.

There is no CONTROL PANEL software is offered for the plans provided by Linode Hosting company. However, that means that you can install yourself or helped by the support team to install the standard cPanel. Support is offered, cPanel is available. We consider it a good start.

linode hosting advantages


The only system provided for hosting by Linode is LINUX ONLY, this limiting seriously the client variety.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Being a self-managed hosting company, Linode will only be available for support in exceptional cases like system or technical issues. Having built a Linode Library for most of the issues, the company will redirect you there first thing when you address the issue. The library is a technical knowledgebase where you can indeed find many solutions to your problems. However, should the problem persist, you will have the possibility to use a ticketing system (or a phone number in very rare cases) in order to get to their support.  The response to the sent ticketing shall come within few minutes. The social media pages like Facebook and Twitter are not very responsive with regards to customer support services.

PAID REGULAR BACKUPS. Regular awesome backup is in indeed provided by the company. However, they are charged separately from the plan and the price varies depending on the volume of data stored.

SECURITY BREACH was reported in the news in 2013. According to the news, the servers have been hacked and the company’s database with billing information and passwords has been accessed. How to deal with malware while your support team is keeping you waiting – try to fix it yourself.

NO EXTRA OPTIONS like credits for social media or free advertising credits are offered by Linode.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE is provided only within first 7 days of using the company’s services. Even though it still provides opportunities to step back in case the company’s services are not fit for the customer, it feels like a short-term guarantee. Some fee is kept during the cancellation We consider it a disadvantage if compared to most other companies who offer the money back within at least 35 days.

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Shared, cloud, VPS (virtual private servers), dedicated or WordPress – Hostwinds offers a range of solutions for any potential customer, be it a small, medium or big business. It has a good reputation among reviewers and customers for its diversity, maintaining the shape of a company that still preserve their focus on clients. Founded in 2010, it has been developing its services to maintain the position of a good hosting. However, how would Hostwind benefit your business? Let’s see its strongest and weakest moments.


PACKAGE VARIETY. Hostwinds has it all for any taste, remaining a dominant and flexible web hosting in the industry market. It offers packages of shared hosting with price-friendly and Linux-oriented solutions, including unlimited data transfers and storage, dedicated IP address domains, one or more depending on the packages.  The dedicated hosting is translated into choices between Linux and Windows-based systems, offering configurable servers with up to 3TB of storage, 128 GB of RAM and no less important – unlimited data transfers. Another option of hosting covered by Hostwinds is VPS (virtual private server) with budget & premium deals as well as both Linux and Windows preferences included. Hostwinds is also into WordPress hosting, running websites on these specialized servers with very low prices (starting at $4.99 per month) for a good option including a hosted domain, unlimited storage and monthly data transfer depending on the package chosen. With cloud hosting, spreading resources across numerous servers the hosting tries to cover the non-traditional solutions searches by a separate category of customers.

EXTRA OPTIONS like website builder are helpful in creating a web page to your own liking. The website builder includes templates on various themes, a program that helps with the website name, if not yet decided, and the usual drag and drop website elements.

E-COMMERCE SOLUTIONS. The Hostwinds employs the use of the Magento e-commerce app that empowers brands, offering the best and flexible cloud e-commerce solutions to businesses that grow and develop fast. The app helps to create an e-store and an attractive shopping cart, available for being personalized with the website builder tool.

Good CUSTOMER SERVICE is a must for any business dealing with customers generally, whether it is real or online based. Any respectful hosting company should consider offering their clientele a good customer support in order to help them achieve the goals based on their hosting findings. Hostwinds offers non-stop phone, ticketing and chat-based contact channels for solving the inquiries. Customers report fast responses and professional and valuable help in giving solutions to their challenges.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Every hosting company has its own policy regarding how many days a customer can use their services before they decide whether they want to stick with the company or search for something else. We are aware of the existence of 97 days guarantee like in the case with Dreamhost, which is at least called generous. But there are also 7 -days guarantee which doesn’t give you the possibility to experience the services to its full before you have to take a decision, like with Linode. Hostwinds decided to go for 60 days money back guarantee, which is 2 months of freedom, a good opportunity to see how the company works before sticking with it for longer or moving to something different.

hostinwinds hosting comparison 2018


SECURITY comes with a price for Hostwinds, and even though it is a reasonable pay for such an important issue, other hosting companies usually offer it for free. Hostwinds uses Advanced Website monitoring that would be monitoring your website 24/7, will automatically react to any problems by submitting tickets in cases when the website would be down. This being mentioned, it probably hints that uptime might not be the strongest point of the company, even though they claim they have it under the control. For an extra cost, you can also add ID protection for purposes of masking the name and IP in Whois registry.

UPTIME is one of the focal points of any company who goes online. Businesses and blogs tend to build their special relationship with their customers and readers, thus the website is supposed to be “on the run” 24/7. Not being able to maintain this quality might lead to unpleasant disruptions and losses of clients which result in other shortfalls. Hostwinds’s uptime seems to be more or less trustworthy based on the reviews. It has its downtime moments; not too many to not be trusted generally, but enough to reconsider its services.

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Linode Hosting is definitely not for everyone.  Targeting mostly industry professionals like developers and offering limited system options with pricy plans, they are going to be overlooked by a lot of potential customers.  However, their customers value it for its consistent solutions, qualitative services for their specific targeted group, the later meaning offering rather qualitative services than quantitative.

Hostwinds, on the contrary, can offer a wide range of services almost to any group of customers. The clients also claim their services became only better over years, with quality customer service and well priced hosting types. If you want to see its ranking, it goes close to giants like DreamHost and HostGator.


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