When choosing a Hosting server for our online business, we should also take into account the options available on the market vs. the needs of our company. Should we need a cheap and fast solution, we can always go with some companies like HostMonster; however should we want to invest seriously, why not consider hostings of the Liquid Web type. And wet shall further develop their strong and weak sides.

liquidweb vs hostmonster hosting review 2018

Liquid Web – Premium Oriented Hosting

One of the known brands trust hosting companies, Liquid Web offers all sort of products: from dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, virtual private servers and WordPress server packages. It is known to host giants like National Geographic, Porshe automobile websites and Symantec Cybersecurity Company.

Liquid Web’s ADVANTAGES (+)

GREAT UPTIME is an important aspect of any hosting. Thus, Liquid Web comes with a great reputation in what relates to contact access to your products and services present on the website. You can easily depend on Liquid Web when it comes to the non-stop online presence.

EXCELLENCE IN CUSTOMER SERVICE represents a huge advantage for any company that knows how to do business. Liquid Web hosting doesn’t just announce they are good at it: they boast about it. They have professional employees, who assist you with any question 30 minute as the latest after you submit the desk ticket and less than a minute if you use chat. It sounds fantastic, though we would have given an extra credit if they had telephone too.

DEDICATED HOSTING PLANS. Liquid Web has a definite focus group, and those are companies that afford paying an expensive plan that can offer them premium services right from the beginning. Its services are dedicated, with a large offer range. With Liquid Web you can get a server with a single processor, 16 GB or look at 32GB of RAM offered for a higher price. It’s definitely a high reach of potential clients who have money and necessity to perform online at their best.

PAY PER USAGE OPTION comes with a VPS offer. The Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine that allows you to use the services without owning the server. Clients have superuser access and can install any software that is compatible with the given operating system. Thus, with Liquid Web hosting company, you can pay for the number of the day you have used the server per month. The offer starts at 59 dollars per month with 2GB RAM and solid drive storage of 40 GB. Moreover, for this, they also offer 5 TB of monthly data transfer, plus unlimited domains and emails.  The hosting qualifies best for its RAM AND STORAGE, especially if considering the price. It also offers in its related package unlimited data transfer within its board.

An important point to consider Liquid Web is for its suggested options related to WORDPRESS HOSTING. Its offer starts with 119 Dollars, 100 GB drive, 5 TB of monthly data transfer and 10 available domains. Besides a wide range of applications and plug-ins that can be added to your website at the distance of a click, you also got the WordPress already preinstalled. You are offered a variety of themes for better looking or use a previously purchased theme from a different hosting.

SECURITY FEATURES are available and steady with Liquid Web. The hosting offers firewall protectors, SSL certificate, malware detection and removal, and many more. The free night backup saves you time and worries about the potential loss of data. The options might both come as inserted in the offer packages, but also could be bought on request. Inform yourself best on security issues.

The Hosting offers FREE OPTIONS like free migration or full support during migration between hostings; fully managed services, which includes updating automatic plugins, multiple site management tools, Free SSL, and not only and a variety of operating systems it would work with.

liquidweb hosting review 2018

Liquid Web’s DISADVANTAGES (-)

NO CHEAP PLANS. With Liquid Web be prepared to pay for the premium only offers. Smaller companies, searching for a budget offer, should stick with hostings like DreamHost, HostGator or others. That also means it doesn’t offer shared hosting, so popular among small and medium businesses in order to have a reasonable expense related to its online presence.

Liquid Web provides ONLY 30-DAYS MONEY GUARANTEE which is not the best option in the industry; however, it gives you the option to cancel the subscription plan anytime. Of course, you get a full refund, but we would expect more from a company that charges for its premium services.


HostMonster Hosting – Medium Performing Hosting

HostMonster is one of the hostings managed by Endurance International (EIG). Besides being a budget company, it concentrates on dedicated and VPS servers and 3 offer plans, they might be attractive through the website builder and a variety of additional services.

Hostmonster’S ADVANTAGES (+)

SHORT TERM PRICING is an advantage since they offer discounts for all new clients for the first year. The Basic plan would go from not even 4 Dollars, and the Plus – around 6 Dollars. You don’t get much for the basic plan, really, but if your aim is to start from somewhere and not to invest too much until your business grows up, then we would consider it fair.

SECURITY. HostMonster Hosting offers anti-spam solutions that could be reached in the cPanel easily. Except for a free a spam filter, it also offers for as little as 1$ per email address per month would keep absolute control of the virus protection.

STANDART PANEL, which is a known and easy to use backend for new users. The process of setting a website might be a pain, especially if you are doing it the first time. Dealing with settings, billing, account servers and other stuff takes time and patience. HostMonster uses cPanel, an industry standard. The hosting does even more – it sets up billing and profile settings into the cPanel so that you can use it all with one password click.

hostmonster hosting review


PRICES AND PLANS, though very cheap for first-year clients, suddenly increase considerably, once you are done with first 24-month offer discount. And the plans that they link to the pricing are no deal for a serious business. With three shared hosting plans that range from 4$ to 14$ and the payments are done for the whole year (or two or three, depending on the plan chosen). Unlimited options that they offer for plans are actually unmetered, thus there is nothing unlimited for the things you actually pay and pay a lot. The basic plan cuts severely on emails, database and disk space. And if the offer of a single website with not much emailing looks friendly, still, see further.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT is supposed to be a top feature for any hosting or other online business. BAD customer support on the individual level is a bad way to maintain a business. HostMonster has a fair support, with emails and chats 24/7, plus support tickets and a phone (which is usually lacking from other companies) and a whole knowledgebase. On time and quick response rate makes it a medium available company with some other issues behind.

BRANDING is valuable even when the product can speak for itself. We get it that lots of investments are not always a thing to be wasted, but what is the company’s name and position in the industry has an important say. HostMonster, one of many EIG branch hosting companies, seems to be forgotten by the main office, especially if compared with its sisters, BlueHost and HostGator. Old design, not to mention the links that would have to be updated once in a while.

And as if it wasn’t enough, HostMonster is also UNDERPERFORMING. The website is slow, not delivering you the page products. And a slow hosting server that is selling server slots is a bad image. And if the rumours have it right, the HostMonster’s data centre has the same location with BlueHost, which explains the slow loading times the website is experiencing.



Liquid Web is no doubt one of the serious hostings to be approached for a serious business. Its offers are expensive, yes, but also very specific and focused, thus the price vs. offer is absolutely worthy. You won’t regret checking its great dedicated and VPS hostings, perfect from the point of view of the Hosting Elite.

On the other side, HostMonster is offering mediocre options, as if to reinforce the brilliant choice of Liquid Web. Even with a good cPanel and various options, it offers like first-year discounts, it losses all the battles when talking about price vs. offer or excellent performance of the server. If we would have to choose, HostMonster, a sub-company of EIG, wouldn’t be among our top 5.

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