You may be a housewife or a mother on maternity leave; an unemployed graduate or a retired veteran in any field, but you’re not fully content with your current budget. Are you looking for a full-time job? Is a part-time opportunity appealing to you? Have you ever heard about freelancing? Is there any chance you’d like to combine a full-time work position with some additional income sources?

It doesn’t matter who you are and what are you looking for: in the tech era, you’re obliged to make money out of the Internet!

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How can you make money online in 2018?

A few decades ago, people could only dream about working in the comfort of their homes and earning more than the most committed office slaves. Discipline is good, but why don’t you implement it in your own growth, not someone else’s company?

First and foremost, admit that working from home has such strong pros as no time is wasted away on the to and from workplace way. It’s important, especially for big city careerists that spend hours in traffic gem, or that cover huge distances daily. The things that you can do with that saved time are numerous, but in any case, it will contribute to your budget health.

Next thing, you don’t need to invest in restaurant lunches and business looks no more hundreds of dollars for suits you hate.

This stream of consciousness may never stop. Let’s proceed to the real topic: what can be done to become financially independent by working online only and what gates it will open for you? Digital nomads.

Does it sound familiar to you? This “fashionable” notion stands for people that work remotely, mostly by freelancing and travel all over the world. Wow.

You heard that right: you may watch a Bali sunset while holding the laptop on your knees and thinking what’s the next cocktail challenge… This utopia became a boring reality for many people already. Let’s find out how they achieved this state of Nirvana.

Digital nomads: why & why not?


Considering all the amounts of writing on this topic, it sounds trivial, but still true: get a site of your own and monetize its traffic. All you need is to create a site on WordPress and pull together its afferent components: best WordPress hosting and best theme. Since the goal is to get monetary paid off, go for a paid version hosting so that it won’t limit your influence regarding space on your page.

That only means, that some free providers, prevent you, through terms and conditions agreement, from advertising whatever you want on your site; some other free providers allow only the ads they approve. So, if a free server is used, be cautious and don’t neglect the part about conditions…

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Next thing to take into consideration is the WordPress theme. Keep in mind that even if it’s  a free WP theme, you may want to upgrade it from basics to something more unique and that will cost. The same apply to plugins: many of them will help to shape your newbie site into a gorgeous masterpiece, but evolution on the Internet takes both inspiration and professional tools (that require minimal expenses).

Grow an audience that shares your interests and hobby by bringing something good to that community. Share your knowledge and discoveries, so that other people can make a good use of your experience.

There is nothing more valuable than a returned visitor. Your aim is to gain, one by one, thousands and even millions of subscribers to your site, but this requires high-quality content and genuinely useful information.

digital nomad n wordpressWordPress is a smart platform, so you’ll come across many utilities that will support your endeavours.

Nowadays, the Internet is overpopulated with sites that repeat well-known ideas and try to manipulate facts. Your task is to focus on honest contribution: aspire to help your content consumers. Update your web page with fresh pieces of writing on a recurring basis and don’t leave your success to chance.

In order to leverage an audience, you have to know it very well: consider setting a feedback page, or some other ways of interacting directly with all those people that preferred your web resource to others.

By preferring, not only the positive comments are referred to: even the not so bright messages can help you assess and improve your writing in terms of style and techniques. Besides, isn’t it a challenge: to turn an opponent into a fan?

If you nail this mission, your financial benefits from the Internet, in long terms, will exceed your expectations. Don’t go to extremes, spending each and every spare moment on crafting the site isn’t the best option either, you may burn out too soon.

As someone said, finances will sort themselves out if you keep doing what you like.

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