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PixelKit is the first sister-site within our Themefuse family, so it’s an understatement to say that we are proud of how this project turned out after many months of work.

But what is PixelKit actually? Well, if you are a designer or web developer, it’s the only place you’ll ever need to visit to get your premium graphics fix. It’s a high-quality graphics collection, but the best part is that it’s subscription based, so for the really affordable price of $39/year (yes, year indeed) you’ll get all the UI kits, icons, infographics, mobile app kits and so many more…

All the design elements available on PixelKit are created with web and scalability in mind, having been build using 960grid and vector graphics. Some of the kits are the work of renouned designers, like Mike | Creative Mints, who we have commisioned to bring some true top notch kits for everyone to use and enjoy.

Bottom line, check out for yourself the entire collection of design elements at PixelKit.com, which can be yours for $39/year. This price also includes future releases that we will bring out every month, hopefully a couple of new kits or icon sets every couple of weeks. Let us know in the comments area what you think of this new project! Cheers guys!

Check out PixelKit in full glory!


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  1. mishkin 10th June 2013

    A great addition to the TF family indeed. Looking forward to seeing this site grow. Regards, Wayne.

  2. michael 16th July 2014

    why is pixelkit NOT paying their affiliates - and DOESNT respond to support questions? ;-(

    • Hello Michael, we have replied via email, please check your Spam filter. Expect to receive your affiliate share between 1st and 10th of the following month. Note that all the affiliate payments are generated with a 30 days delay in order to prevent frauds.

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