The next theme that we’re working on as we speak and which we will be released pretty soon is called Exposure, and as its title implies, it is targeted towards wedding photographers, but also for photography professionals & enthusiasts alike.

Photography WordPress theme

The admin options also make it very customisable, but to highlight just a few: color pickers for easy color changes, Google font options (just select a font from a dropdown and you’re set), sliders module that is perfectly integrated, portfolio page with project details, pricing table and many, many more.

For the moment we can only show a homepage sneak-peek, which can be seen by clicking the image above.

Update: This WordPress Theme is ready and just perfect to be used by any photo enthusiasts, you can find it in our WP Themes Shop, its name is Exposure.

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  1. arnold 10th October 2014

    Thank you very much, i always like this kind of themes

  2. Fan 24th October 2014

    Looks nice, are you working with Mike from Creative Mints on this one?

    • Indeed, Mike created the design for the main pages for us. We are working with him for quite a while now, he's amazing!

      • Chris 31st October 2014

        Just curious, will this be a responsive design/theme?

  3. Helen 31st October 2014

    I have to create a wedding website for my friend, is there some integration page where I can allow comments for accepting user wishes. Also would like to know if I can integrate google MAP into the address page.

  4. Joey 3rd November 2014

    Will there be a client portal for viewing proofs and ordering prints? If not, this aspiring freelancer would like suggestions for going about integrating something like this into this theme when it's ready for purchasing. Thanks!

  5. Andy 8th December 2014

    When is this theme going to come out?? i'm a paying member and no new themes since October! Thank you.

    • Hey Andy, Exposure is 2, 3 weeks away. Indeed this is our first theme build on our new framework (Unyson), it comes with drag & drop page builder and lots of other cool stuff. It took us more to put it together because we wanted to nail it down. I think you'll come to the conclusion that is was worth the wait.

      • Andy 28th January 2015

        WOW!! January and still no new THEMES? when is this theme coming out...2016 or maybe 2020?? C'mon guys paying members need something otherwise we are just paying to wait for nothing!

  6. Joe Ace 9th December 2014

    Oh no, I went ahead and bought the Welcome Inn template to update my DJ website, now you're announcing this new one that I've been waiting for 3+ years? :( Can I send back the template I bought and purchase this one and pay for the difference in pricing? It just will function so much better for my business.

    • No worries we'll figure something out. We are still working on it, I think it's a couple of weeks away. If you could wait, give us a sign on and we'll pick it up from there. Thanks.

  7. GioVanni 13th December 2014

    I am very interested in this new theme! Not only for photographers, but also for wedding websites. If it is good for photographers, probably will be great for weddings with just a few minor changes!

  8. Adrian 19th January 2015

    Any update when the Exposure Theme will be done?

  9. Kandi 29th January 2015

    I am very interested in this! When will it be available???

  10. Henry 4th February 2015

    I can use this right away , any update when it will be available?

    • Bogdan 11th February 2015

      The theme is available right now, just go here.

  11. Savannah 22nd March 2015

    Would love to see a tutorial or instructions on setting up the contact form over the map in the Contact page! It's really neat.

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