Hey guys, we are working on 2 new WordPress demos for our popular The Core theme, one of which is a Charity WordPress theme called Hope. We thought it would be nice to share a homepage screen with you guys and ask you if you need / want some specific features included. We were thinking a working donate feature is a nice feature to have. Anything else? Let us know in the comment section below.

(Click the image for a full preview)

Update: This awesome Premium WordPress Theme was released and is available in our WordPress Templates Shop, its name is Hope.

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  1. wassem 15th December 2015

    it looks amazing nothing more is needed but i suggest u add other headers if someone want the logo on the right or left . good work

  2. masivuye Cokile 15th December 2015

    Nice and Clean theme

  3. NikkiSiixx 15th December 2015

    Thought the theme fit perfectly with what it's trying to portray. Love the colors scheme and the photos look top notch. Really nice, I like it.

  4. Thanks for your feedback guys. Someone send us an email and recommended the Give plugin for donations. Seams like a nice fit.

  5. Swapnil Patil 15th December 2015

    This what I was looking for since long. Its Perfect. I am currently working on a project [from and NGO] its yet in its initial stage, but so far we have decided to have different kind of donations. 1. Donating Funds - to an individual - to another NGO for a cause 2. Donating Skills 3. And Donating in Kind I have made few mock up's if you would like to have a look at. They are not top notch, but served the purpose to explain the idea. I am sure I can achieve part of my need with this theme. But was wandering if there are more people like me who are looking for something similar. Also let me know if you have any ideas which could help me do this. Thanks in advance, Swapnil

    • Sure send us the mockups on hello@themefuse.com and we'll take a look.

  6. sandy 15th December 2015

    I run a charity and here's what I would want... 1) Instead of causes, projects. I want to show off our work. 2) Donate button front and center, we survive on donations. 3) Press section for media info and press releases. 4) Donations widgets - place in sidebars or directly into content sections. Most of us have a variety of donation channels so we need to widgetize PayPal, Amazon, American Express, Just Give, etc... 5) Set up for recurring donations and legacy donations. 6) Board of Directors/Staff Page with photos, bio, link to LinkedIn profile. 7) A charity website has to appeal to 4 audiences: 1) Donors 2) Recipients (people we help) 3) Media who write stories about us 4) Volunteers who want to help Each of those audiences needs a path to get them quickly to crucial information. Too many clicks and we lose them.

    • Dave 15th December 2015

      My site is aiming to bring different points of view together with facts and info but a major goal is giving each group a private area where they can share their specific aspect with others in their circumstance. In my distance it would be patients, family, professional caregivers each having their own private forums and perhaps a fourth with everyone together. I found a theme called Opinions but it has a ton of customizing to get it into a charitable style site. I'd like thereffore discueion group capability.

      • This would be easy with this one because we recently added bbPress to our The Core theme and this demo being a part of that, you will be able to use the bbPress forum to create exactly what you want.

    • Awesome Sandy, this helps us a lot, thanks.

  7. N'Teasha 15th December 2015

    I love it!

  8. Will 15th December 2015

    I suggest a Call To Action at the top - using a bright color orange button something to either move the user down the page or to donate. Instead of the stats above the fold, use a newsletter sign up. You designs are top-notch. I'd like more conversion focused themes.

  9. Iamcoxnow 15th December 2015

    I have two suggestions: Social Media outlet links at the top. Call to action (ie. Donate, Volunteer) at the top as Will mentioned above.

  10. Hammal mansoor 15th December 2015

    Definitely a Donation system with all the bell and whistle. if you can integrate give plugin that would be a nice choice. prominent donation button on the website through mainly in the header. Also a lighter version of the theme would help alot. other then that its perfect

  11. theOnline businessStore 16th December 2015

    Looks sound, I'm sure there is- but didn't see modules in the page builder to add videos, squeeze pg or tap to call. Things like add or banner modules. Lately we' have found these features have been a must for small or local business. And of course any appointment plugs, chat function. But again there's a cattle-call of features, plus the option to test drive the theme... which I will do as time permits. ThemeFuse has been a money maker for us for years... so I will always be sold Happy Holiday's

  12. gernot 18th December 2015

    hey, it looks really great - i think will be mine soon :-)

  13. CTS 18th December 2015

    Nice. Great work guys. Clean and crisp. Looking forward to using it. Thumbs up

  14. bill 21st December 2015

    I'm going with some "me too" type suggestions. 1. Call to action at the top for "DONATE", "REGISTER NOW", etc. 2. Integrated to the Give plugin right out of the box would be FANTASTIC! 3. A few more header options. 4. Sticky top menu. 5. a top secondary menu for social media links, contact info etc FYI - I also just bought CORE.

    • Awesome thanks for your business. If you get familiar with The Core, this new demo/theme Hope will be included for free as part of The Core's demo selection. We've already finished the design. The Give plugin will come installed with the theme. Fixed the call to action in the header and made a bunch of improvements based on the great feedback posted here.

      The only issue is the recurring payment for the donate page, the Give plugin comes for free only with PayPal standard but they have a lot of add-ons and payment gateways available on their website so I guess this will be an easy fix made by you guys after.

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