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Our upcoming WordPress theme is a bit of a different beast (please excuse the lame pun) because its design has a very distinct look & feel unlike anything out there right now, when flat, minimalistic stuff is all the rage. For this theme, we have partnered with one of the greatest designers and illustrators of the moment Mike “Creative Mints”, who has created all these unique illustrations by hand and then brought them to life in Photoshop, using his mad designer skills.

Given the awesome success of our similar KiddoTurf theme, we hope that the new kid on the block will be at least as well received as his older brother! Check out the sneak-peek by clicking the image above.

Update: This Premium WordPress Theme was released and is now available in our WordPress Themes Shop, its name is Paws & Claws.

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  1. zuzana 26th August 2014

    Hello i am just currently working on webpage for pet clinic, and may be i ll work on another one so i am wondering when you send this template out. also because there are not many pictures. i would like to know if thee is some part for price list, ,and may be some schedule of doctors shift.. some kind of time table. br zuzka

    • yes, the theme has a pricing page that contains a pricing table, and also a page for "Our Doctors"

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