This month’s new theme is a powerful WordPress template in the form of a Travel Agency website. Lots of work went into building it from the ground up with industry specific functionalities like filters, powerful searches and tags for easy finding. It caters to everyone who needs a travel agency website that has every bell & whistle you could think of and need. Searching for the right vacation is a breeze with our cool and powerful filters and functionalities.

Voyage WordPress theme

The theme has lots of pages for showcasing the holidays, city-breaks and other types of offers that you would like to post on the website. We also bundle it with a Blog and Contact page, as well as the whole pack of Shortcodes we have already acustmed you with.

Hit the Live Preview to see what we are talking about. Also, if you’d like to play with the theme before buying it, you can do that for 14 days by using our TestLabs feature, after creating an account here.


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  1. themerazzi 14th January 2013

    Great news bogdan, good luck!

  2. Benjamin 14th January 2013

    Simply gorgeous!

  3. WpXtrm 16th January 2013

    Wow :) Great @bogdan Best of luck!

  4. WpFaqs 16th January 2013

    Cheers@Bogdan. Best of luck for 2013...

  5. mishkin 17th January 2013

    Nice work, i love the header design. Still a bit niche to be of use to me.

  6. get3view 4th February 2013

    Wonderful Great @bogdan. It is just awesome.

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