We have lots of friends that do photography for a living or simply just for fun, and all of them asked us to come up with a really minimalistic WordPress theme, that could showcase their work in a way that doesn’t detract from the actual imagery.

PhotoArtist WordPress Theme Preview

With PhotoArtist WP Template, we have tried to combine the “full-screen” only look with features that give the viewer more control over the presentation of the photos. For those who want to see only the images, with a couple of clicks, you can get rid of all the UI elements that get in the way.

Also, a super cool thumbnails bar at the bottom of the screen helps visitors jump to photos in a category more easily, making the whole experience very modern and filled with smooth animations.

Still, don’t be fooled by the minimalist look of this simple Photography WP theme, because it has lots more to offer: full-on Blog functionality, Shortcodes, About Us page, Contact page with messages form, and lots more. Also, you can arrange the photos into separate Categories, for a better presentation of your photography work.

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  1. Fantastic time to release! Well design with photo showcase. :-)

  2. Really so nice design. I like full flash.

  3. That is a splendid new theme. I very much enjoy the background animation feature. I have tested the framework and noticed many new changes. That is good, my friends, that is very good!

  4. Hi. This is such a great theme, am thinking of using this for my Travel Blog. But I have a question. Is there a way to make the pictures "clickable" so that they jump to say... a blog post?

  5. Is this responsive? It didn't seem like it in the demo, but maybe there's a responsive version of it? Really need it to be good for phones as well in this day and age. Thanks

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