Just a quick piece of advice here. A WordPress plugin called What Would Seth Godin Do is a fairly popular one. It’s simple and does its job well, probably the main reasons for its popularity. If you’re not familiar with the main idea, it’s about distinguishing new and returning visitors to your site, and showing them a custom welcome message. And the plugin does just that. It enables you to set such a custom message.

Now the most obvious message you can display to a new visitor is something along the lines of “hey, subscribe to my RSS feed,” … well, probably something written a little better.

Most people who use this plugin spend some time on tweaking the copy of the message to use the right language and convey the right information, BUT not many people focus on the design of the message itself, so they stick to the default – seriously ugly one.

Just to show you what I mean, this is what the default message box looks like:

wwsgd default

… not much to talk about.

This is what my message looks like:

wwsgd custom

Better, right?

So here’s my short piece of advice. If you’re using the WWSGD plugin and you want a cool message box feel free to use this code when setting the plugin up:

<div style="
 background:url(http://domain.com/RSSICON.png) no-repeat scroll 15px 15px #FFEA97;
 border: 1px solid #E2B500;
color: #776100;
 -moz-border-radius: 6px 6px 6px 6px;
 -moz-box-shadow: 1px 1px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.4);
font-size: 13px;
line-height: 24px;
font-weight: normal;
font-family: Arial;
margin-bottom: 30px;
padding: 15px 15px 15px 80px;
position: relative;
width: 500px;">YOUR MESSAGE</div>

By the way, you can get the plugin here: What Would Seth Godin Do.

Finally, what do you think about the idea itself? Do you find the practice of displaying custom messages to new and returning visitors valuable?

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  1. Raj Mehta 18th January 2012

    Its a dam cool looking message box

  2. Blogging Aster 11th October 2012

    This is really a fantastic WP Plugin to welcome new visitors to our blog. I like such type of cool and fancy message box.

  3. David 29th May 2016

    The idea is cool, but the fact that you cannot "hide" the message is very annoying. You can display a first message, then a different one after X visits, but it stays that way. If the visitor already took action, he will keep on seeing the message. I'v used WP Greet Box instead because I can hide if when people log in (which is my main CTA) but this one can't display a 2nd different message! Only one ! Still a better option, but so frustrated that we can't have both :)

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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