We have decided to look into two hostings with different target groups in order to give you choices in this fastly developing industry. One represents a steady brand in the business, offering core features for building up a site yourself. The other offers simplicity and features for a strong e-commerce built online.

Check up with us the strong points and weak aspects of each of them in order to create a whole picture of what you are signing for.

So, what are the differences between hostings like SiteBuilder and FatCow?

fatcow or sitebuilder hosting review

SiteBuilder – All Inclusive Tool for Your Website

The hosting company SiteBuilder offers the possibility to build and grow your own website. It incorporates easily customizable tools for design and translates into a reliable approach to the client. It allows anyone to put together a website out of pre-designed parts and write no single line of coding. You choose a free lifetime domain and a name, then proceed to the existing templates and then publish it. But let see one by one the strong points of SiteBuilder and its less fortunate features.


YOU GOT FREEDOM OF CREATING IT from scratch, yes. You are offered templates that have been all well predesigned and professionally prepared. You can choose from prebuilt parts like contacts forms, get a set-up for your primary idea of the website, should it be a portfolio, e-commerce website or a blog. You have a lot of freedom to customize any part of it and to personalize it to your own taste. You can stick to any general pre-defined category and make your journey easy and interesting with building it yourself. The users recommend its vast choices of Multimedia galleries and website builders.

SiteBuilder made all of their potential websites SEO FRIENDLY by creating a free SEO plan for the clients. They took into consideration the stats of Google and Bing while creating its informative material to rank high. The SEO e-book is available for anyone signing with the company.

FREE FEATURES include customized email, mobile support for all type of users (including both web and mobile pages), also web statistics powered by Google analytics, easily integrated into the website. Did we also mention the extra 500MB free storage space for any signed in user? Or social media integration tools and advertising credits on specific platforms? Well, count those in, too. For free.

sitebuilder hosting review 2018


Let’s start with the fact that LIFE CHAT SUPPORT includes a comprehensive Q&A list, which is meant to reduce your time staying in line with customer support agent. Lots of online tutorials and online help are given right in the panel you log in to manage the website. However, that being done, if your issue doesn’t get solved by online stuff you are reading, you learn the bad way with SiteBuilder. You got to wait for the support answer through email or an online knowledgebase for quite a long time. Which is, at least, annoying.

PRICES might seem reasonable in the beginning, even though they vary financially depending on the plan you choose. The first plan is for free but way to limited to consider it for a long time. The more advanced (pro) plans – meaning more payment – give you more freedom in adding more pages, use more email addresses and have priority support when help is needed.

Additional SEO TOOLS are counted in for advanced plans, which might save you time and money for doing the SEO by yourself, a common thing to do with other companies. But you still pay monthly for them, use it or not. And if you go in for e-commerce website plan, it might cost you a fortune too.

Early termination of use charges you a fee, though signing up for longer period decreases your pay, according to widely used international practice.

FatCow Hosting – Investing in Simplicity

FatCow is the company designed for the target group of small businesses in the website industry. They offer cheap web hosting and stick on the market for quite a long time – despite their funny name, yes. They invest in simplicity and do not run after technological progress too much (keeping older technology, oh no). However, they are affordable and offer simple plans for those who just start their business online.


PRICES. The absurdity of cheapness with FatCow is levelled later by upcoming higher prices. However, though not that cheap anymore, it is very attractive to the advantages and features it offers.

FIT TO NEEDS OF SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS. The hosting company FatCow is straightforward from the beginning. They invest in and take smaller clients, and do not go into something complex. With FatCow you know exactly what the few plans are and how much they cost. And the plans are tailored to their target group clients.

STRONG E-COMMERCE FEATURE. The company gives you the opportunity to use a pre-installed and pre-designed e-commerce feature in order to save you some business time. It might seem an easy thing to build yourself, however, believe it or not, having it done for you saves you the time you can use it for your own business aims. Thus with this hosting company, you can get a shopping cart on the website, featuring PayPal, create coupon codes and add whatever catalogues you might need to start your e-commerce. Also, you will use one of the two well-known options, Ecwid or ShopSite.

FatCow is coming with ALL-INCLUDED SOLUTIONS: HOST & BUILD. They invest in extra features and professionals that might help you build your own envisioned website and host it on their company’s hosting. If you need extra help with logo and maintenance, you can get it on separate arrangements. However, take into account that this costs extra.

Eventually, their strongest point is decreasing the use of energy, keeping in mind its impact on the environment; thus they are considered a GREEN HOSTING. The company promotes the alternative use of energy of its servers that are working continuously. They refer to wind energy that they are 100% using for their activity over years. However, it does not translate into the fact that they have acquired wind turbines – it means they buy certificates that attest the usage of wind energy for other purposes.

AWESOME SUPPORT 24/7 with great availability for its clients. No matter what problems you might encounter. They will also ensure you stay virus-free and have no security leaks too.

ADDED ON FREE FEATURES like personalized emails, used through the interface of Roundcube, Google analytics and Apps integrated into the website, free domain name, free ad credits and what is most important – free website transfer!

fatcow hosting review 2018


NOT SO UNLIMITED. FatCow is a shared hosting thus the plans they give, even though they call them unlimited, actually have limits. What they call unlimited is a reasonable amount of emails, space or bandwidth, and taking into account it’s a small business, we get it. But keep in mind – if you want to extend, you will have to pay extra for a new plan.

A DIFFERENT TYPE OF USER PANEL called vDeck. This is not what everyone is used to (remember the standard in the industry called cPanel?). But at least it is simple and has all one needs to handle the website. You can find necessary tools and lots of material how to use it, from video tutorials to user manuals.

NO UPTIME GUARANTEE. And if this feature is among the important ones in your vision of a much-close-to-perfection hosting, it would not be the case with FatCow. Because this hosting only offers the  99,75% Uptime (which is ridiculously small). That would mean that your website will be down along its existence and those wouldn’t be best days of your business.

SLOWER LOADING TIMES. And if this is critical for your business, take a close look at this moment, since slow loading time translates often in client – thus financial – losses. And we know it well that half of the bouncing rates are strongly related to websites that are not loading in the next 2-3 seconds.

REGULAR BACKUPS. No matter how often one updates and upgrades their website, there is always a backup plan for things that might go wrong. Regular backups provided by the FatCow hosting keep things safe in place no matter what might happen. Moreover, it allows regular manual backups within a few clicks in order to be sure you have got all the latest updates saved. But, did we say it’s free? Cause it’s not. You got to pay for this regular feature.

sitebuilder vs fatcow hosting compared


In the time when SiteBuilder appeared on the market, it had to research well its product before launching it since the market was already full of companies that offered to build the website from scratch. The fact that it took its toil and stayed to our days means they invested and it was worth it. Its options for customization and responsive themes are a way to go if you’re a newbie in the industry. However, if you’re good at building it, you find easily that you can do better with another building website hosting. And cheaper.

However, if you look closer into FatCow with its honest pricing and great support, you might find other features like slow loading times critical to your business and annoyingly low uptimes. Thus choosing between the two would make you review each of the must-be features you relay in your business.

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