I just wanted to let you know about this cool partnership we recently did with the guys behind Smart Slider 3. After extensive testing, we’ve come to the conclusion that Smart Slider 3 is one of the best WordPress sliders out there and decided that this is a must for our The Core premium WordPress theme.

Including the Smart Slider 3 in The Core will enable us to create some really creative sliders for our next premade websites that we’ll add to the theme.

Our designers played with the Smart Slider (currently version 3.2) and you can basically create any type of slider with it. Not only that but the huge number of options, features, animations and the ease of use are the ones that really impressed us.

An important thing to note is that the Smart Slider that will come with our The Core theme is a PRO version slider, not the free version that everyone can download from WordPress.org.

This PRO version doesn’t come with the premade sliders made by the Nextend team, you’ll need a separate license sold on their website if you want to use one of these premade sliders. You’ll have all the options from the PRO version of the slider already unlocked so that is a huge plus.

How to Add a Smart Slider to your page

We’ve created a new shortcode in our visual page builder in order to let you add a Smart Slider to any page you create.

1. Switch to the Media tab and add the Smart Slider shortcode to your page.

The Best WordPress Slider in The Core

2. Open the Smart Slider shortcode and click on the Select Slider button.

The Best WordPress Slider in The Core

3. Select the slider you want to insert from the Smart Slider pop up. The slider needs to be created beforehand in the Smart Slider plugin in order for you to see it in this popup.

The Best WordPress Slider in The Core

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