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Make your WordPress theme look like the Demo


The Core gives you the opportunity to auto-install demo content making the theme look exactly like Live Demo. You'll have smashing layouts and designs without guessing what should go where!

Dr. Mark Leeds

The Core is a complete modern theme which allows for the great appearance and effects that we have come to expect in a modern theme. It is full width, it has advanced sliders, parallax view on scroll and much more. The visual builder tool makes designing responsive websites fast and easy. It is even easy to make landing pages. This is an excellent modern tool for developing online real estate.

Drag & Drop = Build a Website!

Drag & Drop Page BUILDER

Page building simplified! Use drag & drop for any elements and create impressive web pages. No need to code. We've done all the work for you!

Mark Gadala-Maria

Themefuse makes some of the most quality, time-tested themes on the market. I highly recommend their products!

The most intuitive and organized way to create contact forms

ADVANCED Contact Form

Based on the purpose of your form you can find any template, field or option you need in The Core's contact form builder. Just drag & drop the elements you want and you are good to go.

Florin Grigore

The support was 10 out of 10. Very satisfied with the way in which the issue was handled and especially the final outcome.

We gave you multiple slider choices you just have to pick one


Adding Google maps to your pages is a breeze. Add multiple pins and any style from in a couple of seconds.

Adelina Tuca

Working with ThemeFuse guys was always smooth as they treat every request and member with professionalism and much involvement. Our partnership with them has brought good things to both sides so far, so if there will be future opportunities to collaborate with them in any way, we are open to doing it.

Change the colors of your theme in a couple clicks!


Life is color and you can pick it yourself. Change your theme's vibe by using simple color pickers and modify a specific tone across the whole site. Make colorful changes in seconds!

BrandON Media

Marcelina, thank you and the rest of team Themefuse for your amazing support. Your customer service is truly above the rest.

We gave you multiple slider choices you just have to pick one


There is no real customization where there are no choices. We have three stunning sliders at your preference: Slider Revolution, Layers Slider and our own custom-built version of slider.

Jeff Hough

I don't often pay for wordpress templates, but I decided to purchase the The Core theme from ThemeFuse and I couldn't be more pleased with my decision. Installation of the theme was smooth and uneventful but I ran into troubles with some of the customization features I was trying to configure. One quick email to the support team and my questions were answered with VERY helpful customized video tutorials, I was blown away.

I would encourage anyone considering purchasing a theme from ThemeFuse to not even think twice about the decision. The themes are great and the support is wonderful.

Make your WordPress theme look like the Demo


The Core comes with a bunch of built in page layouts for you to use and the visual drag & drop page builder will enable you to create countless more.


Very happy with the level of support. Of all of the theme support I've used, this is by far the most responsive and helpful. Thank you very much!

Easily add multiple Shortcodes and functionalities to your website


Let your creative juices flow and use our evolved shortcodes together with the drag & drop page builder to create unique, complex pages. Do terrific things with little effort and no ugly coding.


George is amazing in his work! I had an issue with my search engine ... and George had the solution and fix it for me... So thank you for your good support!

Make your own drop-down menu just like you want it


Forget about the hustles of website navigation with our user-friendly, highly customizable drop-down MegaMenu. With The Core creating a menu is going to be twice as simple and much more creative.


This theme is one of the few where I actually thought this was worth more than the regular price it sells for. I keep finding cool stuff every day, awesome!

Play with any of the free Google fonts within The Core


Set the mood for your website by using any font from Google's free collection, right within our theme. Google Web Fonts is easy, reliable and one click away exactly when you need it.


I’ve been kind of blown away at first when i tried “The Core” theme mainly because it’s so easy to use and everything is clear although very powerful. Support is fast and helpful, so far so good!

Perfectly optimized for any device and Operation System

Responsive & Retina

How to optimize your theme for iOS, Android, Phone, Tablet or Desktop? Easy! This theme is Responsive & Retina ready, which means your website will look its best on any device.


The Core Multipurpose WordPress Theme was that very product we were reviewing, so we’ve managed to learn all of its features in detail. We recommend this theme as a splendid solution for multiple tasks, ‘cause you can use it to create a business website either for a cleaning company, a traveling agency, a bakery, and many more natures. The great thing about this theme is that it comes with advanced visual page builder containing layout, content and media elements in a bunch of shortcodes. So even if you haven’t got any coding skills, you can easily build your website pages using this builder.

The Core and the WooCommerce plugin are a perfect match!


Start selling your products today, using the popular WooCommerce plugin! We built The Core so you can take the most advantage out of your website and make your visitors become your customers.

Russab Ali

Themefuse comes in handy with all my client work. My clients are always amazed at the amount of options I can provide them thanks to Themefuse. Every single theme is customizable and is able to be used for any instance. I always recommend Themefuse to my clients as their first choice and it has never disappointed. The support is great, the service is great and all my clients are extremely satisfied and keep coming back for more.

Quick and easy theme translation into any language of the World


Our theme has been tested and proved to work with any free or premium plugins like WPML and others. The Core is a translation ready theme equipped with tools to make it accessible for any language.


The amount of shortcode elements available with this theme is very high, and everything works fast and reliable. There is a lot of flexibility with this theme and the learning curve is not steep at all. Nice theme, guys!

Get more traffic to your website with The Core's built-in SEO module


Whether you are a SEO professional or a primary user, you will have a perfect helper in optimizing your website. Unyson comes with a great SEO module that offers you complete control and will make your site rank higher!

Kevin Muldoon

ThemeFuse are a great source for easy to use WordPress themes that are SEO friendly, customisable, and affordable.

Keep your users up-to-date with a built-in calendar Shortcode


Don't let your visitors forget about any upcoming events by adding them to the built-in calendar. You can put the calendar shortcode on any page and customize it, so it meets your needs.


The Core is an amazing theme, with lots of customization options that helps you transform your site into a beautiful piece of webdesign. Congrats guys on a great WordPress theme.

Transform any element of the theme into an eye-catching animation


A great theme is not complete without some pizzazz, that's why we have implemented an effortless way to add animations to any element within The Core. Animate your website - stand out from the crowd!


The Documentation is very well made, with almost all the things you will need during your time with this theme clearly explained in beautiful articles. There was nothing i couldn’t easily find within the Documentation.

Manage your uniquely displayed portfolio projects all in one place!


Show off your creativity! We have built The Core with specific portfolio content in mind, multiple types of showcases as well as different types of display for the collection blocks.


You guys BY FAR, have the BEST customer service for anyone online company. Thanks so much!

Navigate easily with a sticky header to top them all


De-clutter your website by adding a sticky header to it. This header version makes the menu bar always stay on top no matter where you scroll down the page, making for a faster, better navigation in many cases.


The Visual Builder that comes with this theme is head-and-shoulders above anything I've tried before, and I'm a experienced WordPress user. Also, the quality of the provided websites is top notch, with gorgeous design.

Numerous footer options and four header types - all for your unique website


Our theme comes with four header types and a ton of footer options. You can customize any element exactly the way you want to make it look stunning.


Love at first sight! A modern style with extremely easy and intuitive content management, highly customizable and responsive design. As a full time web developer, I'm blown away by this theme, and how much time it saves me.

Unyson - a robust framework at the basis of your theme


Unyson WordPress framework is the backbone of our theme. It's built by us from the ground up, and it's open source so that anyone can use it for free and contribute to its growth and evolution.


The visual builder is awesome, you can really go crazy and create any page you like. I appreciate it even more because I'm not a design guy and it gives me the feeling I can handle things with ease.

The Core is ready for The Give plugin to help you collect donations


Want to accept donations on your website? Do it fast and efficient with The Give plugin which will empower your cause. Believe in your cause and start accepting donations today!


Amazing and gorgeous theme! I think The Core will change the concept of themes forever. I was able to create my clients site without touching a line of code - that saved me a lot, lot of time. I'm in love with this theme.

Set up a backup schedule in seconds and don't lose any data anymore


You don't need to keep in mind that you need to backup your information anymore. It takes a couple of seconds to set your back up schedule within our theme, and then all the backups happen automatically.


This is by far one of the best themes I have ever used. Incredible flexibility, intuitive page builder with every option under the sun. Im very impressed. I look forward to using more of your themes.

All the WordPress websites below are included


Get 23 WordPress websites included in The Core


All these websites are hand built for specific industries, guaranteeing that everything within their structure was well thought out. Each website is unique with the proper design style for that specific industry.


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