For anyone not up to date, we’ve recently (about two months back) launched Brizy a new way of editing WordPress websites visually.

More about what Brizy means for ThemeFuse and the plan to integrate Brizy in all our themes can be read in my original article when I’ve announced the Brizy launch.

Since then we’ve worked hard to migrate all our WordPress themes on Brizy, so when you install and import the demo content you’ll be able to edit the pages with Brizy instead of the Unyson’s back-end visual page builder.

Themes updated on Brizy

These themes were already updated and if you install and import the demo content you’ll be able to edit all the pages with Brizy:

Base Ground
Reel Story
The Flavour
In Shape
The Practice
Haven (includes 3 demo websites):
The Lavish
Alpine Lodge
Beach Resort
The Core (includes 25 demo websites):
All 25 Demo websites can be edited with Brizy.

In the future

We plan to have only Brizy themes on ThemeFuse, this will bring a great user experience and ease of use for our clients plus it will alleviate some of the support in the long run since Brizy is far more easy to understand and use.

Considering the point above we’ll be forced to retire some themes that can’t be migrated on Brizy. Themes like Paws & Claws, Kiddo Turf or HomeQuest are a couple of examples of themes that can’t be implemented with Brizy right now.

Most likely we’ll retire them (maybe temporarily) until Brizy will be able to handle them.


This was and still is a massive undertaking since we basically had to recreate all the themes from scratch so I want to thank you for your patience in the past few weeks. I am very excited with the new possibilities Brizy brings on the table so I can’t wait for your feedback.

I’ll edit this blog post as we continue with the updates. Cheers.

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  1. Félix Maroy 11th August 2018

    Hi, I'm looking for a better WordPress Theme which load speedly for my blog I don't know if your new Builder will load faster.

  2. Russ Hunter 13th August 2018

    Have the core themes been switched over so that they're able to be edited in Brizy?

  3. Christoph 14th August 2018

    please bring Kaufman (TheCore) as soon as possible

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