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A long time passed since our last ThemeFuse giveaway on our blog, so it is time for another one don’t you think? And since you guys seem to love our themes especially our The Core multipurpose WordPress theme we figure we give another 10 licenses to 10 lucky winners (one each winner).

What’s really cool about this theme as you probably know is the 18 premade demos. The Core is a single WordPress theme and to showcase its powerful options (visual page builder, multiple headers, footers, plugin integrations, sliders, etc) we’ve created 18 demos (and working on more) using only the tools in the admin.

You can choose to start building your own website from these demos by simply importing one when you install The Core.

How to Enter the Giveaway

To get a chance to win all you need to do is one of the following (do all of them and you’ll get more chances to win):

  • post a comment on this blog post and tell us what website are you looking forward using (you’ll get them all anyway but if it’s not included in the list below, we’ll consider it for a future demo theme for The Core).
  • share on Facebook – use the share panel on the left
  • share on Twitter – use the share panel on the left
  • share on Google+ – use the share panel on the left
  • pin in on Pinterest – use the share panel on the left
  • share it on Linkedin – use the share panel on the left

What You’ll Get

Here are the 18 demo themes you’ll get with The Core. More demos are in the works as we speak and you’ll get them for free directly from your WordPress admin once we finish the demos and update The Core.

1. The Core, Main Demo – View Live Demo

2. Gourmet, Food Theme – View Live Demo

3. Keynote, Events Theme – View Live Demo

4. Wellness, Medical Theme – View Live Demo

5. Cribs, Architecture Theme – View Live Demo

6. The College, Education Theme – View Live Demo

7. The Chatter, Magazine Theme – View Live Demo

8. Quantum, Agency Theme – View Live Demo

9. Swipe, Mobile App Theme – View Live Demo

10. Kaufman, Lawyer Theme – View Live Demo

11. The Pathfinder, Travel Theme – View Live Demo

12. Hope, Charity Theme – View Live Demo

13. Creed, Church Theme – View Live Demo

14. Spotless, Cleaning Theme – View Live Demo

15. Hitched, Wedding Theme – View Live Demo

16. Molino, Bakery Theme – View Live Demo

17. The Trip, Travel Blog – View Live Demo

18. Kid Quest, Kindergarten Theme – View Live Demo

Ah, almost forgot, you can test The Core for free for 14 days in our TestLabs. Enjoy!

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  1. hilary 26th August 2016

    The Core is AWESOME!

  2. Andy Paddock 26th August 2016

    Looking forward to using The Pathfinder for a new client (damn I suspect you now know I'll be buying it anyway so I'll never win). If it helps you're missed out the word 'to' in the explanation text for the blog post option 'looking forward using'. and the tab index of your comment form is a bit messed up if I tab from the email box I don't land in the 'Your Website' box. Feel free to edit my comment once you've updated.

  3. Alessandro 26th August 2016

    The Core is fantastic ... I hope to use for an handmade creations website or for a photobook website ;) Sound great !!!!

  4. kheiro 26th August 2016

    i wish you have a classifieds theme guys that would be great

  5. Petrystudio 27th August 2016

    Wow, I really like the Core. I would definitely use this to update my own website.

  6. Steven 27th August 2016

    The core theme will be an essential tool for me to further improve my webdesign services.

  7. Erikson 27th August 2016

    Nice design. I'd like to see an IT theme website.

  8. Cammy 28th August 2016

    Awesome themes, all of them, but, I liked the Hope, charity theme the most!

  9. moriza 28th August 2016

    I`m always love Theme Fuse design style , sadly i never got a chance using their themes in my real project . Would love to see simple but useful photo or project gallery oriented design/function with this theme

  10. missy 28th August 2016

    I really like the The Chatter Demo!

  11. leowys 29th August 2016

    I really like the Core. I would definitely use this to update my own website.

  12. Frank Mohnhaupt 29th August 2016

    I like "The Chatter" most, very classic ! :-)

  13. Ruy 29th August 2016

    Hi! I am so excited about this promotion! I already use the free version "The Journal" on my community essay site "Contrariando"(http://confrariando.com). The Core is a fantastic theme, and I hope I win! Thanks for the opportunity! Ruy

  14. HansRuedi Keller 29th August 2016

    I already used QUANTUM to build my new site – and now CORE could be a good choice for flowers-nomad.com, the site I will do for my partner Katharina. It's a start-up, so why not a little giveaway for her?

  15. ralphsclub 29th August 2016

    I've got a new client that is a chiropractor. I showed him your wellness theme and he loved it. I'm really looking forward to designing a website based on your Wellness wordpress theme. I've used many of your themes for customers and everyone has loved them. Keep up the great quality work you guys do.

  16. rich 29th August 2016

    I like the Kauffman lawyer theme. Will upgrade my client's theme to this.

  17. rich 29th August 2016

    Also, if it helps from an authority play. Minor typo. Update: "The Core is a single WordPres theme" to "The Core is a single WordPress theme"

    • Thanks, Rich, I've updated the post.

  18. Nomaan 29th August 2016

    Pretty sure I'll be using The Core main demo as it suits my purpose perfectly! Haven't found a theme that I loved / wanted more than the core!

  19. Pascal 29th August 2016

    Well, I find 'The Trip' really awesome… I think I'll use it for may own website :)

  20. Mano 29th August 2016

    I'm torn between the Keynote and the Gourmet - would be fun to play around with each! :)

  21. Suncreative 29th August 2016

    The Core, of course.

  22. vixtor 29th August 2016

    I'd really like to win this prize.

  23. adin 30th August 2016

    I'd love to play with them all, but for work I think I'll have to go with the Kaufmann theme!

  24. Mike 30th August 2016

    I really like the look of The Core (original theme). Would be interested in using this!

  25. Muthaher Fawad 30th August 2016

    Just love your work on the Core Demo mate. Keep it up.

  26. DAnish suhail 30th August 2016

    I love The Core design it looks amazing as hell

  27. gera 2nd September 2016

    What I like about the Core, is that really with 1 central theme you’ve 18 themes included, this is fantastic to cater different niches. This is what I call to be versatile and multipurpose :) The Molino and Gourmet could be ideal for a client in that tasty industry. Cheers, Gera

  28. WildCrow 3rd September 2016

    I would love to use The Chatter, looks great. Thanks in advance.

  29. Paris 4th September 2016

    First, thanks for this amazing giveaway. I still couldn't believe all other 17 demos are built by Core! Is the Core theme easy to handle? I'm looking for a beautiful but yet fast theme for my upcoming how-to cook eBook launch. "Creed" or "Keynote" would be my choice if I'd win!

  30. tushar 4th September 2016

    i would love to get this giveaway.

  31. Renu 5th September 2016

    Would like to use Gourmet for my food blog

  32. Siva 6th September 2016

    Of all I liked the SWIPE theme most. Thanks for the giveaway

  33. Kuki 6th September 2016

    All your themes are simply awesome, I have never seen such innovative designs from WordPress theme company. God bless you

  34. Ilona S. 6th September 2016

    Great stuff, Core WordPress theme is just amazing. Seems so easy to use and so many customization options. Exactly what I need for my page. Im going to use [Creed, Church Theme] for my book reading room saloon page. Can't wait to test it out . I'm going to recommend you to my friends. Good work Themefuse !

  35. MaryL 6th September 2016

    I would like to use Wellness or maybe Gourmet theme for a spa and massage web page. I think It would be easy to change the colors to suit my needs. The event calendar looks nice . Thanks for sharing.

  36. Lilly Moore 6th September 2016

    Unfortunately there is not many theme choices on the market for niche business such as: astrology, psychic advisors, mediums, fortune tellers, energy/spirit healers, altmed, herbal medicine, eco-green friendly, super-foods, acupuncture, chakras, ect. Creed theme is great for churches and somewhat spiritual but it lack the new age /new era feeling also Welness theme is good for medical brands but too sterile and too cold for alternative medicine. But guess what ? I just found out that with Core theme its possible to change all the aspect of the themes such as colors, layouts and modules with a single mouse click. No need to code anything and with intuitive page builder I can adjust every single element to give it unique style and feeling. Thank you for the giveaway. Good luck to all.

  37. Rakesh 8th September 2016

    I have always been fan of themefuse, such neat themes. They are perfect for startups and small businesses.

  38. Best Hookup Apps 15th January 2018

    I like it so much this is adorable.

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