A few days ago, we’ve started a special promotion, planning to give away 3 WordPress themes together with complementary hosting & domain (for 12 months). It blew our minds to see the amazing response we’ve received, so we really should tip our hats to you for this, clocking in almost 200 comments in less than 5 days of running time. This convinced us to change the number of winners from 3 to 5 due to the overwhelming number of participants.

In order to pick the winners, we have used the 3rd party RANDOM.org service, which randomly extracted the lucky ones from the list of commenters in our blog post. So, without further ado, here is the list with the 5 winners:

1st: Josh Makowski
2nd: Pablo Mendez
3rd: Mostafa
4th: Mtsekov
5th: Uchie

Congratulations guys! Please keep an eye on your inbox, as we will send to your registered email addresses all the necessary details for receiving the desired theme and domain.

In order to verify the randomness and fair nature of the winners extraction, anyone who participated in this giveaway can enter his or her email address in this page from RANDOM.org, where the extraction took place.

* * *

P.S: As for you guys who didn’t get to win this time around, don’t fret over it because we have thought of you too: we will send each & every one of you a 50% OFF voucher code to get the desired theme for a lot cheaper. Have a great Holidays Season!

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  1. imigotto 16th December 2014

    Fiquei muito feliz em participar desse sorteio. Os temas e funcionalidades são fantásticos. Parabéns por tudo !

    • Even though we do not speak Portuguese, we were able to understand the message via Google Translate. Many thanks for the kind words!

  2. Milan 16th December 2014


  3. behnamtarin 17th December 2014


  4. 7skiestech 19th December 2014

    Oh no, i missed out completely. I've been eyeing one of your themes for months. Any chance i can get the 50% off deal too? It's still the holiday season.

    • Sure, just contact us via email and we'll send you a 50% unique voucher.

      • 7skiestech 19th December 2014


      • onesite 11th April 2015

        I want to buy a theme for the web: HTTP://ONESITE.VN to apply for future work, did not know at the moment, I do not have coupons ?

  5. steven 21st December 2014

    Arghhhh!!!!!!, missed this opportunity, posted my comment for this giveaway to late I think. maybe next time.

  6. Fernando alencar 6th March 2015

    I would like to win this award, for the money and is in need ta short, and I love wordpress, I'm a fan of themefuse, like how your work. thank you !!

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