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What better way to kick-start 2016 than with a giveaway. This week we’ve put together something special for you. We give 5 The Core WordPress themes to 5 lucky winners (one WP theme each winner). What’s really cool about this theme as you probably know is that you get in fact 10 themes bundled into one since The Core is a massive multipurpose theme that comes with 10 different demo content layouts that you can use (with more to come shortly free of charge).

All you need to do is post a comment on this blog post and tell us what website are you looking forward to use (you’ll get them all anyway but if it’s not included in the list below, we’ll consider it for a future demo theme for The Core). Of course, any share on your social media will be welcomed and greatly appreciated. Good luck.

Here are the 10 themes you’ll get with The Core, and we’ve included at the end one of the themes that is in the works (and yes you’ll get that one as well directly from your WP Admin once we finish it.)

1. The Core, Main Demo – View Live Demo

2. Gourmet, Food Theme – View Live Demo

3. Keynote, Events Theme – View Live Demo

4. Wellness, Medical Theme – View Live Demo

5. Cribs, Architecture Theme – View Live Demo

6. The College, Education Theme – View Live Demo

7. The Chatter, Magazine Theme – View Live Demo

8. Quantum, Agency Theme – View Live Demo

9. Swipe, Mobile App Theme – View Live Demo

10. Kaufman, Lawyer Theme – View Live Demo

IN THE WORKS – Hope, Charity Theme – View Homepage

Ah and you can test the theme for free for 14 days in our TestLabs. Enjoy!

there are 255 comments added

  1. Vicky Dhir 7th January 2016

    Great, I would like to have GOURMET Food Theme, hope for the best.

  2. thedarkfox 7th January 2016

    Looking forward to Wellness, i have a medical client.

  3. Vicky Dhir 7th January 2016

    and guess what, I'm the first person who commented :)

    • Daniel 7th January 2016

      :) When I started typing my comments, there were few people, but when I posted, I saw 22 already being posted. Ha ha ha

  4. Tina 7th January 2016

    ThemeFuse has been great, but now I'm looking for one that incorporates lots of products, cross promotion and seo optimized.

  5. Terry 7th January 2016

    Releasing a new app in March of this year so the app theme would be my choice. Looking at the demo of app theme would be proud to use Themefuse! Thanks, Terry

  6. fang13 7th January 2016

    those are some hot looking themes!

  7. Joseph v 7th January 2016

    The Core - Main Demo! Sleek, professional, perfect!

  8. Josh 7th January 2016

    Cheers for hosting this! I must admit I'm a big fan of the chatter - a clean yet inviting theme! Hope you all had a cracking New Year and a wonderful Christmas.

  9. JDUB 7th January 2016

    Love the different themes that these guys come up with.

  10. REDA SAKHI 7th January 2016

    GREAT LIST. I'll go for Keynote :)

  11. districtmedia 7th January 2016

    Great themes! I'm hoping to use a theme for a real estate client soon

  12. Ricardo Rubio 7th January 2016

    I like all of them and actually i need a theme like "Cribs". Regards

  13. Stephen Clark 7th January 2016

    The Gourmet theme looks amazing and I'm just about to start a project for a local restaurant! This theme would be perfect for it!!!! Please let me win! Stephen

  14. Shannon S 7th January 2016

    Wait, I have to pick just one! I would look forward to them all! :)

  15. Andrea 7th January 2016

    Swype is surely my thing!

  16. Dennis 7th January 2016

    I'd love something you could use for shopping communities or with basic/simple shop features (with appealing product presentation features when you don't have a lot of different items).

  17. Setapart4christ 7th January 2016

    I'm a big fan of several of these layouts, but the one I think I'd enjoy using the most right now would be either Cribs or Keynote.

  18. Tina Smith-Brown 7th January 2016


  19. Umar 7th January 2016

    Looking forward to win The College. I am planning a training based website so this theme would be a perfect match.

  20. jOE 7th January 2016

    Nice themes, I like the agency theme it's slick.

  21. Cristian 7th January 2016

    Great, I am eyeing the Gourmet theme for a client. I also hope to develop viral themes.

  22. gary 7th January 2016

    Like the Gourmet, Food Theme and would really be interested in a "Wine" theme or "Wine and Food" theme.

  23. Federico 7th January 2016

    i'd like use Charity Theme because your themes are the best for nonprofit (I've bought from you Philanthropy theme). I have an italian startup and we work only with NPO and social project.

  24. Daniel 7th January 2016

    Themefuse is a great inspiration. I wish if themefuse could come up with something special for online shop. Moreover I like the charity theme very much. Thanks.

  25. RuggerCubber 7th January 2016

    Probably the Main one, would allow me to rebuild my IT business!

  26. CHER Davis 7th January 2016

    These have come out at the perfect time! Actually, I'd love Gourmet for a restaurant client of mine. Another client of mine is a lifestyle coach for whom I'd love to set up with the Keynote theme. Quantum all the way for my own design agency website - http://brandulove.com.

  27. Dinesh 7th January 2016

    Hope, Swipe and Cribs are the ones I might be interested in.

  28. jane 7th January 2016

    I'm looking forward to starting a wonderful, informative and modern-looking church website this 2016 for our local church anniversary this March! I'm still waiting for the contents to be finished though... Also, I haven't chosen a theme yet, but will consider something special from ThemeFuse ;). Hopefully, I will be able to finish it by mid-February... I love all the ThemeFuse The Core theme demos above! Looks refreshing to the eyes...More power to ThemeFuse!

  29. David cardona 7th January 2016

    Got really interested in wellness theme, im a client for the last 5 years, willinv to see these new challenges

  30. Emirozt 8th January 2016

    Great themes, nice giveaway! I would love to have mobile app theme.

  31. Avikuku 8th January 2016

    Great themes, stable and beautiful. Looking forward to quantum, i have a designer client.

  32. ITALIANJOB82 8th January 2016

    I can choose them all? ;-) swipe promises a lot, I like! Great job guys...

  33. Michal B. 8th January 2016

    Wow! Thank you for a giveaway! I'm looking to have a website for non-profit organisation and your Philantropy theme is the best choice for this. Maybe I already got Core Theme you mentioned, but it's nice to join for another competition and win other themes.

  34. Nigel 8th January 2016

    Looking forward to the College theme. Have a client that its would be ideal for.

  35. mist 8th January 2016

    All I wanted for Xmas was a full width version of Beatheaven theme..;)

  36. Sidnei 8th January 2016

    Cool. I Have an architect as a customer and she loved to see the theme CRIBS. It came against what she wanted. This was Amazing.

  37. Martin 8th January 2016

    Gourmet, The Core or Quantum - all 3 are great themes :3

  38. shawn kummer 8th January 2016

    Love the Quantum theme!

  39. AJ W 8th January 2016

    Looking forward to The College theme!

  40. M Rodriguez 8th January 2016

    I would like to see a theme targeting food trucks I think that would generate a whole new revenue stream for a lot of people

  41. Joan 8th January 2016

    I adore the main demo of this theme! My goal for 2016 is to build a site to highlight my digital marketing and web services, and this theme would be perfect!

  42. Eric 8th January 2016

    Great initiative ! i hope that i can win one of them ! Sound a major step theme for you !

  43. CMODESIGN 8th January 2016

    The WELLNESS theme looks great but looking for something more FITNESS specific. Online Shopping capabilities/integration and bulit-in SEO would also be welcomed additions.

  44. LIFETIMEUPGRADES 8th January 2016

    I would love to see a software affiliate site that accepts PAD files for easy software placement. But even more than that, a site that is multiuseful for others where they could sell affiliate items and have others simply use PAD files to give the owner access to affiliate sales.

  45. Adriano 8th January 2016

    I liked all, how to proceed? hahaha Just one? Ok! Hmmm... Keynote Theme then!

  46. Damian 8th January 2016

    I want to rebuild my conversion services website with a more flexible theme that gives me better control in calls to action and has nice form design features. Thank you!

  47. Tasmania 8th January 2016

    I like to have all of them... :)

  48. aet330 8th January 2016

    it gonna be tough decision to make

  49. Luiz Marques 8th January 2016

    Looking forward to The Core- Main Demo.

  50. lidstone 8th January 2016

    I'd love to use the Wellness theme for a dental hygienist client of mine. Also would like to use HOPE for a charity. And Keynote looks great for a club that I am going to be building a site for. I already use one of your themes for a client of mine. The site is: http://bodybysergio.com I'm very happy with that site! Thanks.

  51. Carla 8th January 2016

    Looking forward to THE CHATTER, but I like them all! Great initiative. Thanks!

  52. Diego 8th January 2016

    The Core Main Demo is perfect for me!

  53. uga 8th January 2016

    well, what I want is something like Swipe, but also works for On Line shop site. can you make one like that? :D thanks!

  54. Nev 8th January 2016

    I like them all. But I am more partial to Keynote. It is well designed and smooth when browsing.

  55. Iamcoxnow 8th January 2016

    I'm looking forward to using Cribs!

  56. Bazinga 8th January 2016

    I'm looking forward to use "Gourmet" :)

  57. PABLOSKED 8th January 2016

    Cool!!!! I´m learning about this web stuff the core would´be great!!!

  58. Spitt 8th January 2016

    I think Swipe, the mobile theme would help the most for me, since my site (mmoexploiters.com) is optimized for desktop.

  59. Ashmita Dobariya 8th January 2016

    what a theme to get started the new year. Congratulations for the new innings and let's hope that you continues releasing such a stunner. Good luck with the sale. BuddyPress integration and travel agency is the one I would suggest. Good luck to all the participants.

  60. Fabio Moraes 8th January 2016

    Gourmet, Food Theme, i will need to create for facebook/tortinhasdasula/

    • Mathias T. 8th January 2016

      I Like the "Swipe" Theme the Most! It will be Perfect to refresh the Design of my webpage!

  61. Scott shannon 8th January 2016

    I'm most looking forward to using The Chatter theme. It seems very up-to-date.

  62. Themophiles 8th January 2016

    I am looking forward to Quantum Agency theme. All the very best to all participants and thank you very much Themefuse

  63. Nitesh manav 8th January 2016

    Happy new year Themefuse. I am looking forward to Swipe theme. Thank you.

  64. Lovosphere 8th January 2016

    Hi friends at Themefuse. I want The Chatter theme for my website. Thank you for this giveaway contest.

  65. worth1kwords 8th January 2016

    The Core is just what I need to give my current website a serious overhaul. I'm currently a full-time student enrolled in a graphic design program and I'm excited what the future holds and how I can expand my career; something that will only be bolstered by a sweet new theme!

  66. Jsekonopo 8th January 2016

    I am in the process of building my freelance site. This would help me out greatly.

  67. Bernardo G da Silva 8th January 2016

    Great themes

  68. David Riveroll 8th January 2016

    I'm looking forward to use the fantastic power and flexibility of "The Core" Themefuse theme to develop a cool responsive website for my co-working space - TPZHUB :D

  69. Michael Belisario 8th January 2016

    Winning a new theme to try out could give a great refresh to my current website using an old free Themefuse theme or provide a great site for a cousin of mine setting up an online store.

  70. Keith 8th January 2016

    I have a charity client that would love the hope theme!

  71. ikechi 8th January 2016

    Hi I would love to use the Core to create a creative personal website while the charity is awesome and will be good to promote an NGO for feminine nature. Thanks for sharing..

  72. beYoundhuman 8th January 2016

    I would most definitely without a doubt use the Quantum Agency Theme to redo a production company's website

  73. Chantraboth 8th January 2016

    I prefer to get the ( 7. The Chatter, Magazine Theme), cos I do a lot magzain online.

  74. Cybernorris 8th January 2016

    Howdy! This would be awesome for a new site under development ... jacktrail.net & thejacktrail.net ... to promote the communities and businesses around Jack Daniels. Cheers!!!

  75. rezdawg 8th January 2016

    I love the chatter and hope theme. I would suggest integrating a calendar as well.

  76. Carlitos 8th January 2016

    Hi. Thanks for the opportunity to join get the theme. To be honest, I liked most of them. Here's my list: The Core, Gourmet, Keynote, Cribs, The College, The Chatte, Quantum, Hope Congratulations again!

  77. Devang 8th January 2016

    TechBlog! It ould be better if I could win GamesZone Theme instead of Restaurant Theme. :D Thanks for The Giveaway!!

    • Devang 8th January 2016

      GameZone type Theme*

  78. Voco Design 8th January 2016

    I love the Gourmet, Food Theme! Would love to use that babyroonie!

  79. HARDIK SHAH 8th January 2016

    Very nice themes. Looking forward to use your theme. Hope I win.. Good luck to me!

  80. Wess stewart 8th January 2016

    I really like the Quantum theme! Very nice. :D

  81. IRINEU mIGOTTO 8th January 2016

    Meu próximo projeto é um sem fins lucrativos com crianças carentes no Brasil...

  82. Rejith 8th January 2016

    I really loves Gourmet, Food Theme,

  83. Jason R 8th January 2016

    As a loyal StudioPress user, I am really attracted to the new and more advanced features that are offered in CORE. I've purchased a couple of ThemeFuse themes in the past, but never ended up implementing them for a client. My personal website is tired and needing something to attract my future clients. CORE sure seems to be the answer. I honestly can't even begin to mail down which theme I would use. I am attracted to #1 right out of the gates, so maybe I should just go with my gut.

  84. Usha 8th January 2016

    Thanks for the giveaway contest. Your food theme looks really nice. http://bit.ly/1mJTgFV

  85. aMADEU 8th January 2016

    Hope is the theme I was looking for. I'm doing a pro bono work for a local charity and Hope would make my work much easier besides giving it fantastic looks!

  86. Wassem 8th January 2016

    I wolud like to try architecture theme with my new client looks great in demo

  87. Manfred 8th January 2016

    Would like the GOURMET theme I did a Restaurtant Website for a Friend with a Free Theme but it does not look so nice. Would be MUCH better with a professional Theme and he would also pick up more Customers (take away and sit down)

  88. Szabolcs Szakacs 8th January 2016

    I'd probably use a simplified version of the Wellness theme.

  89. Adrian martinez 8th January 2016

    I would like to get the "The Core" and "Gourmet" ones. looking forward to use them in a couple of websites.

  90. Ashish dung dung 8th January 2016

    These themes are really great and exceptional, I definitely would like to use them in my projects. I will to use them in these site's: http://www.ashishdungdung.com http://www.androidemulator.in http://www.learnbluej.com I was looking for good looking and fast themes, it would be great if I win this giveaway and get these amazing themes.

  91. Ganesh Maharjan 8th January 2016

    Looking forward to get all these themes but specially Wellness theme for my educational website.

  92. Craig 8th January 2016

    It has to be the Creative - my Portfolio web site is in dire need of an update!!! :O (http://craigjohn.co.uk/)

  93. Christian 8th January 2016

    Really great themes! I would take the college theme.

  94. Joy 8th January 2016

    I am about to update my theme and would like to use The Chatter. Or test the others.

  95. Sitham 8th January 2016

    Nice!... The Core would be great.

  96. Camille 8th January 2016

    The Core theme is what I would want to use on my upcoming creative website. I can already picture out the what sections to put using the theme. Hoping to win it! Thanks!

  97. Taz Graham 8th January 2016

    In the works hope charity theme would be ideal to expand on my current website idea by raising awareness for a condition with very little funding.

  98. Jwhwins 8th January 2016

    I'd love to have the Kaufman!

  99. Carlo 8th January 2016

    Would really love to use the agency theme for my new smart agency startup! Would be really cool to win that demo!

  100. JOE POLK 8th January 2016


  101. Dirk 8th January 2016

    Cribs looks absolutly great. I guess I'll give it a try for my next project. ;-)

  102. Chamath 8th January 2016

    I'd like "The Core, Main Demo" Looks perfect..! =)

  103. Tarik Gok 8th January 2016

    ı m looking for nice photography theme.

  104. Hughton gweshe 8th January 2016

    Would love to use Keynote, Events Theme for our church site

  105. Murat 8th January 2016

    already a client. would love to get the keynote

  106. Mikael hellqvist 8th January 2016

    Hope looks really promising! I'm already using Writer and The Muse. These are nice but The Core will be something out of the ordinary.

  107. KChristoph 8th January 2016

    The theme I'm looking for: I want to present books and some details about it. In an easy way ! Fresh and clear ! Not overloaded ! --- Have a wonderful time ! Thanks from Hannover, Germany !

  108. Th. 8th January 2016

    This is great. I bought my first wp template at Themefuse! I'll go for the CORE template :)

  109. gokumon 8th January 2016

    I like to use core theme or quantum for my website....

  110. Lindstrom 8th January 2016

    The Core seems to be a versatile and clean theme, And with some plug-ins added it should be able to handle the toughest tasks

  111. SEbastian 8th January 2016

    We've just completed a website using HOPE - such an awesome theme!! We would REALLY like to use THE COLLEGE on our next development! Great work guys!

  112. ANISH SHAH 8th January 2016

    Would love to see social network like buddypress plus more blog options in the theme like time line layout.

  113. Th 8th January 2016

    This is great guys. My first WP template ever I bought at Themefuse: the Qlassik WordPress theme! I can't pick one: they are all great. Gourmet, Swipe and Quantum are my favs! Keep the good work going!

  114. mille 8th January 2016

    As always, best themes on the market! Great support! Looking forward du use core theme for a restaurant site.

  115. Andrei Cenusa 8th January 2016

    The Chatter is my kind of theme. Hope i win it.

  116. Lucian 8th January 2016

    The Gourmet theme looks ssoooo good!

  117. Juan manuel reina 8th January 2016

    I will definitely go for the Wellness template as I am currently looking for a top quality theme for myself and that one is just awesome!

  118. Robert 8th January 2016

    I would like to use "The Core", for my portfolio, and "Gourmet". Thanks for the opportunity!

  119. Manfred Mrak 8th January 2016

    I want to see the MEDICA theme :-)

  120. Sandipan Mukherjee 8th January 2016

    The Core - Main Demo looks perfect for me. Others are also good. However, I would love to have a personal blog theme for Internet Marketers or Bloggers. Something which is perfect for personal branding :) Hope you guys get my point. Thanks for starting this giveaway.

  121. Cristian 8th January 2016

    I would like The Chatter theme, is perfect for my new project.

  122. Aleksandar 8th January 2016

    Thank you for a giveaway! I'm looking for a website for conference like Keynote. I wish you succesfull new year!

  123. Dirk 8th January 2016

    Hoping to win i need a good theme! :) Cheers from Berlin Dirk

  124. Alex G 8th January 2016

    I guess Quantum would be great to me

  125. Msaad 8th January 2016

    I see all very good and all can be multipurpose as you have made a very good job on this star theme and hope you continue as good as you always be. I'll say the core theme as I need it for a general website

  126. Ofer 8th January 2016

    Looking forward for Creative

  127. Kees Goedegebure 8th January 2016

    All themes looks great, but for me the Core theme and the Wellness theme are best suitable. As walking coach I am always interested to present my work as best as I can. Easy scrolling and quick finding what you're looking for are essential. Nice opportunity to get one for free!

  128. Per F. 8th January 2016

    Hi Have som new ideas and and the Core-theme and Keynote theme would suit perfectly.

  129. Peaceful monkey 8th January 2016

    looking forward to try swipe, looks amazing

  130. Alex 8th January 2016

    Hope is perfect for my job!

  131. adi pop 8th January 2016

    Hi, I really like your designs and If I win I promise to find the perfect clients for them :)

  132. Ákos 8th January 2016

    HI! Love the Swipe theme!

  133. Marie Svendsen 8th January 2016

    I really like Metro Vibes. It would be great for mig online portfolio.

  134. Tim Hoggarth 8th January 2016

    Ive just taken on a client (Food & Drink Festival) and The Core or Keynote would be perfect for what they need!

  135. Zakicd 8th January 2016

    GOURMET Food Theme is the best, nice job.

  136. bryan wright 8th January 2016

    i love themefuse, my main site theme was bought from you but I would love to have the Core theme as a bonus. Thank you.

  137. Pedro sanchez 8th January 2016

    Wellness, that would be perfect for my daughter's new oftalmology office.

  138. masivuye Cokile 8th January 2016

    Hi, I would love to use the keynote theme, :) thyanks in advance

  139. Lars 8th January 2016

    Hi TF team, I am looking on the main Core theme, and like the Keynote and the getting things done themes (for a client). very nice themes!

  140. williamsdb 8th January 2016

    I'm looking for a new theme for my WilliamsF1 fan site so The Chatter looks good.

  141. laurent 8th January 2016

    Looking forward to gourmet, i am a food photographer.

  142. Alina Daribazaron 8th January 2016

    Yes! I also want to start this year with a giveaway in my internet shop soon! Thats great idea )) if i won i would use core theme to create another e-commerce for my dad - curtains projects and curtains online shop. Keep my fingers grossed ))

  143. alexchini 8th January 2016

    i'm looking for a new look website for writer and journalist

  144. Zoran Martinjak 8th January 2016

    I would like them ALL. Themes are perfect!!!

  145. Clément Paris 8th January 2016

    Bonjour ! I would like to use "Keynote" since we are organizing live events in France ! Look like it can fit our needs.

  146. Michal Kornacki 8th January 2016

    Hi, looking forward to get my hands on the Hope. To me it is the best. All the best in 2016 to everybody:)

  147. MILIND KOYANDE 8th January 2016

    Thanks for the great themes.. I would like to go for "The Chatter" for my entertainment blog.

  148. eMRE 8th January 2016

    Greath, Gourmet, Food Theme is the best for me.

  149. RWP 8th January 2016

    Hi, I'd love the CHATTER or THE CORE as they both look to provide the best solutions for photography. My internet site is down due to lack of a suitable package like the WordPress themes.

  150. Ricky 8th January 2016

    I am interested to swipe version , I am finishing to develop a smartphone application and I have to prepare a dedicated site

  151. Daniel 8th January 2016

    I want to start a travel blog where to put all my personal travel experiences and I think that the core them pack is the most flexible option for it. I've already played with Gadgetry a bit, but that for my personal blog. Thanks!

  152. Mrinal 8th January 2016

    I was using Newssetter previously at geekact.com. Due to wide layout issues, I had to change it later on. This CORE seems to be a perfect match for site and spark up the blogger. :-) Thank you.

  153. slobodan zekic 8th January 2016

    Looking forward to the News theme. :)

  154. Toby 8th January 2016

    I love your themes, so I would use Quantum to redo my agencies theme for 2015. I also need something flexible to launch my ios app, so would use swipe, as it looks pretty neat and covers what Id want to promote. Wellness would be good for my wife's company website too, as its nice and clean, and I'm not sure I like the template I've got so far...

  155. vixtor 8th January 2016

    Really do I have to choose only one theme? Then I elect The Core ;-)

  156. Momo 8th January 2016

    I would like to have GOURMET Food Theme...beautiful!!!

  157. Meg 8th January 2016

    Oh, definitely Gourmet! And Hope. I have two projects on the go these would be PERFECT for!

  158. Victor sosea 8th January 2016

    All layouts are awesome, but I'll go for Quantum. Love what you guys are doing. Great job! Cheers!

  159. David Attard 8th January 2016

    I'd love to use Chatter, I'm looking to upgrade the theme on my site to one which allows me to feature more content on the front and section pages, and this looks like a good choice!

  160. Joost Slager 8th January 2016

    I would love to use the food them, it looks really great! I love the fact that you are giving away some!

  161. Hervé 8th January 2016

    Great themes, now i use the Artist theme. Work und look gut!!

  162. alex_rus 8th January 2016

    I like all of them and actually i need a theme like "College". Regards

  163. Darkark 8th January 2016

    Really great work you did. The Swipe as a part of the core is an awesome design but others too. Your projects can inspire other designers. You could take a look at the http://www.awwwards.com/awards-of-the-day/ and there are the best inspirations in the world.

  164. Simone ramella 8th January 2016

    I love all these themes, as well as many other by ThemeFuse, but if I must pick one I reckon it would be the Hope charity theme. Indeed, having worked for several years for a few NGOs I have almost always had to deal with website themes ugly to watch and even uglier to use in day-to-day operations. After years of online frustration, the Hope charity theme would definitely be a breath of fresh air. Keep up with the good work!

  165. Felix 8th January 2016

    I'm looking forward to use Cribs! But with products and SEO features.

  166. Ahoyroo 8th January 2016

    Looking forward to using The Core, Main Demo for some of the businesses and Creative Design Agency websites I am working on in 2016.

  167. steven 8th January 2016

    The Chatter, Magazine Theme would be welcome, launching magazine style website later this year

  168. abdelhafid 8th January 2016

    wow, now this is what i call a massive giveaway i would love to have a theme for my shop as a multipurpose theme i can customize it as i see fit to my shop main gate, that would be really really really the one theme for me i hope i'd win, bets of luck for all

  169. David Kirwan 8th January 2016

    I'd like to use it for a portfolio style site with social media integrations.

  170. Luis Miguel 8th January 2016

    Love to use The Chatter to my new project of Travel Magazine.

  171. Muslim syamsul arifin 8th January 2016

    First I just want you guys to know that I really love themefuse for taking WP to the next level! I've been following themefuse for a while now and you guys just keep growing better and better! Keep up that amazing work! oh and I would really love to use The Core for my new site dedicated to spread knowledge about health and natural medicines. I'm currently using a free theme called Nameless Pro by Monica Guerraleiria but I think it is time for an upgrade. :-)

  172. Stelios 8th January 2016

    Gourmet can make me take a break from developing in order to go for cooking! Beautiful design in your themes congratulations!

  173. Eddi 8th January 2016

    Love to use The Chatter, Magazine Theme! Im photographer and this looks so good for a portofolio.

  174. Mike 8th January 2016

    Just taken a look at The Core main demo and love the design. Would be really interested in using it.

  175. Americo 8th January 2016

    I'm going to do a website for a musician. I think there are 2 themes that fit for that.

  176. Mac 8th January 2016

    Wow guys, awesome giveaway! I'm loving the gourmet theme and would love to use that on an upcoming project. Best wishes! C

  177. mcky 8th January 2016

    I'd love to update my site with the Magazine theme. It is clean and elegant (unlike me!) :-)

  178. maviya 8th January 2016

    WOW !! Nice themes, The Core for my new site dedicated to spread knowledge about Home Decoration and Landscaping, I would love to have Cribs, Architecture Theme.

  179. mustafa K 8th January 2016

    I would like to use themes in my upcoming blog, thanks :)

  180. Gernot 8th January 2016

    Hi there ... great theme - i like it ... i'm looking for a new project ... katamaran sailing page - and therfore the core would fitt well :-) br gernot

  181. Gernot 8th January 2016

    Hi there ... great theme - i like it ... i'm looking for a new project ... katamaran sailing page - and therfore the core would fit well :-) br gernot

  182. DecryptedGaming 8th January 2016

    I would honestly love the Core website, thank you guys for the giveaway, looking forward to the new year! When will the Hope theme be out?

  183. Habieb 8th January 2016

    Awesome theme, I'd like to use The Chatter, it will be perfect to refresh the design of my blog!

  184. SUmith 8th January 2016

    The Keynote theme looks amazing! I can already visualize the use of the theme to help out few of my friends who wanted something that Keynote delivers in full! Thanks for the amazing giveaway. :)

  185. di 8th January 2016

    Great new designs!

  186. Terry 8th January 2016

    I think Kauffman would be the one... I love your themes!!

  187. Frank Mohnhaupt 8th January 2016

    I like "The Core" Most cause it look like clear and solid, and i want to make a new Blog with this. :-)

  188. Stefano 8th January 2016

    Keynote! Fantastic for events!

  189. DIVYA Kothari 8th January 2016

    I would like to get THE CHATTER theme for a lifestlye website

  190. gcgspain 8th January 2016

    The Core Main Demo is my preferred one!

  191. Teno 8th January 2016

    As longtime customer I would pick any of Your themes because they are all the best WP themes out there! Keep up a good work designing new themes!

  192. Barrie 8th January 2016

    I would love to have the events theme. We have a new site that we need to create for an upstart performance group.

  193. Niki 8th January 2016

    I really like the Wellness theme. Thanks for the giveaway.

  194. Tony Mizzell 8th January 2016

    I love the keynote, but they all could be beneficial for various clients.

  195. Lynnsey 8th January 2016

    Can't wait to use the Kaufman, Lawyer Theme!

  196. hachesilva 8th January 2016

    Awesome giveaway. I'll be using Quantum.

  197. qualit18 8th January 2016

    I love those themes. Great job!!!

  198. kdunc333 8th January 2016

    Already using your themes.Food, legal and medical are all perfect for scheduled projects. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity !!

  199. jeferson1f 8th January 2016

    Awesome themes, guys. Especially the last one, the CORE. Turns out you do improve in every turn of the way!

  200. Carsten 8th January 2016

    I'd like to use the Lawyer Theme :)

  201. Alberto Matus 8th January 2016

    The College educational theme would be the perfect blend and look to update the website for the college I work for beginning now for 2016, I'm part of the I.T theme so I'd personally launch and use the theme. The college is located in Belize, Central America. website url: shc.edu.bz Would be perfect! :)

  202. BRYAN 8th January 2016

    First off, you guys folks at themefuse really did an amazing job of carefully crafting I supposed the overall design and user experience of this theme. I am definitely looking forward to use "The College". I like the fact how the overall content is perfectly laid out. I loved the simplicity of the UI elements being used here and with well mixed of typography which will definitely make the user engage with the content. I am expecting more from this theme in the more days to come like a template for a "Landing Page" which can be used for a variety of marketing, promotional and lead generation purposes. But overall, this theme has everything enough to boost your business online presence and elevate your brand efficiently and effectively at a decent and worthy price.

  203. Simon 8th January 2016

    I love the look of the hope, the charity theme and the versatility of the themes and the fact that footer area has been improved.

  204. Will 8th January 2016

    Keynote. I have a client with an event coming up that this would be ideal for.

  205. Doug 8th January 2016

    What a great thing to do! Always been impressed with your themes. I could totally use the lawyer theme.

  206. Vishnu 8th January 2016

    Awesome work!

  207. Alexander 8th January 2016

    Wow....awesome themes!!! Great job!!! And I'd like to use Swipe, Mobile App Theme.

  208. MONO BURO 8th January 2016

    I want to use the theme in a food sales website. I think it will fit perfect with my needs.

  209. CTS 8th January 2016

    Hi guys, Would like the hope charity theme for my next project as I do a lot of work for NGOs. Would be great.

  210. Peter K 8th January 2016

    The Chatter - though it would be lovely to see a 'review' theme in this set!

  211. PETROS 8th January 2016

    I'd go for Kaufman!

  212. john 8th January 2016

    Great News, Looking forward to work on the core the main

  213. Seben 8th January 2016

    I really like the wellness theme. I have a med doctor client that is ready to move to wordpress and this theme is perfect.

  214. Markw 8th January 2016


  215. Sergio 8th January 2016

    Hi! I'm going to use a Travel Agency theme and the creative one. I hope this helps!

  216. aletorre13 8th January 2016

    They're all real y cool, but I'd use the Keynote :)

  217. Scifi2495 8th January 2016

    I would use example 1, The Core Main for my small marketing company Website, for Delta 9 Marketing. Look forward to it!

  218. dazibao357 8th January 2016

    I'd love quantum theme, but so many of your themes are so neat it(-'s hard to choose…

  219. JWAL 8th January 2016

    I've been looking to develop a beautiful website for my father in law's business. The Core creative demo is outstanding and would be a perfect fit. Good work ThemeFuse...really impressed with the design and I'd be honored to get a free copy.

  220. Enrique 8th January 2016

    Any theme for video games blog?

  221. anagaby_gomez 8th January 2016

    The Core, Main Demo! i love the distribution of the elements, the way it's organized it's fresh and different from classic templates,actually that's why i always work with your products! <3

  222. DANIEL COJOCARU 9th January 2016

    I like and i would like to have the site for college or hope are the best!! I love them :D

  223. Matt 9th January 2016

    The Core or Wellness for a fitness/nutrition coach I have. But personally I'm leaning more toward The Core. :)

  224. Danjustino 9th January 2016

    I have a magazine blog and liked the Chatter theme. Why you don't make a theme more classic for magazines too? =D

  225. Kjetil Flekkøy 9th January 2016

    We've just startet rebuilding our Italy website Dolcevita.no, online since 1999, and both Keynote, Chatter and Quantum could prove perfect. Elegant and feature-rich, fitting our purposes. Thanks,

  226. Abu 9th January 2016

    I will use it to design a food based site for my wife.

  227. Daniel Zurakowski 9th January 2016

    I'm trully impressed with each and every design you create, making sure the style meets the theme subject. From this package my favourites are Cribs and Gourmet. I might be in need for making websites for a consulting company and for a small duo that is making decorative cakes. For the first one I could adapt Cribs, for the cake duo it would be nice to have some "sweet" design within the above package ;)

  228. Prashant 9th January 2016

    Hi, I would like to use the Main Demo of the Core Theme.

  229. Chris 9th January 2016

    Really looking forward to using Quantum for my agency...I also dig The Core alot! Great themes!

  230. Eduardo amorim 10th January 2016

    I love the themes, especially quantum! :)

  231. Tate 10th January 2016

    Wellness, Medical Theme would be awesome for my upcoming project!

  232. Serban 10th January 2016

    I like your Wordpress themes, but I like best the Sport Edge Theme. Keep up the good work designing new themes! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity !

  233. Ilona.S 10th January 2016

    I would like to use the Wellness. The Core is great. Good work !

  234. rahul k 10th January 2016

    All these themes are a niche in their own category but I would love to have the Gourmet theme as I am about to start a new cafe/restaurant and a website for that with a theme like Gourmet would be a great idea for that.

  235. CaitK 10th January 2016

    I just finished a site with the philanthropy theme and loved it! This new theme set looks awesome. I would use Creative for my own personal design/illustration portfolio.

  236. Fjord 10th January 2016

    I hope to use Gourmet for my site meant to market my catering business.

  237. Aymará 10th January 2016


  238. Paula 10th January 2016

    After taking about an hour to browse "The Core", I really would love to use "Gourmet, Food Theme" instantly for my sister's little restaurant. Crossing my fingers! Thanks much for the giveaway.

  239. Vidit Kothari 10th January 2016

    Cribs & The Chatter are my favourite. I'm building up for a studio and Cribs is the most awesome choice for that. But seriously I love them all soo much :) Best wishes to all and Happy 2016 ;)

  240. Jordi 11th January 2016

    Tough decission, I would go for either of this "The College", "The Chatter" or "Quantum". Each of those had some characteristics that would fit in our renewed web site that we are planning to launch in the next couple of months.

  241. Shams 11th January 2016

    Unique and beautiful theme collection with The Core theme. Its really surprising to see how much you can achieve (Main Demo) with the theme without installing any additional plug-ins. This theme can make web developers/designers life easier than ever.

  242. Dylan 11th January 2016

    I hope that real estate and cleaning theme could be inside, now I would opt for The Core theme. If there is a theme that can build theme using blocks would be more awesome. Able to customize theme in a more flexible way.

  243. Scorypto 11th January 2016

    This will be a huge help with the themes and awesome thing.

  244. sweetdragon 11th January 2016

    Hello Guys ! Thanks Dimi for this giveaway ! I would love win to use Wellness for a charity dental organisation. i made some website for association like miss-ile.fr with SPORTEDGE. il love all your theme ;) thanks again :) Happy New Year ! Josh

  245. Bruna Bites 11th January 2016

    Quantum looks awesome! I'll go for it.

  246. Lucas Germán Burgos 11th January 2016

    The Core looks great, pretty good work you people! I'm in for the giveaway. Thanks!

  247. Gad 12th January 2016

    Looking forward to use a Travel theme for my Travel agency website. Thank you.

  248. David 13th January 2016

    I look forward to using Hope to change the world one website at a time!

  249. Jeannette 13th January 2016

    I would love to use the Charity Theme "Hope". I work for a non-profit and I am always looking for quality themes.

  250. Darren 13th January 2016

    I would love to get my hands on the WELLNESS, Medical Theme to use in our organisation!

  251. Gabrielly 29th January 2016

    I like The Core, Main Demo

  252. free wordpress themes 29th May 2016

    The material and aggregation is excellent and telltale as comfortably.

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