Are you planning to grow your blog to increase the traffic? If yes then learning the in and out of the blogging industry can make things easy for you. Applying the right strategy along with the right blogging tool for specified tasks can help you to grow your blog and reach new heights in blogging. Today, more than 75% of websites use WordPress as the site-building platform. This platform is known for versatility making it the most popular platform for blogging.

tools to grow your wp blog

In the recent years, the WordPress platform has become a kind of standard in the industry allowing millions of developers to develop exceptional applications and tools that integrate into the WordPress sites to enhance the functionality. Whether blogging is your passion or profession, a WordPress website can become one of the authoritative engine sources especially when you are looking for exponential growth.

The WordPress infrastructure along with third-party blogging tools and resources can make your site work wonders for you which was unavailable few years ago for bloggers. The WordPress plugin market offers you more than 45,312 options, good enough to confuse as to which one is best for your blogging website. To guide you in the right direction, here are & WordPress tools every blogger should use for exponential growth.

  1. Content Upgrades Pro

content ugrades pro for wordpress


It is a well-known fact that content is king irrespective of the type of website. Creating, curating and promoting blog content is one of the tedious jobs of blogging and needs a lot of time to researching, gather ideas and implement the concept. If your content is not compelling then probably no visitor wants to subscribe and return to your blog.

Content Upgrades Pro is one of the favourite tools for blogging which will take care of all the content related issues and promises to turn up to 59.2% of your audience into email subscribers.  But if you are wondering how does the plugin do it? Well, then the plugin allows you to add a piece of extra or bonus content to your blog post which may be accessed by the visitor only by providing an email address. It is a win-win situation for the blogger and the visitor as the visitor gets to read more of the content and the blogger a potential visitor.

  1. SumoMe

sumome plugin for wordpress

SumoMe is a package of 12 add-on tools which is designed to enhance the functionality of your website. The heat maps of the blogger tool will display the areas which the visitors are clicking or not. The free to exit email list builder promises to increase the sign-ups at least by 20% daily.

The SumoMe tool aims not only to improve the traffic to the blog but also help grow your blog exponentially by increasing the conversions. You are not obligated to use all the 12 plug-ins that comes in the package but can use only those needed on a timely basis.

And if you are still worried which ones to use? The great showcase library can guide you in using the ones that suit your requirements by showcasing how some of their customers achieved desired results using different plug-ins in the package.

  1. Kissmetrics

kissmetrics for wordpress

Kissmetrics has created an ultimate analytics platform for WordPress websites and has spent several years to craft the plug-in. The tool digs deep into the metrics of the website and analyses the traffic to discover the techniques to optimize the on-site experience. The tool does not focus on page views and bounce views but emphasizes more on the end consumer.

The Kissmetrics tool users to help you understand your audience better and create better blog content to enhance the on-site experience which helps to grow your blog. Any blogger that aims at converting the visitors to their WordPress site and is interested in the details of the visitors and the techniques to turn more should be using Kissmetrics.

  1. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator


blog ideas generator from hubspot

The title or the headline of the blog plays a crucial role in attracting visitors to the blog. The title should be captivating if you want to grow your blog. A study of blog titles revealed that 75% of the people would read the headline and around 73% of people make buying decisions at the point of the title.

If you are unaware of what visitors are interested in reading and post what you feel like writing then within no time your blog will become invisible to the visitors. Fortunately, HubSpot’s blog topic generator is there to rescue you from such confusions.  The tool is the most popular and time-saving one which will help you in the crucial task of suggesting the title or headline.

Few simple steps of the blogging tool will help you to get the ideas for the topic to write apart from the title suggestions. Is it not amazing! Hubspot blog topic generator takes the most challenging task of deciding the theme and title which is a time-consuming task.

All you need to do is enter the keywords or search queries in the spaces provided and hit the button to receive blog topic suggestions. With this excellent tool, the blogger will be able to focus more writing engaging and informational blog content for the target audience.

  1. Squirrly

squirrly for wordpress

Squirrly is another excellent tool for blogger and is much more than a blog SEO tool. It is a complete content marketing suite which helps you to write engaging and informational content that is both SEO friendly and human readable.

Every year marketers plan to invest more and more money on content as the blog content plays a crucial role in the success of a blog. Bloggers tend to lose massive amounts of time in keyword research, and the Squirrly tool is indeed a time saver tool. The blog SEO tool helps you to stand out from the competitors and improve organic traffic to your blog.


  1. Quora

quora for traffic growth

Have a good social media network with deeper connections will be of great help for a blogger to grow blog exponentially. This type of network is possible with the support of a blogging tool called Quora. The ultimate social media network tool help the bloggers to build a thriving business online.

Quora enables you to connect and network the business leaders, investors, fellow marketers and students that are passionate about blogs. The fantastic tool can connect you with diverse communities for you to take advantage to draw more traffic to your blog. The Quora tool helps you to find blog post ideas and long-tail keywords for your blog content.

Once you have set up the blogging tools listed here, all the tools are highly capable and will run behind the scenes with minimal maintenance but deliver massive results. We have only listed here only the seven most beneficial tools that a blogger can use for exponential growth.

But remember there are thousands more available to choose to help you to grow your blog. Keep looking out for the next and latest tools that will help in the exponential growth of your blog.

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