Once you’ve given your brand a voice, interaction with visitors becomes a whole different story. What happens is that you’re taking communication to a more personal level, and help future customers feel more connected to your business, which eventually ends up being your shortcut towards more sales.

The best part about it is that you usually get a clean code to use for customer engagement, and the possibility to customize it in the desired way, such as notifying customers or welcoming them on your website.

There are many WordPress live chat plugins you can install for the purpose, including such that will only appear when you want them there. You can use them for live chat support, online and offline feedback, deals, and product discussions, and ensure in such way that you’re providing a more professional experience for your customers.

To make matters even better, WordPress chat plugins are in most cases free and require minimal effort to let customers get a quick response to all their questions and queries. The faster you reply, the more satisfied the customer will be, and that’s in short how great businesses came to be. WordPress live chat has become essential for all websites, and we’ve selected the best plugins that can help you get a grasp on this function for free.

Live Chat plugins for WordPress

Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat, formerly known as Zopim Live Chat, is another excellent live chat provider, which also offers chat logs, analytic tools, and email transcripts. The chat widget, in particular, is easy to customize and adjust to the site’s main theme, regardless of the device on which it is being used. In fact, Zendesk Chat is known by the native iOS and Android apps it offers, and thanks to which agents respond to queries regardless of their location.

Comm100’s Live Chat

Comm100’s is another top performer in the live chat for WordPress industry that provides fast and streamlined communication service. The plugin integrates easily and offers all basic features and third-party integrations (Google Analytics, Salesforce, and others).

Chat Room

As it can be concluded by the name, this free plugin indeed makes it possible to secure a separate chatting area on your WordPress website where all users can create accounts and join conversations that are relevant to them. Agents, on the other end, will be there to provide basic support, but the drawback is that they won’t be able to chat privately with any of the users.

Pure Chat

Many WordPress users around the world claim that Pure Chat is the best free live chat plugin, and that’s because of its breathtaking boxes. Alongside the numerous beautiful templates that come with it, the user can customize and build personalized eye-candy boxes, with unique color combinations, fonts, images, or even catchy animations.

Developers, however, offered more than appearance – the tool is capable of performing powerful analytics, managing multiple chat sessions at ones, and trigger proactive chat at any moment. The admin can schedule his live chat sessions, and redirect messages to his MailChimp account each time he goes offline.

Tidio Live Chat

If you’re looking for a plugin that takes literally minutes to get up and run, Tidio has you covered. The plugin offers three different designs where colors can be adjusted in a brand-friendly manner.

A native app for Android and iOS users is also available, and all offline messages are redirected to your email. From an agent’s point of view, this means that conversations remain active even after the visitor has abandoned the site for whatever reason.

Ending thoughts

Live chat plugins are great tools that help you improve customer service, and satisfy users by solving their problems on dot.

As such, live chat tools are proven to bring more conversions at your door and help you sell more online while eliminating all buyer friction. The best part about them, however, is that they help establish a personal contact with each customer and make him feel important and appreciated (check more on our position regarding interactive content for the audience!).

Businesses should definitely consider a live chat plugin for their websites, in particular looking at how many good and affordable solutions there are on the market.

Alongside meaningful direct contact, live chat tools ensure the owners can build a community around their brand, which in today’s terms means the world to popularity and social interactions. In less than no time, live chat users record a number of successful interactions and a dramatic change in their traffic and conversion rates.

At the end of the day, an online retailer should not look at live chat services as favors he is providing to his audience.
If you’re really expecting people to spend hard-earned money on your products/services, the least you can do is helping them learn more about what they’re buying. This way, they will trust the quality of your product, and better yet – recommend it to other interested users.

Last, but not least, live chat tools help brands look more official and professional, as users improve their perception of how the company operates and treats clients.

The most successful performers in every industry are those willing to help customers at any moment of time, which is in fact how they gained their good reputation. Words of mouth spread faster than promises, which is why you should never underestimate the good and pleasing impression personal relationships can create.

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