As a freelancer or a creative agency employee, you are surrounded by numerous magazines and blog posts, but have you ever thought about their value? Is the time you spend on them well-invested? Today’s digital society is simply overwhelmed by articles and publications, and it is considerably challenging to grab hands around information that actually makes sense, educates, or inspires action.

For instance, the common struggle of a web designer is to find educational resources for their work, such as tutorials, news blogs, freebie tip articles, and so on. Unfortunately, many of them spend hours and hours browsing the Internet and check thousands of posts before they discover something that actually makes sense to them. It is a mediocre and apparently helpless habit, but that doesn’t make it unchangeable!

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is among the biggest names in the development & design industry, as the blog seriously cares about the quality of its content more than posting such on a regular basis. They’re keeping an eye on trends all the time, so there is no way they’ll miss a new concept or technique.

Smashing Magazine is among the biggest names in the development & design industry, as the blog seriously cares about the quality of its content more than posting such on a regular basis. They’re keeping an eye on trends all the time, so there is no way they’ll miss a new concept or technique.

The Next Web

This is another leader of tech advances publication, which can also be used for cultural news and business content. Still, the fact that they don’t focus exclusively on design doesn’t mean their content is not updated – there is a robust Design&Dev section where both beginners and professionals can find useful tutorials, tips, and industry news.


Hongkiat is probably younger designers’ generations’ favorite blog, as it doesn’t only teach them but inspires them as well. There are a variety of useful HTML/CSS tutorials, WordPress articles, or even social media marketing related content.

Web Designer Depot

Why it may not be the best alternative for researching design in 2004, Web Designer Depot follows all latest and most prominent discoveries and reveals trendy techniques in web development before such have even been defined. It can help you design the most amazing websites and mobile apps, but it will also cover the business aspect of your work.


Designmodo is another decent representative of informative resource providers which pleases web developers and designers with outstanding content. The content is carefully categorized, divided into sections such as WordPress, Web Development, Inspiration, Tips and Tutorials, and much more.


speckyboy designmagazine
Speckyboy is a loveable design & development magazine, followed by hundredths of readers all around the world. What is specifically useful about it is the plethora of inspirational tricks and useful resources for mobile design and advertising.


Codrops is the magazine that makes design possibilities visible and offers a variety of up-to-date technique tutorials.


Imagine yourself looking for detailed instructions on how to implement special CSS3 effects, or maybe planning to download an already completed boot code? Codyhouse has you covered, as the magazine offers the largest free front-end resource library on the web. The quality is absolutely reliable, as the blog was established by Claudia Romano, one of the veterans of web development, and her outstandingly talented UX professional Sebastiano Guerriero.

David Walsh blog

David Walsh’s blog is a one-stop-shop for AJAX, HTML5, PHP, Canvas, and CSS advice, designed to be used both by developers and designers. You can simply comment on one of their posts and join a community of thousands of expert users who share best practices.


The website looks so simple that you’d probably think there is nothing to learn from it, but that’s only because it features purely technical information. They’re best known by their coding tutorials that offer screenshots and guide you step by step.

Scotch was the idea of a small team of dedicated designers to relate learning to media and to improve knowledge availability and consumption on the web. You can follow them to learn the most recent trends and techniques.

Treehouse Blog

Their content is both useful and inspiring, and can help designers who are facing creative barriers while completing their projects. There, you can grab hands around many productivity hacks, creativity tips, and other tutorials.

CSS Tricks

As the name indicates, this blog specializes in graphic design and generally supports beginners looking to improve their CSS skills. Alongside the compulsory style sheet language, the website offers a number of useful articles related to web design updates and recent developments.

Shopify Blog

Everybody knows the e-commerce platform, but not that many people are familiar with the fact that Shopify is running a reliable blog for tech advice, helping freelancers take their careers upwards, and start a successful business and marketing career.


Awwwards has mastered the skill of tracking creative innovations and is fed day by day with excellent web performance articles and brand practices. They even offer readers the possibility to submit their work for feedback (upon payment), and they post vacancy announcements.

Creative Bloq

The ultimate goal of Creative Bloq is to inspire designers to make the most of their skills, in particular when it comes to 3D and graphic design, digital art, and other related fields.

The same as the other blogs we mentioned, they provided regularly updated content and publish innovations the very same day they’ve been officially announced.

A List Apart

A List Apart has a long story behind, and some of you will probably remember it from the time they were but wee lads. Their content is deep and valuable and focuses mainly on web design and development. The rich database will provide access to pieces published since 1997, the time when this blog used to be nothing but a mailing list.

Nielsen Norman Group


Here comes another web design blogging pioneer. We can track their development ever since 1998, the year when they first established their research blog and went on experiencing with different trends until they got to dominate the field completely. Their efforts have been more than groundbreaking, in particular when it comes to interface comparison and evaluation, and they’re still making smart decisions to improve the quality of their content.

Design your way

Design your way is a free-of-charge web design resources site where you can find useful UI tips, typography advice, and a suite of amazing WordPress articles.

UX Movement

UX Movement is inspired and ran by users, as it functions as an experience-collection forum that reveals both the good and the bad practices of interface design based on user behavior. There is only one writer and editor named Anthony, an expert in the UX field with a degree in Human-Computer interaction.

Do you follow any of the blogs from this list? Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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