Congrats, you are the owner of a new original WordPress theme and I’m sure you are eager to start using it right away. The purpose of this tutorial is to help you install your theme. So let’s begin.

ThemeFuse Theme Licenses

You should know that the installation of the theme is the same from both packages (Standard & Developer), the only difference is the name of the zip files you downloaded and the content of the packages. Lets take our Medical WordPress theme as an example for this tutorial.

Unzip the archive

To install the theme you need to unzip the content of the downloaded file. If you would upload it as a zip file you would get a error: Stylesheet is missing. This happens because the theme folder is in another folder and the installer can’t find style.css file which is located in theme folder. So, after unziping the downloaded file your folder structure should look like this:

For Medica
folders from Developer license zip fileFor Medica
folders from Standard license zip file

Using your ftp client to upload theme folders to your server.

This is the simpliest and easiest one. I should mention here that there is another way, but it’s more complex and if you know it, you won’t use this tutorial for sure : ). Anyway, all you need to do is to connect to your FTP account using your favorite FTP client and upload in wp-content/themes directory the 2 folders (medica and medica-child) from archive. (see image above).

After you uploaded your files the wp-content/themes directory should have this folder structure (see image below). If this is not the case, you’ll get the Stylesheet is missing error.

server WordPres theme file structure

Then login to your dashboard and go to Appearance -> Themes and activate the Medica Child theme you just uploaded. This is how it should look:

child / parent wordpress themes

It is important to use the child theme. This will enable you to make any modifications to the theme and not lose them when you’ll get a future update to the main theme.

After the activation go to FuseFramework and run the autoinstall* if you would like to have the demo content on your site or skip it if you don’t like to populate your website with the demo content. We advise you to use the auto install especially if you are just starting with WordPress. This will help you understand how the theme works, it will create demo posts, categories, menus, sliders, pages and you’ll be able to modify that instead creating them from scratch.

(Important: *You will not lose any of your previous content if you would run the autoinstall!)

This is all. Now you got the theme installed! Enjoy!
See you on support forums.


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  1. Desh 26th November 2011

    I am getting "PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature" when I am trying to install the Lifestyle theme... Please help!!

  2. Nisha 16th December 2011

    Hi, I am trying to upload via FTP but I am also getting the stylsheet missing error. Im not quite sure what you mean about uploading the child them? I would like to upload 'welcome inn which I have in the 4_Main_File folder. How do I get the stylsheet to uplaod aswell? Regards A

    • Dimi 16th December 2011

      Yes, that's because you are trying to upload a HTML template into WordPress. You'll need one of our WordPress themes to make it work.

  3. Dottie 3rd January 2012

    I've followed your instructions explicitly SEVERAL website is completely blank and I'm very frustrated. Your instructions are not as simple as you think they are. Please help!

    • Max 9th January 2012

      Hi, Sorry for inconveniences. Please send WordPress installation link, username and password from WordPress dashboard to and I will help you install it. The instructions are pretty simple, I’m sure there is an easy fix for your issue. Cheers, Max.

  4. Brian 4th January 2012

    Hi; I have a huge blog with lots of content in it.When i activate the theme i only see ''Setting up the Homepage'', ''Let's get started'' etc. I mean the theme can be activated but i don't see my posts or anything. I don't wanna lose my content of course. What am i doing wrong? Regards

    • Max 9th January 2012

      Hi Brian, Sorry for a late response. Please tell me what theme you bought. You don’t need to be worried, your content is still there. Just tell me what theme you purchased and I will provide instructions to get the theme working. Thanks.

  5. Ursula 5th January 2012

    Hi, I've tried multiple things. I bought the Medica Developer and stil I'm not able to upload the theme. Now I uploaded on my FTP (GoDaddy) and can't see the theme on my WP page to activate it. Please help! Thanks

    • Max 9th January 2012

      Hi Ursula, please send ftp details, WordPress installation link, username and password from WordPress dashboard to and I will install the theme for you. How does that sound? Cheers, Max.

  6. Mari 7th January 2012

    I've been trying to install your theme and it's really complicated. You said in the pre-sell that it's a one click install but that is not the case. You're sent page of tutorial and then sent to videos that are I'm sorry to say very confusing. An example, you have to create an php.ini file and it has to be in UTF-8 and guess what? There's a logo embedded on the screen covering this and the guy's mumbling so I had to watch it a couple times to even understand what he was talking about. The point is the video is not professional and unclear. When you get to the FTP - which frankly is not super simple - he glosses over how you upload the files - then he just jumps over to Wordpress and says, see how easy it is?? So frustrating.

    • Max 9th January 2012

      Hi Mari, it seems that you didn’t understood what the one click auto install means. This is a tool that install demo content on your site. This tool is available only when you already installed the theme. The process of installing the theme is the same as for all WordPress theme, nothing special. The only problem and difference is that our themes packages have more than one folders and the size is bigger because there are a lot of images and info from auto install tool. Sorry, but I don’t think you have to be frustrated about this, is not so hard as it appears to be. If you have any problems or questions please add them to our support forum and I would love to help you. Cheers, Max.

  7. Dani 21st January 2012

    Sorry, i have a problem with my theme welcome inn because the image slider don't work and i am very confused!is it necessary to install other plugin?sorry for my english but i am italian

  8. Max 23rd January 2012

    Hi Dani, sorry for a late response. You don't need to install any plugin for slider. I'm not sure what isn't working for you. Please add this question to our support forum and a link to your site and I would help. Cheers, Max.

  9. Manuel Gotzen 25th January 2012

    I've byed the Brand Crafter Developer at this day; but it can't auto-install. if i upload "brandcrafter" (755) and "brandcrafter-child" (755) to my wordpress folder "G4/_external/_net/_blog/wordpress/wp-content/themes/" it results the following error: Warning: tfuse::require_once() [tfuse.require-once]: Unable to access /var/www/vhosts/ in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 72 Warning: tfuse::require_once(/var/www/vhosts/ [tfuse.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 72 Fatal error: tfuse::require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/var/www/vhosts/' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear') in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 72 ALL PLUG-INS are deactivated. WHATS WRONG?! Default .htaccess in "...^wordpress/" folder with default preset: RewriteEngine On RewriteBase /G4/_external/_net/_blog/wordpress/ RewriteRule ^index.php$ - [L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule . /G4/_external/_net/_blog/wordpress/index.php [L] # BEGIN WordPress # END WordPress All other PlugIns works with these settings ...

    • Max 27th January 2012

      Hi, not sure what the problem is in your case. Please send wordpress installation link, username and password and ftp details to and I would solve the problem and provide what was the reason of it. Thanks and sorry for inconveniences. Cheers, Max.

      • Hilaire 9th August 2014

        Hello, I have installed the theme Welcome inn, but the slider (or header) doesn't work: Please help me. Thank you.

  10. karl 27th January 2012

    just installed theme, but the layout is all wonky (check the link above). does that have to do with the style sheet loading details i'm seeing throughout several threads here? thanks.

    • Max 27th January 2012

      Hi karl. the problem is simple. All you need to do is to move theme folder from wp-content/themes/C3 Theme/ to wp-content/themes. Then activate the theme again and select main menu from Appearance -> Menus -> Theme Location. This would solve the problem for sure. Cheers, Max.

  11. karl 27th January 2012

    Max, you rock. that did get the display corrected. now, i'm missing a bunch of visual content on each page - pretty much all of the visuals. any info you can provide on that would be great. thanks.

    • Max 28th January 2012

      Hi, the problem is that the theme folder was changed but the images links remain the same with C3 Theme in them. So, there are two solutions: 1. Remove all posts, pages, categories and media elements even from trash. Then go to fuseframework and click on Reset Options button, after this you would be able to run autoinstall again. The problem is that you would lose any changes that you would make in fuseframework. 2. You would have to change links on each page, post or widget manually. Cheers, Max.

  12. Marie 31st January 2012

    Hi, Same as some others, I'm trying to upload the theme Qlassik I 've bought last week , it's on my FTP but I can't find it on my WP Admin Dashboard !!! Grrrrr.... Other question : what about the other files I've uploaded in the QLassik Developper if I just put the Themename and Childthemename folders on my FTP ? Thanks for your answer... I guess I will have to send you all my WordPress installation link, username and password from WordPress dashboard to for your help , won't I ? Thanks, Marie

    • Max 1st February 2012

      Hi Marie, you don't need to upload all downloaded file. You need to unzip it and upload only the qlassik and qlassik-child folders from qlassik_developer/WP Theme/Qlassik Theme/ to wp-content/themes and then it would work for sure. If you would send your transaction ID and WordPress installation link, username and password from WordPress dashboard and ftp details to and I would install the theme for you. Cheers, Max.

  13. Lucas 2nd February 2012

    I'm trying to upload the Welcome Inn theme on WP and I got this error. The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature Please advise.

    • Max 3rd February 2012

      Hi, please read this article as it seems that you uploaded all file that you downloaded from themefuse. Cheers, Max.

  14. david docuyanan 5th February 2012

    Hi getting this error code when trying to install can u help. thanks.. Warning: require_once(/home/content/72/8888672/html/mabuhay/wp-content/themes/welcome_inn/library/tfuse.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/72/8888672/html/mabuhay/wp-content/themes/welcome_inn/functions.php on line 3 Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home/content/72/8888672/html/mabuhay/wp-content/themes/welcome_inn/library/tfuse.php' (include_path='.:/usr/local/php5/lib/php') in /home/content/72/8888672/html/mabuhay/wp-content/themes/welcome_inn/functions.php on line 3

    • Max 7th February 2012

      Hi, problem solved on support forum. There were missed some files when the theme was uploaded. Cheers, Max.

  15. kate 16th February 2012

    Hi!I can't install welcome_inn theme on my local web server I did it with the host but I can't to install it on my PC. It was there before but I reinstall windows to windows 7 and I installed apache, php and MySql from scratch I want to know if it possible to work for welcome_inn theme with the next combination: PHP Version 5.3.10 Apache/2.2.22 (Win32) PHP/5.3.10 mysqlnd 5.0.8-dev - 20102224 - $Revision: 321634 $ Wordpress with standart theme works with parameters I have discribed above, but when I press Activate button on welcome_inn theme it stopped and I see this: The connection was reset The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading. The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments. If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection. If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web. If you can help me I will be really appreciate for that!

    • Max 17th February 2012

      Hi Kate, please try to install wamp or xamp on your computer, this tools have already apache, php and mysql included. I'm sure it would work if you would use one of this tools. P.S, By the way, there isn't required a internet or network connection to install the theme so need to be something from your settings. Cheers, Max.

  16. Christina 3rd March 2012

    I have tried uploading all the files thru ftp and then i also tried uploading the zip file and neither is working. Im not sure what I've done wrong but I thought I followed all instructions. Please advise.

    • Max 8th March 2012

      Hi Cristina, sorry for a late response. Please send an email with wordpress installation link, username and password from wordpress dashboard and ftp details to and I would help. Cheers, Max.

  17. Max 8th March 2012

    Please post on our support forum the problems that you have with theme install or send an email to Thanks.

  18. Tom 12th March 2012

    Purchased Sportedge Standard theme, but my WopdPress under Admin>Appearance>Themes give the following error msg: Sportedge Standard Stylesheet is missing I unzipped and FTP the Sportage Standard files as instructed.

    • Max 16th March 2012

      Hi Tom, you have to upload only sportedge and sportedge-child folders from WP Theme/Sportedge Theme to wp-content/themes and then all would work fine. Cheers, Max.

  19. Donna 15th March 2012

    Hi there I am currently changing an existing apache website to word press, and uploaded the welcome-inn & welcome_inn_child folders from the WP Theme folder into wp-content/themes in a new/fresh word press installation on the site. I have been able to follow through all of the instructions, including activation of theme, until I ask for the "Install Demo Version". It then has the error message "Sorry, there has been an error. The file does not exist, please try again." I have deleted the Welcome Inn folders and re uploaded, and I still have the same message. Is there another folder or files that I have omitted to install? After solving this problem will I also be able to choose the Beauty & Spa" version of the theme, as this is why I purchased your theme. Kind regards in advance.

    • Max 16th March 2012

      Hi, to solve the problem, you have to change wp-content's folder permissions to 777 and then all need to work fine. Cheers, Max.

  20. Fitryan Wisnu 22nd March 2012

    Hi there, thanks for the giveaway price. :)

  21. Septian 11th April 2012

    the Theme is very easy to instal.. thank you very much , Themefuse :D

  22. gavin 15th April 2012

    Why can not activate? I upload to wp-content/themes There is the theme but can not activate

    • Max 26th April 2012

      Hi Gavin, please add your question to support forum with more details. What theme you bought and what folder was uploaded to wp-content/themes directory. Thanks. Cheers, Max.

  23. Tif 25th April 2012

    Put it over with ftp and would not be found. Tryed the other way, to upload the zip file, but then I got the message that the theme didnt got the style.css, that it was missing. Please, cant you put out a better file, I see you have lots of comments here already... and now its the 25,april 2012...the theme is medica developer.

    • Max 26th April 2012

      Hi Tif, when you unzip the file that you downloaded from themefuse, you would find there a medica zip file. Unzip it and upload the content of that folder (medica-parent and medica-child) to wp-content/themes directory using your favorite ftp client and it would work for sure. Cheers, Max.

  24. Alex Coleman 25th April 2012

    Hello, excuse my ignorance as i am new to wordpress, but how do i upload exactly the Welcome Inn theme i have just bought to the wordpress account i have just created if wordpress does not allow ftp? I have a website already with ftp protocol and wish to replace this new site with the old, but of course not until it is fully operational. Thank you for your help.

    • Max 26th April 2012

      Hi, unzip the files that you downloaded from themefuse. There you would find file. Unzip it and upload from there welcome_inn-parent and welcome_inn-child folders to wp-content/themes directory using your favorite ftp client, then log in to your dashboard and activate the theme from Appearance -> Themes. If you have troubles with this please add your question to support forum and I would help. Cheers, Max.

  25. MSubhie 2nd May 2012

    Too complicated! I never seen any theme as complicated as yours. I bought Qlassik. Sorry to say, but this is the first and the last to have business with you. Good luck! Regards, A man who just loss $79 for complicated and non-user friendly WP theme.

    • Well, this is how you install any theme that has more then 2 MB. Have you tried asking for our help? If you say "too complicated" it doesn't help us at all to understand where you have difficulties. We would love to help you, but you need to give us a proper feedback of your issues.

  26. leisa 7th May 2012

    Hi, can't I just upload this through wordpress dashboard like every other wordpress theme?

  27. I just installed the Medica theme. Your installation instructions state that I need to go to the "FuseFramework" and run the autoinstall... when I go to that area, there is no "autoinstall" button..? Please help!

    • I found it ... it's under "Import" .. not "Fuse Framework" .. it would be helpful if you could please update your documentation for future users.

    • You have the new framework on the Medica theme and the demo content installation is located under the Import menu.

  28. DAniel 11th May 2012

    after uploading and importing the standard files i get this warning: Warning: set_time_limit() [function.set-time-limit]: Cannot set time limit in safe mode in /home/daniel/domains/ on line 40 what can it be?

    • Max 17th May 2012

      Hi, the problem is that safe mode is activated on your server and in this case copy function is deactivated and you wouldn’t be able to install demo data. Please contact your hosting provider and ask them to disable safe mode and after this try again. After you would install demo content then you can enable safe mode again. Cheers, Max.

  29. Chris Dunham 15th May 2012

    Hello, I just finished activating the Qlassik Child theme and am not able to find/run the "autoinstall" referenced in the FuseFramework (or the Import) areas. Could you please provide me some guidance where I might find this? (I am running WP 3.3.2)

    • Max 17th May 2012

      Hi, on the left wordpress menu click on Qlassik item and then you need to have the Autoinstall option there is you installed the theme for the first time. Cheers, Max.

  30. Max 16th May 2012

    Hi, the problem is that safe mode is activated on your server and in this case copy function is deactivated and you wouldn't be able to install demo data. Please contact your hosting provider and ask them to disable safe mode and after this try again. After you would install demo content then you can enable safe mode again. Cheers, Max.

  31. Amir 20th May 2012

    Hey, Thanks for such a wonderful theme. My question is how to edit the copright tag in footer where it says: Made by Themefuse - Premium WordPress Themes Thanks

    • yes, of course you can edit it or even remove it completely.

  32. Gabriel 20th May 2012

    So far I love your template :-) One small suggestion: For Individuals who are not as experienced, it would be good to point out that the zip file contains a plugin AND 2 Themes 1. child AND the regular theme. If the rest of my install goes well I will definitely buy a subscription. Cheers on your AWESOME THEME :-)

    • hey Gabriel, thanks for your kind words. As for your suggestion, we already have the Child theme separate in our framework. Check the WordPress admin ;)

  33. KBook 22nd August 2014

    After activating child theme I get this "Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator to inform of the time the error occurred and of anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log."

    • KBook 22nd August 2014

      I am using GoDaddy, this is a little disappointing.

  34. Dev 30th August 2014

    I Update 3 item into theme menu and say Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute. i wait but no response

  35. Daniel 17th November 2014

    I have tryed to find the "auto install" option every where, but i could not find it... It´s not in the "Import" option (this menu have no content inside) and it´s not in "Fuse Framework"... I readed all the posts here about it, but nothing worked here... Please help me fast...

    • Please be so kind and post this in our help desk. Our guys we'll love to point you in the right direction and help you asap. Thanks a lot for your patience and understanding.

  36. Lust 2nd December 2014

    Hello. It purchased the GamesZone but I have unfortunately been unable to edit. How do you do I unlock? Description does not know another well. Would you please detail? Since living in Japan I am sending text in the translation. I'm sorry if the translation shortage. Would you please upload it if you're? I will send the FTP path and ID

    • Hi, thanks for your email and business, please be so kind and use the usual support channels by posting a request in our help desk. This way your questions will arrive to our tech support team and you'll receive your answers faster. Also do not share here in the comments your FTP details and login credentials to your website. This is a public blog post and all our readers will be able to see your data.

  37. nigelh 7th December 2014

    is there anyway i can change the width of the footers in the bottom of a theme? i was trialling the AutoTrader theme and this would be perfect apart from the fact is seems to only "look" well if text widgets are used in the footer whereas i wanted to put in some of my own html, and when i try to, i get horrible grey boxes and the widths are all weird? even if you could let me know which file i have to change code in, that would be great.

    • Hi, please be so kind and use the usual support channels by posting a request in our help desk. This way your questions will arrive to our tech support team and you'll receive your answers faster. Thanks a lot for your understanding and business.

  38. Helder 22nd March 2016

    I bought HomeQuest Real State model. Installed normally, but the part of Header Styles is not showing up on the homepage and on the Properties page, I do not know if it's the case of Fuse Framework, but I tried to find " automatic installation " an option in other places , but there is the option " Import " ( this menu has no content within paragraph ) and It's and " Fuse Framework " ...

    • It's impossible for us to follow and offer support here in the comments, so I'll have to polite you ask to go for support for your themes using the proper channels: submit a ticket from here or email Thanks a lot.

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