Today is a really special day for us here at ThemeFuse. From the desire to empower developers to build outstanding WordPress themes we’ve been working hard in the past months to build (from the ground up) an open source WordPress framework. We named it Unyson and we are proud to make it available for free starting today.

Unyson - Drag & Drop WordPress framework

We’ve built Unyson with 4 objectives in mind:

1. Easy to work with for developers: all the built in extensions & options work in perfect unison (pun intended). It comes with a lot of built-in extensions like SEO, Styling, Sidebars, Sliders and more. The icing on the cake being the visual Drag & Drop Page Builder that will let users create countless pages at a drop of a dime. Videos tutorials and more details can be found on the framework’s page.

2. Powerful for end users: the Drag & Drop Page Builder as well as the Styling extension are great examples that come to accomplish this objective. Building pages really fast and changing fonts & colors very easy from color pickers will put a great customization power in the hands of end users.

3. Unyson is free & always will be: the framework is free and being created for WordPress it inherits the General Public License (GPL) from WordPress.

4. Extensive documentation & support: what’s a solid framework without the docs & support it deserves? We have a couple of tools ready to help you and us along the way: Developer Manual, Trello Development Card and GitHub Repository.

That being said, we’d love if you’d try it out and let us know what you think. We are keen to make Unyson the best available framework for WordPress. I’ll conclude with some links that will help you view and test the Unyson WordPress framework:

Live Demo – a demo of the first theme built on Unyson
Test Labs – test the framework on our servers for 14 days
Unyson Page – find out more about the features & built in extensions
Developer Manual – all you need to know about Unyson
GitHub Repository – download the latest version of our framework and post issues

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  1. Metrothemes 4th September 2014

    Ohh , it's amazing . Love it ! and Unyson the best available framework for WordPress .

  2. Hesham 4th September 2014

    Looks promising, you guys are doing great job by making it aviliabe for everyone! Way to go!

  3. Ionut 4th September 2014

    Felicitari arata fain, o sa ne uitam mai indeaproape a vedem cum il putem folosi/modifica .

  4. Azhari Subroto 9th September 2014

    Good job guys... does this plugin available to create our own page builder module?

    • yes, ofcourse it does allow you to create your own page builder module. Just try the framework out for free, and see it for yourself ;)

  5. Rose 11th September 2014

    Hello, This framework has being created under the General Public License (GPL) from WordPress. If we use it in our own WordPress Themes it should be under (GPL) too. Right?

    • Rudd 15th September 2014

      Yes :)

      • bayu idham 28th September 2014

        Just want to make sure , so if i create WordPress theme with this framework , i can sell it on marketplace for free , right !?

        • Yes, indeed. You can do what you please with it, because it's open source software.

  6. GraffiG 15th September 2014

    Hi there, Just a quick question. Is there a way to create my own header and footer areas and turn off existing? Thanks so much

  7. Wikicek 17th September 2014

    more of your theme is elegant... Ilike them....

  8. rezan ferdous 20th September 2014

    Handy ! planing to feature on my blog soon .

  9. mohit 7th October 2014

    my question is same "Hi there, Just a quick question. Is there a way to create my own header and footer areas and turn off existing? Thanks so much"

    • You are able to change anything you want except the framework/ directory

  10. somendra 30th December 2014

    hi i have a small question can we modify this framework and use it in our own theme for selling. because your framework have option for drag and drop builder which we require ?

    • This is the idea and that's why we have created Unyson, to let developers use it in order to create premium WordPress themes. You'll want to keep your eyes on our GiHub account.

  11. Suresh 20th January 2015

    Hi DIMI, Just love the framework excellent work. I am not able to access Developer Manual can you please fix the link.

  12. Baig 23rd April 2015

    Hi, I am kind of lost while looking into this. How can we create a theme using this? I installed the plugin to give it a try and any extension that I install does not become a part of a theme. If i change the theme the extension are still there, what am i missing? Regards, Baig

  13. saeid 2nd May 2015

    beautiful , a question can we use this in our premium wordpress theme and sell it on themeforest?

    • Hi, yes. here is a list of themeforest themes build with unyson

  14. ElEphantCanFly 6th May 2015

    how i get the instagram to show ? i already use token and id but it's doesn't show

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