A website hosting is the pillar of your online business. Owing a website is like owing the plan of the house, yet you need to get land to build it upon. The hosting services are different and give you a variety of options. Each hosting would work for a specific type of business you are planning to run, thus informing yourself or getting a good advice is a thing to consider. Check out our research on Vultr and InterServer hostings.

vultr vs interserver hosting review


A global cloud hosting, Vultr provides high-performance SSD cloud servers with a personalized touch with their efficient and customer-oriented solutions. What makes it a good choice are the latest technology used (latest generation of Intel CPU) and 14 locations worldwide.

One of the keys features why people choose Vultr is the offer they develop for their client and the price tag they put for that offer. And if you are into long-term commitment hosting and have already declined other available options from their competitors, you discover that the offer is a great deal in itself.

vultr hosting review


WORLDWIDE PRESENCE is a moment to consider. With 14 locations around the globe, Vultr is considered the largest network among all other hosting companies. Providing a wide network and servers close to your region, Vultr seems to be a very popular hosting. Its main targets are developers who seize the importance of having a proximate physical location of the servers. And availability on a large scale with physical presence shows their resourcefulness and growth as a company.

PRICES AND OFFERS. Vultr is awesomely hot when it comes to deals – you won’t find a better deal anywhere else. With only 5 dollars Vultr suggests awesome storage and twice as much memory as Digital Ocean for example. But they wanted to get even lower and they offered a plan for half a price with less bandwidth. Also, the payment is done based on hourly work, but with a steady monthly limit of 28 days, so that the pay doesn’t go mad. The offers include 2000 GB, 1024 MB memory with options to get according to plans and numbers. And according to clients’ review, the value of the deal is worth it. Great hosting, great packages, this is Vultr.

UPTIME & BONUSES. When choosing Vultr’s cheapest plan one has only to pay 5 dollars, while the company invests back right away adding 5 dollars back to the account in order to use it for local features. Also, in case the website experience downtime over a certain amount of time, the client gets credits on their account. Credits would be useful for host change, for example, or for purchasing some features – like themes – they are usually affordable enough to count in. On their website, however, they state that they have 100% Host Node uptime since stability is their primary goal and 100% Network Uptime since they use a ‘redundant architecture and intelligent BGP routing’.

CONTROL PANEL has easy to manage features and everything can be installed with a click. It saves time for developers and ordinary users leaving them space for more important things to deal with. CentOS Web panel seems to be a ‘powerful, open source web hosting control panel’ designed for Linux. The management system keeps everything in one place making it easy to use.

FEATURES. One of the winning features to make Vultr a serious candidate for a hosting would be the mobile features. Nowadays, when checking everything online on a phone or tablet, work on mobile screens becomes a necessity, thus this counts in as a valuable feature. Everything goes mobile, even serious businesses. Vultr made it super easy to check the website and use server to manage it.  Vultr comes with block storage offer for a symbolic price of 10 cents per GB a month. It works as a great option for those who want to keep their own backup, and the interface allows it to be made easy and fast. Another feature relates to getting a cheap dedicated server in case you want to separate from other clients. It includes dedicated CPU, RAM, SSD storage for only 60 dollars per month with 10 TB and 8 GB RAM.

vultr vs interserver hosting comparison


SUPPORT. An area Vultr might need some improvement is offering the means of support more than just support ticketing. Even though they have a decent response rate regarding the feedback they give, having an additional means of chatting or telephone number would definitely improve their rating. It is known that unmanaged servers lack a lot of feedback. From the bright side, there are many FAQs and guides to follow into solving most of the problems by yourself.

FEATURES like the web interface files, which need to be configured manually and are loaded slowly and floating IPs are among important things the clients complain most of all.

 vultr hosting reviewed


On the market since 1999, the company expanded seriously lately, creating 2 more Jersey-based data centres. One of their reasons for success is said to be the steady management and directorial staff for all these years, which is rare among growing companies. Developing their name in the industry the company focused on building a reputation as a reliable hosting company. They specialize in VPS, shared and dedicated hostings and of course WordPress hostings.

 interserver hosting review 2018


PRICING. Considered a budget-friendly hosting, the company offers deals that support this policy for all of their customers. Their basic plans start at 4 and a half dollars for shared hosting, 6 for VPS, which make it a common choice among other companies. Among hosting’s options, customers can go for dedicated, which has higher prices, but worth the deal.

FREE MIGRATION AND SSL CERTIFICATE & UNLIMITED STORAGE. Some free services come with any hosting plan, which is valuable, considering some hosting demand additional payment forgetting and installing SSL and might not be that eager to help with migration, providing the service. But InterServer invests in their customers the right way.

SERVERS’ USAGE. Some features, like speed or crashes, come from the fact that hosting companies tend to use most of their server’s capacity. This overusing creates discomfort and often problems that could be easily avoided. InterServer is opting to use 50% of their servers’ scope so that there are enough left resources for all the customers. This involves limiting the number of new customers to 100 per day, enduring the control over the growth of the company and maintaining already signed in customers satisfied.

UPTIME GUARANTEE offered by the hosting company is 99.5%, a realistic approach to counting in all the unexpected issues that might come and still maintaining a good level of credibility. That doesn’t opt out possibilities of having 100% uptime during certain periods of time. Plus, it takes care of their servers, giving a full 100% guarantee of electricity.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Whether one is signing for VPS or another type of hosting, they have 30 days guarantee to get back the money if they are not satisfied with the services. We are aware that there are companies that offer up to 90 days guarantee, but even so, InterServer offers an available option. But check in, with their 30 days guarantee they also keep to another policy: they are not raising the price per year after the first year of using their services. They offer THE SAME PRICE for the plan following next year of using their services.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT. InterServer Hosting comes with all possible means of communication with their customer support. They offer 24/7 services, toll-free phone calls, live chats and they answer fast to all the issues. The average response is 4 minutes but it is the quality that is worth mentioning. A well-trained customer support is an advantage of any company dealing with customer services.

MODERN TECHNOLOGY used by InterServer is geared from Cisco, Riverstone and Extreme Network, which makes it well equipped with network hardware and software and electrical solutions for good service working.


LIMITATIONS. Even though InterServer comes with cheap hosting plus free awesome stuff like migration and SSL Certificate, the limitations are a huge deal for their customers. In case customer didn’t get an ‘unlimited’ SSD hosting plan, they will experience a low performance of their website in cases of huge traffic. Daily limitations of new users and services make you worry whether there are still available services, and if not you got to wait for another day in the line. LOWER SPEED included too, unfortunately, based on the same limitations, BANDWIDTH not the best from the industry with their slow and low offers.

NO SECURITY services mentioned. Security is an important moment for any hosting since a hacked or catching some malware website is a huge responsibility. Secured hosting means a secured website.

NO BACK UP for VPS and dedicated servers. Even they offer free backup services to some categories of users of shared hosting, others will have to do the back up by themselves via the cPanel in order to keep data relevant for unexpected cases.

Same with money guarantee for VPS and dedicated hosting plans: they do not get into the category, thus they get NO MONEY GUARANTEE, even those 30 days applicable for users who sign up for shared hosting services.



Vultr has quite an underrated value for the offered services, being among the few hostings that cannot even have serious drawbacks based on the price tag. On the contrary, if someone is looking for a long-term commitment and values the well-packed plans offered for a decent payment, Vultr might be their case.

On the other side, InterSever has managed to keep their old style clientele and they do not aim to progress fast, preferring to maintain the interest of the clients instead of running after new. However, they have their own limitations that might interfere with the desire to stay with them for long in a specific situation.

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