The latest trend in modern self-presentation website, either it being work related or only personal showcasing, is the so-called “One Page” website. What this means is that everything is presented in a single page which contains easy-to-view sections. This creates a simple to use website, very clear and great looking for your visitors, but also easy to update and maintain without the various different pages that come with older style personal websites.

Freelancer One Page WordPress theme

The theme has a cool feature at its core: the easy-to-change colors for the main sections: what we have built into this theme is very powerful and saves a lot of time when customizing the theme. Let’s say you want to remove all traces of that harsh green. You only need to pick a different color from a single place and everything will change accordingly. Same for all the other colors.

Check out the Live Preview to see what we’re talking about. Also, if you’d like to play with the theme before buying it, you can do that for 14 days by using our TestLabs feature, after creating an account.

Don’t forget about our new hosting & domain product that you could purchase together with the theme. We’ll take care of setting the whole deal and you’ll have your website up in a matter of minutes. More info on how it works can be found here.


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  1. mishkin 11th December 2013

    Don't follow trends! Create them! Not my cup of tea but as far as one page themes go it's top notch. Great work guys. Wayne.

  2. Ronald Nichols 12th February 2014

    Great theme. Very clean and professional. I am planning to have a website for my business and I'm going to get a server hosting for it.

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