Hosting services and host security are among the most discussed topics nowadays, which sometimes help make the right decision for your needs. But this often overwhelms you with ideas you can’t decide between. That’s why we created an extensive web hosting security checklist, that teaches you how to chose a reliable hosting. Stay tuned to know all the elements you should check out!

web hosting security checklist

The endless options included dedicate hosting, shared hosting, free hosting, premium hosting, and many more paralyzing attributes that make a hosting provider better than his competitors. How to decide then?

When it comes to hosting services, we can’t discuss a role model or one-size-fits-all provider you could opt for blindfolded. Instead, it takes to be specific and consider all unique things about your website and choose appropriate offers.

Basically, the decision will depend on whether your host allows you to achieve what you want, and whether its price suits your budget.

How can you distinguish a good from a poor web host? Without exaggeration, doing so is a cumbersome and art-like process. It takes the time to find a fast, secure, and reliable web hosting. It’s true especially when you’re not familiar with how it works, and have no clear picture of what you want.

To make things even harder, developers keep releasing their ‘best-of-breed’ solutions, leaving you no choice but to look for a reliable web hosting security checklist and let someone else narrow that list down for you.

Before you’ve made any decision, make sure you understand how important good hosting is to the success of your website. And that it won’t cause any issues in future. The quality of your hosting provider is determined by a number of factors including bandwidth, loading times, uptime, SEO features, and much more. Reading the entire web hosting security checklist, you’ll find how should it work the proper way.

Web Hosting Security Checklist

As practice shows, the poorer and cheaper your web hosting is, the more problems you will face in future. In particular, these problems cover slow loading and frequent downtimes. This is why we once again remind you to clarify your priorities before you’ve begun searching.

These are the criteria to consider:

Secure Server Capabilities

Secure server capabilities are essential for online retailers looking to do business online. It is because having them makes people entrust you their financial information, and be sure no breach will make their data go into the wrong hands. Without a secure server, no one will trust you enough to purchase stuff from you.

Shared hosting may be a good idea for beginners that won’t need much traffic in future. But, you have to know these providers reveal their companies’ URLs next to yours. Choose a provider that will be able to set up a dedicated server in future, so that customers willing to leave money would access directly your company.


There is no compromise when it comes to speed – the least you should accept from your host is a T3 Internet connection which will make your profits proportional to the pages’ loading speed. The faster, the better!

The speed of your pages depends on the most on the hosting providers’ Internet connectivity, which may end up slowing even an empty page. While some website owners think this is not such a big issue, we assure readers that there is no faster way to lose visitors than letting them wait for more than 30 seconds to load a page.

In the WordPress case, website speed will also affect the SERP rankings of your website, and you definitely won’t appear on top of Google’s ranking page with slow loading.

The space you have available

For a startup website, you definitely won’t need more than 15 megabytes of space to support traffic, but it is never a bad idea to have few of those in store for when it starts expanding. Most hosting providers allow users to buy additional space, and that’s definitely a smart move when offering e-book downloads, streaming videos, or displaying large files. As you see, this is a problem that can be easily solved, unless the provider has imposed certain unnecessary bandwidth restrictions.

Unlimited CGI Access

A CGI program is necessary for running a professional website, so look exclusively for hosting with unlimited CGI access. If the web host doesn’t have this, skip it.

Raw Server Logs Access

These features are also important so that intelligence systems and data analyzers would be enabled to access and process your data. When you have a server log on, you can easily check and compare your weekly traffic, and find out where leads are coming from and how they are navigating your website. The best hosts in this aspect are those that offer you a private server log and unlimited access to it, or even and additional log-reading software that will aggregate this data in docs that are easy to understand.

A complete email service

Compromise for nothing less than a complete email service that offers unlimited aliases and pop mailboxes. Certain providers also offer a newer email technology called IMAP, used to give extended control over messaging. In most of the cases, email services are included in the original price of hosting packages.  So, avoid providers who ask you to pay extra money for them.

Accurate and frequent data backups

The thing that can really make web hosts leaders is their power backup system. It makes sure your server data will be backed up off-server day by day (namely exported to external devices in case your hard drive is damaged). In this case, you can be sure nothing will happen to your website even if the complete hardware is crashed in a natural disaster.

Unfortunately, security is a privileged service that will require you to pay extra bucks to automate backups. Nevertheless, there are few automated backup services for WordPress that you can get for free.

Make sure tech support is reliable

Test the tech support of the hosting provider you’re looking at by simply emailing a question and confirming they take a little time to answer. This is the key to determining whether they will be able to deal with frustrating problems in future instead of making you lose insane amounts and wait for ages. The best web hosting providers offer support 24/7 and do so by email, phone, and live chat. As good as the hosting is, you will eventually experience technical issues. And assistance will be everything you can rely on.

Software, services, and scripts

The least you can expect from a reliable web host is a script library. From where you can choose statistics, fonts, forms, and other extracts to add to your website. It is smart to look for a provider that offers e-commerce functionalities, such as merchant account support, shopping cart software, order management, and so on. Finally, look for a hosting that supports MySQL, PHP, Java, Real Video, Real Audio, FrontPage, and Shockwave extensions.

Uptime scores and server reliability

Nothing makes more sense than a web host that operates 24/7, as this is for how long you will get a stable network and access to a powerful server. As for uptime scores, the recommended value is 99.5% and more, but you should ideally be looking for 99% scores.

Multiple Add-on Domains

Due to the fact that domains are affordable, all of us would opt for having more than a single one. In order to accommodate all of them, we need to rely on some more hosting space, and our provider should be totally on board with it. In most cases, hosting providers permit website owners to add 25 domains to a single account. But you better check that before you decide for one.

A no-brainer hosting control panel

If not convinced of the value of an uncomplicated control panel, try working on a cumbersome one! It is hardly possible that a complex and dysfunctional control panel will give you full control. So what you’ll end up doing will be hanging around technicians’ necks, asking for basic server changes.

Custom Error Pages

What happens when a visitor is denied access to a web page is that the server is experiencing an error, and can’t access a particular part of your database. Error pages, however, don’t have to be the classic ones that appear on all websites. We can convert them into our own piece of art. So that we can send a sweet and personalized apology styled in an attractive manner. These pages are called custom error pages, and you should ask your hosting provider whether it can offer such.

This way, you will help users understand what is happening with your website, and make sure they haven’t been redirected to a malicious page. Besides, custom error pages make it possible to give users instructions on how to proceed. Or, eventually, use a sitemap to reach the desired destination.

Security is definitely the most important thing to consider when doing business online. So try to make it a priority when choosing your web hosting provider. This is particularly important when receiving payments online when asking people to entrust personal data and purchase the products of your company. Relying on a poor web host and hoping that a breach won’t happen will bring hackers directly to your website. And, there’s not a more secure way to push customers away. Check from time to time this web hosting security checklist when choosing a new hosting for your new website or recommend it to your clients or friends. Only sharing this information could help avoid poor quality hosting!

Meanwhile, check out the list of recommended hostings and services we have got for you!

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