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It's that time of the week again, when we are happy to bring you yet another cool freebie: a creative web slider for your design project. More over, this slider will come implemented in our next WordPress theme that is already in the works. Stay tuned!

You know the drill, you can use the freebie in any personal or commercial project, sky is the limit. If you feel like sharing a link with us to view the work that would be really cool. Don't forget to leave a comment to tell us if you like it.!

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there are 7 comments added

  1. Wayne 23rd August 2011

    Thanks, should come in handy..:)

  2. Kreativ Theme 29th August 2011

    Cool slider, thanks. I'll take it consideration for implementing it on Oceania, my wp theme ...

  3. Elder Henrique Souza 30th August 2011

    Thanks! Really cool slider!

  4. Хотели в Пазраджик 20th November 2011

    Hi from Bulgaria, very cool slider!

  5. Uranbold 21st November 2011

    Cool Slider. I will use it my own site :D

  6. Vrancoo 2nd December 2012

    Cool slider, but it's only a psd design. Where's the code to make it work???

    • The slider is implemented in our "BrandCrafters" theme. The freebie here is only the PSD I'm afraid.

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