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This week's freebie is a PSD composition for a homepage slider used in our Envision wp theme. We used a cool Photoshop filter called Vanishing Point to mesh the perspective of the images in order to help you copy/paste your own images inside the ipad and web browser.

We've created a step by step tutorial on how to insert your own images in the composition in case your Photoshop skills are a bit rusty.

You know the drill: use it as you please, in commercial or personal projects.

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Download Freebie

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  1. Jerry Johnson 15th February 2011

    How do I Join?

    • Wayne 2nd March 2011

      What do you mean? Visit below to see the various themes on offer by ThemeFuse:

  2. mishkin 28th February 2011

    Great composition.. Is this the updated PSD with the gradient fill?

  3. Dylan 10th March 2011

    Just want to say thank you for this great PDF.

  4. amatyr4n 30th April 2011

    Great display, Themefuse! Thanks ;)

  5. Rafael 16th June 2011

    Excellent job, congratulations!

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