Weekly Freebie - Metro UI Kit

Our weekly freebie is back, we have been really busy designing and creating all the cool WordPress themes you are seeing in our portfolio, and we neglect our freebie program in the past months. This will happen no more courtesy of our PixelKit colleagues.

Long story short, if you are designing a metro website, here are a couple of UI elements to point you in the right direction. Of course you can find the complete Metro UI kit on PixelKit.com.

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  1. Tim 27th June 2013

    Good idea on turning off the comments for Kiddo Turf (http://themefuse.com/blog/new-release-kiddoturf-kids-wordpress-theme/), I don't think you'd like what anyone has to say about it. What a terrible theme... :(

    • Thanks for letting us know, it's sorted now, you can bash the theme at will now ... :)

  2. mishkin 28th June 2013

    Glad to see the weekly freebie section is back.. Wayne

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