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This week's PSD freebie is a room reservation form. This form was build for one of our upcoming themes called Welcome Inn, a hotel or motel oriented theme, that will be an awesome addition to our growing portfolio.

We used a custom free font called Melbourne Bold that you'll need to download and install on your system. Of course, you could always change the font with another one if you like.

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  1. mishkin 28th February 2011

    Great, really looking forward to this theme.

  2. Jack 3rd March 2011

    When will you release a new WP theme? I chech this site out alote and i don't know when you release one is it one each month / week ????

    • Dimi 4th March 2011

      We plan one theme a month, but this depends on the complexity of the theme. For example we are days to release our next theme called Fresh Folio.

  3. Jack 6th March 2011

    Can't wait!

  4. credit report score 24th July 2011

    I liked your post about » Weekly freebie – Reservation form. Your website is very informative. Thank you for all your hard work.

  5. The Passage Samui 29th July 2011

    Nice modern design, thank you Themefuse! - I hope to be able to use it on our website soon!

    • Dimi 30th July 2011

      Excellent! Share a link when you have your website ready. We would love to see the reservation form implemented. Cheers!

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