At the dawn of your blogging career, you probably skipped the part of window shopping WP themes and considering a paid-for option for your site, but as your reach expands, odds are good free themes will no longer do. Once you decide to buy WordPress themes, the choice will overwhelm you, and questions will simply impose themselves: which are the most trustworthy providers? Which are the ideal themes for your niche? Most importantly – where to buy WordPress themes?

For a free theme, all it takes is to type ‘Free themes for WordPress’ and hundredths of cool results will appear on the screen. With premium and paid themes, however, things complicate. You keep asking yourself if the features are good enough for the price. Or, is there a free version of the same theme? Will it compromise in whatever way the quality of your blog? You’re right – there are many things you should think of.

To make buying WordPress themes a more enjoyable experience, we listed the best e-shops you should visit:

So, where to buy WordPress themes?

ThemeFuse – WordPress Themes Shop

ThemeFuse offers a variety of simple and beginner-friendly WordPress themes that will help even the least savvy users set up a website in minutes. At the moment, the list entails 45 different themes, all empowered with core website elements and freed from unnecessary clutter.

Another reason why ThemeFuse is so popular is the attractiveness of its themes, all packed with cool styles and color patterns that will definitely bring casual visitors on board. The themes are highly customizable to match your brand’s specifications. In addition, they give you the possibility to use your own backgrounds and large images that add aesthetic value to your content.


Envato’s leading software business ThemeForest is also a reputed theme marketplace that offers over 6,400 products to choose from. Prices vary from $48 to $68 on average, and designs fit all types of businesses, magazines, and multiple niche blogs.

What buyers like the most about ThemeForest are its appealing and elegant designs that come at affordable prices. However, the attractiveness of ThemeForest has its safety downsides. There are many unknown authors and themes with a disputable reputation you should avoid when investing your money. This doesn’t change the fact that ThemeForest is still the preferred destination for quality designers that sell masterpieces at a great price. And the only thing we can do is hope that the company will implement stricter quality guidelines and controls to keep us safe. Another thing to have in mind is to avoid feature-bloated themes that compromise loading times unless you’re specifically looking for such.

From a designers’ perspective, ThemeForest is becoming one of the most rigorous marketplaces for their products, as safety risks made it pickier than ever before.

From the buyer’s one, ThemeForest offers the most reasonable prices for elegant and professional themes, which may eventually be worth the risk they’re undertaking. For as much as $50, they will get a fully-featured and cross-platform functional theme that looks exactly as they need it. Not every marketplace can ensure that!

Creative Market

Creative Market is another robust theme base with more than 5500 independent samples to consider. They also offer themes for platforms other than WordPress, graphics, fonts, and images.

Other cool marketplaces to buy WordPress themes

Rara Theme

Rara Theme develops WordPress themes that are easy-to-use, without compromising the design and code quality. They are well-known for niche specific WordPress themes.

They have over 26 Free WordPress themes on repository, and over 17 Premium WordPress themes are available from their website.

Because of their fast and friendly support that is available even to free theme users, Rara Theme has gained popularity in very short amount of time. They also offer free demo import for all their themes, free and premium.

Want to create a personal blog, a business website, an eCommerce website, or an educational website? Rara Theme has a theme for you. All the themes are SEO friendly, responsive, speed-optimized, and clean.

Themes Shops with a special approach


NimbusThemes is a premium WordPress theme shop best known for its beautiful designs and outstanding customer support. The company also publishes a popular magazine covering all things WordPress, including guides, tutorials, roundups, web design, and marketing.

Their inventory currently includes 10 premium themes as well as 4 free ones. All the themes are clean, modern, mobile-friendly and easy-to-use. They’re designed to rank well in search engines, and you can use them on as many domains as you like. The themes cater to different types of websites. So whether you’re an individual blogger, an entrepreneur, small business or non-profit, you’ll find a top-quality template. This is a solution that you can install within minutes and easily customize to match with your style. Additionally, the themes integrate seamlessly with top WordPress plugins such as W3 Total Cache, which helps improve site performance and the WooCommerce plugin, which provides powerful eCommerce functionality.

In terms of pricing, NimbusThemes offers two membership packages to suit your needs – an annual membership that costs $49/year and a lifetime membership, which requires you to pay $99 once only. Each membership package gives you access to all the 10 premium themes. You also get unlimited support, and updates as well as any new themes released by the company.


Themify offers an array of cute of WP themes, but its core value is the drag-and-drop builder that allows you to create such yourself. The final result will be beautiful, mobile-friendly, and 100% responsive, and applicable on E-Commerce and general websites. The leading theme offered by this company is Ultra.

Themes can be purchased for only $49 per piece (with an extra free theme), while the complete suite can be obtained for $79. All Themify products are easy to customize and involve no coding so whatever – all you need to do is to open the options panel, adjust the settings, and draw the desired elements inside.

Popular WP Shops

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes carries the reputation of a leading premium provider. They have more than 87 high-quality themes applicable to all niches and web activities (E-Commerce, CMS, business, news, blogging, portfolio, magazines, directories, and much more). The flagship theme of the company is Divi, a drag-and-drop template for a universal application that will meet the needs of all WordPress users.

Elegant Themes operates in a different manner than other marketplaces. Instead of buying a single theme, you can subscribe to their membership list for $69 per year. This subscription gives you access to all featured themes, upcoming products, and customer support. Worked out per piece, this means each theme will be available to you for as little as $0.80, which is an amazing price for the quality guaranteed by the provider. The other distinct advantage is the support forum, where experienced users (usually within few minutes) answer all questions. Custom inquiries can also be made to the platform’s agents in case there is a problem you can’t solve.

Theme Trust

Theme Trust is a platform that allows you to design robust and beautiful WordPress themes. There is also an array of sophisticated premade design. Their highlight is attention to detail regardless of whether you need a premium business site or a personal blog. The base includes 25 premium samples priced $58 per piece.

Particular marketplaces


iThemes is another premium theme builder for WordPress users that gained incredible popularity in the last years. The core value here is access to a number of cool plugins. These plugins make content even better, including their ultimate backup solution BackupBuddy.

MOJO Marketplace

Mojo Marketplace is a leader in the WP theme marketplace arena, with more than 1200 great samples to consider. It is also fairly cheaper compared to competitors ($30-$49 per theme). It also meets the needs of E-Commerce sites, magazines, photography portfolios, blogs, and child websites. The disadvantages of this marketplace are similar to the ones of ThemeForest. The difference is that Mojo already owns a 100% GPL license for every theme. At the same time, Mojo Themes requires all authors submitting their work to guarantee free support for their users.


StudioPress may not cater to specific and branded websites such as gaming platforms and dating directories. It is the right place to purchase tools for an individual blog, small business contact site, or a personal portfolio. Simple and intuitive, the platform is more than suitable for beginners and inexperienced users. You will also like the fact that StudioPress is fast and secure. And comes equipped with all SEO hacks for successful optimization.

Affordable marketplaces


MyThemeShop is another rich directory where you can buy WordPress themes (Premium templates) at low cost. It is ideal for blogs and magazines. Still, with small modifications, it can also cater to the needs of professional business websites. Other niches they cover are gyms, schools, churches, galleries, architect portals, and similar ones. You will pay $59 per theme or become a regular member with access to 100+ themes for as much as $139 per year.

Tesla Themes

If looking to buy WordPress themes for a specific niche, Tesla Themes has you covered. They offer some of the most modern and universally responsive themes on the market. Most of their themes are E-Commerce ready (via WooCommerce). Their themes are suitable for industries: fitness & health, law, gaming, travel, event organizing, restaurants, weddings, music, hotels, real estate, churches, nightclubs and much more. The price of a single theme is $48. The full membership and access to their 50+ catalog cost only $58 per year.

Theme Junkie

Theme Junkie is the perfect marketplace for on-budget users. They launched some of the most popular WordPress themes ever (Freshlife and Resizable, for instance). Their offer won’t only let you customize an amazing website, but also monetize content and expand your reach.

Ending thoughts

For every experienced WordPress blogger, a time comes when free themes are no longer cutting it, and the audience wants more than the first and simplest design you came across. Premium themes are certainly a better option. They are often unique and backed up by the reputation of a popular designer. They also have an array of unique and unparalleled features that will become your competitive edge. Often, quality WordPress themes help reach out to new audiences, attract attention, and boost conversions. Before buying a WordPress theme, you have to check out some listing, analyze and compare all the features, and finally chose the best option for you.

In this regard, we must warn you that best-of-breed and premium themes are rarely available for free. It may happen that you come across a good-looking site that provides you the favorite theme for free, but before you’ve jumped out of joy and downloaded it, think of all the malicious codes that may be hidden inside (check why you should also avoid nulled free premium themes). Hackers love to turn cute themes into spammy websites. It is easy for them to take a cracked version of the original template and upload it on these seemingly unsuspicious ‘free offers’. In this way, your future site will be open to all misuse and manipulation. This can easily raise a number of red flags that may affect your business.

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