ThemeFuse Winners Announced

First of all, thanks everyone for taking part in our $3000 December Contest, it really was an amazing crowd that participated last month! We are happy to have such a great community near us and we’re sure things will get even better in 2012! We had more than 500 participants to our promo, so there was a lot of competition for the 13 prizes we’ve put up for grabs!

OK, OK, we know everyone is anxious to find out who the winners are, but first we’d like to make sure that we explain the mechanics behind the drawing of the winners: we have used the well known and very secure website for the extraction of the winners, which is the best place for an online draw like this. Everyone can verify if they were included in this draw by entering their email address on the drawing details page (make sure you are entering the email address that was used to purchase our theme, through PayPal)

Aaaaand the WINNERRRRS aaarrrrree…..

1st Prize – $1000 to Ba-Cuong Pham
2nd Prize – $750 to Ron St.Pierre  
3rd Prize – $500 to Marko Seeber  

$100 Prizes:

Andrew McGough  
Mary Poplin
Rafael Rodriguez  

$50 Prizes

Tommy Swanson
Danielle Cooper
Robert Sandstrom
Daniel Holy  
Adam Anderson

CONGRATS to the winners! As for everyone that didn’t make the lucky list, we’ll have lots of cool promos and contests in 2012, so there’s no need to feel disappointed. Trust us, it’s gonna be an awesome year!

We’ll contact each winner via email in order to verify the final details and correct addresses. If you are one of the winners and the email address used is no longer valid, please contact us via email, Twitter or Facebook. Thank you!

Thanks everyone for participating!

ThemeFuse Team,
Alex, Bogdan, Dimi, Sergiu, Max, Victor, Dragos

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  1. Suren H 9th January 2012

    Congrats to "Ba-Cuong Pham" You're very Luckiest person!!! And Ron St.Pierre & Marko Seeber too!!! Great contest!!! :-)

  2. Rafael Rodriguez 9th January 2012

    When can we redeem the value of the price? and how is this going to be done? Thanks

    • Dimi 9th January 2012

      We just sent you an email. We've sent all the info there. Congrats again!

  3. Kreativ Theme 9th January 2012

    Congrats to all that won ... I wish I was one of them ;) Maybe next time!

  4. Marko 9th January 2012

    Thanks Guys, that was quick. Just got my prize via PayPal! Just in time for my vacation in India. Thx again & all the best M

  5. Raj Mehta 10th January 2012

    Congrats to the winners :)

  6. Alex 13th January 2012

    Congrats! -- PS. thank for fixing the RSS!

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