Bootstrap represents a great launch-off framework for WordPress beginners, where they can build responsive themes easily and on time. Still, Bootstrap is more of an app framework than a theme one, because it doesn’t offer any pre-made template files that can be leveraged to become responsive themes.

Instead, it carves the way there: it gives users a variety of scripts and styles that can be used to run a website or add events and interactions that would otherwise require JavaScript and coding.

The result is a responsive and stunning layout with embedded JavaScript effects and a great deal of theme development experience. Let’s check how it works:

Essential Bootstrap benefits

The ultimate advantage of using Bootstrap is that you immediately produce a mobile-ready and fully responsive theme, and you don’t have to struggle to grip another one and to add responsiveness sheets and styling media queries. The 12-column grid-based layout that is built inside will use the elements that are already in your template, but allow you to control the grid and fit content the way you prefer.

Still, not everything about Bootstrap is system-exclusive: you can still apply it for styling common HTML5 elements in your theme or create new ones from scratch much easier than before. In fact, Bootstrap helps you highlight the semantic markup of your theme, and that already makes it a rare catch for layout modification.

There isn’t much to say about it that hasn’t already been said, as this is currently the most popular script provider for WordPress, and it eliminates the need to use plugins and external services to animate interactions on your website.

Consequently, development is notably accelerated, and there is no script mismatch to endanger users’ experience. All in all, the process of producing themes becomes much easier.

Bootstrap extensions

Sliders & Carousels

The Image Gallery offered by Bootstrap is a touch-ready one, and easy to customize and turn into a video gallery.

Bootstrap uses a modal dialog to handle content loading and offers tools such as swipe, keyboard, and mouse navigation, transition effects, and full-screen content display. Let’s look at others as well.

Codetabs, on the other hand, is a plugin with more than 250 different effects for tabs and sliders. Inside, you will also find over 100 variation options and 40 amazing HTML templates.

Bootslider, as indicated by its name, represents a slider plugin which balances Bootstrap’s beauty with fully-featured content sliders, and contains a plethora of customization options and attractive animations.

Strapslide is another fully-responsive and customizable slider plugin, which is completely mobile optimized, and supports media, HTML markup, and different captions. We consider it to be a unique solution because it allows users to craft their own animations instead on using premade ones.

In case you prefer a lightweight solution, Bootstrap Media Lightbox may be the right choice. This plugin supports single galleries, iframes, images, or videos.

Libraries for buttons and icons

CSS3 Microsoft Modern Buttons is a robust button library whose style reminds of Microsoft websites.

Social Buttons are designed for both Bootstrap and Font Awesome and represent a CSS library with various classy social sign-in buttons.

Menus and navigation

Yamm! is a very popular and unpaid add-on you can use to transform your standard navigation bar markup with any of Bootstrap’s fluid grid system classes. It will do the job both in cases of fixed and responsive layouts, and it will work just fine with every of your Bootstrap elements.

If you’re using Bootstrap 3, and you’re looking for a responsive sidebar plugin to match it, Bootstrap Sidebar has you covered. The process is as simple as placing all of your menus into a single horizontal bar, which can’t be achieved without the appropriate plugin that transforms their size.

Form elements

One of the best jQuery validation frameworks designed for Bootstrap forms is jqBootstrapValidation. Its best feature is that it informs you on errors while information is being inserted in the system, and it issues validation warnings.

If you want a small and simple plugin for transforming Bootstrap tab components into collapse, small screen-friendly components, BootstrapTabcollapse has you covered.

Add-ons for Bootstrap components

The first one is Bootbox.js, in fact, a simple JavaScript-made library you can explore and use in addition to your Bootstrap models to craft your programmatic and dialog boxes. The benefit of using it is that you won’t have to create and manage any of the JS handlers and DOM elements that are currently required on your page.

For many developers, SelectBoxIt is the add-on of the future, as it simply amazing and rich with drop-down functionalities, and therefore likely to replace complex HTML select boxes. Together with Bootstrap, it supports jQuery Mobile and jquery UI.

X-editable library is a tool applied to make elements editable, and its online modes and pop-up are suitable both for Bootstrap and jQuery-UI.

The Grid Extension Generator is probably the most complex among these plugins, but also the one that offers the most of the Bootstrap functionality – Bootstrap users can apply it to generate CSS files that will extend their essential grid functionality, using the so-called Vanilla system with arbitrary viewport sizes and a dozen of columns.

The generator makes Bootstrap application easier because it lets you add all the columns you want, in any user-defined viewport width you prefer.

Free and amazing shortcode plugins for WordPress

Shortcodes Ultimate, on the other hand, qualifies as the top-notch plugin in the WordPress Plugin Repository, with more than 760,000 users who ‘supercharge their themes using its huge spectrum of shortcodes and deliveries’.

You may know as well WordPress Shortcodes, which has approximately 150,000 downloads from the previously mentioned repository. Using it, you can craft your personal HTML and Javascript shortcodes, and use them automatically on your pages or posts.

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode is a genuinely easy site stylist, compatible with Bootstrap 3.0.3. Currently, it owns the largest database for editable Font Awesome and Glyphicons icon fonts, sidebar widgets, and custom CSS. The unique part is that you get to choose your shortcode prefix (none of the other plugins allows this).

Bootstrap-created plugins

WP Bootstrap Gallery stands for an ultra-responsive imagery plugin which allows WordPress websites to display properly on all devices. The reason is that this plugin works with the Twitter Bootstrap Using plugin, and makes it possible to create various galleries which would appear on any post and page where you need them. The installation is as simple as a single-click.

Unlike the two examples we mentioned before, BBE is a plugin you won’t have to pay for, and it includes a solid Bootstrap-developed page builder full of pre-made components. You can also benefit from its HTML editing platform which will store and display all of the changes made on your website.

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