All internet users around the world know about WordPress and its leading role in the CMS world. In fact, the platform is so popular that it is currently running a quarter of all websites available on the net. It was impressive for us to observe how a simple blogging platform became a monetizable digital giant, where prominent and innovative businesses perform all of their vital online operations.

It is very easy to like WordPress – the platform is simple and intuitive, but earning with it will actually require strong community connections, extensive research, insights, and resources. Nowadays, it is of vital importance to follow social media and get acquainted with main WordPress providers known as social influencers.

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Regardless of what you think, not each of the millions of WordPress users is a profitable connection. You need to follow exclusively outstanding individuals that genuinely contributed to WordPress becoming what it is today, as all readers, users, and search engines love what they are doing. Most of all, you need to track such that are operating in your industry, or providing products/services similar to yours.

To make things easier for you, we’ve selected some of the top WordPress influencers engaged in key WordPress updates to keep track of:

Matt Mullenweg
Matt Mullenweg is the founder, CEO, and main developer of Automattic, the company without which WordPress would probably never have happened.

Joost De Valk
Feel free to consider De Valk the inventor of WordPress optimization, as this is the man behind the first SEO plugin.

Mark Forrester
He founded WooThemes in 2008 and created some of the most popular themes and commerce plugins for WordPress including WooCommerce.

Jason Cohen
The owner of four companies, among others WP Engine and Smart Bear.

Syed Balkhi
He created the first free website for WordPress resources known as WPBeginner.

Dan Norris
The co-founder of the popular WP Curve. Also, he used his content marketing experience to write amazing Amazin business books. You may have heard of him as an international online retail speaker.

Adii Pienaar
Currently working for Receiptful, was another founder of WooThemes.

Alex Cooper
His entire career is focused on SEO and WordPress training, while he also works in the affiliate marketing sector.

Allen Moore
He is a 10up senior front-end engineer.

Andrew Wikel
He is known as Automattic’s WooCommerce ninja.

Andy Mcllwain
Mcllwain is currently running the GoDaddy community, while he is also involved in organizing many WordPress meetups such as WebSpace and WordCampo in Toronto.

Brad Griffin
He is one of the most popular developers and managers of WooCommerce websites.

Brad Parbs
Parbs is currently employed at WebDevStudios, where he creates WordPress themes.

Brian Gardner
The founder of StudioPress, which is nowadays a partner of Rainmaker Digital.

Brian Jackson
He can offer significant insights in inbound marketing, thanks to his experience gained at KeyCDN.

Brian Krogsgard
He is the chief editor at Post Status.

Bridget Willard
Bridget Willard is heading the marketing management sector at WordImpress.

Bronson Quick
He is Human Made’s chief WordPress coder.

Damon Cook
Cook is often praised for his creative and innovative work. He currently holds the front-end developer position at WebDevStudios.

Eric Mann
Eric Mann works at 10up, where he leads web engineering.

Frankie Jarrett
He is employed by GoDaddy, where he works as a senior WP product engineer.

Hristo Pandjarov
Pandjarov is the leading WP SEO specialist at SiteGround.

Ivica Delic
He does an amazing job developing WordPress support plugins for freelancers.

Jan Koch
He is the main organizer of the annual WP summit and an experienced WordPress website developer.

Jared Atchison
Atchison is also a developer, but he also provides consulting services.

Jenny Beaumont
He co-organizes and chairs WordCamp Europe and WordCamp Paris.

Josh Pollock
Pollock have founded CalderaWP, where he is currently developing WordPress websites.

Kimberly Lipari
She established WP Valet and is currently the operative director of the company.

Mario Peshev
Peshev is the main WP architect and CEO of WPDevriX.

Mendel Kurland
He works at GoDaddy, holding the position of a writer and community evangelist.

Michele Butcher
Butcher is a member of the InMotion Hosting team in charge of WordPress related operations.

Phil Derksen
He created many popular WordPress plugins and is still providing unique content for Simple Calendar and WP Simple Pay.

Raquel Landefeld
She is Mode Effect’s partner in charge of numerous web development and WordPress UX projects.

Ryan McCue
He is a key contributor for WordPress engineering at Human Made, known by the fact that he co-developed WP Rest API.

What influencers are trying to achieve with such outreach is to build lasting relationships with other niche professionals, and make use of their influence to direct more traffic towards their websites.

One of the smartest moves to boost e-store traffic is to connect with top niche influencers. The technique takes time and careful planning, but it is absolutely worthy of consideration.


Here is how you can connect with the WordPress influencers from your industry:

  • Research who they are and what they do, and list the ones you believe must be targeted.
  • Make sure you’re following their activities on social media (Twitter in particular).
  • Subscribe for their blogs if available.
  • Study what they are writing about, and follow the updates they post on social media. This way, you will understand which type of content is most attractive to them.
  • Make yourself visible by responding to their Facebook updates, and comment on related posts. This is the only way they will notice you.
  • Add some round-up posts on your personal blog, as for instance ‘The top post of the week’, referring to an influencers’ post you liked or thought is interesting. Tweet them, so that they won’t miss it.
  • Use the connection with them to ask questions and advice, and use the information to write interview posts. Make sure they know what your idea was.

Just as in private life, building relationships in the online business environment takes time and devotion. You need to stay consistent in your intention to connect with influencers and use even the most basic endorsement or recommendation from their side to attract visitors to your online store.

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