Are you looking for the best photography plugins for WordPress?

No matter whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist photographer, WordPress is an amazing platform to showcase your work online. With your own photography WordPress website, you have complete control over how your photos are displayed online.

You can find thousands of WordPress plugins for photographers in the official plugin repository, but to save you time on research, we compiled the top plugins in the market for photography sites.

All these plugins will help you to create an amazing photography site. Let’s take a look:

1. Envira Gallery

envira photo artists wp pluginEnvira Gallery is the most powerful WordPress gallery plugin for photographers. It lets you create responsive image galleries, open them in lightbox popup, and supports many other important features that the default WordPress media library lacks.

With its powerful drag and drop builder, you can upload your photos, reorganize them, and build a stunning image gallery in 5 minutes or less. It also comes with several built-in templates so you can easily customize your gallery or create your own.

Unlike most other WordPress gallery plugins, Envira Gallery bundles with the right features without any bloat. It comes with tons of different add-ons to help you create the most eye-catching image gallery using WordPress. It also allows you to easily import your pictures from various online sources including Instagram and Dropbox.

The plugin is SEO friendly and is highly optimized for server and web performance to ensure maximum speed.

2. Modula Gallery

photo gallery plugin wpmodula

Modula is a WordPress photo gallery plugin with a huge range of Demos that makes it easy for all types of users (from beginners to advanced ones) to build grid galleries. It helps you automate the grid creation without coding at all. You only have to give Modula a size and a list of images and that’s all to create stylish galleries.

3. StoryForm

photography wp plugin

Do you want to craft your story in a way that is more enticing to your website visitors?
With different built-in layouts and designs, StoryForm allows you to replace static PDFs and boring blog posts and lets you create truly responsive stories.

You can elevate your story with beautiful typography, and create an exceptional user experience.

If you’re after a plugin that lets you attract prospects by telling them the stories behind your images, Storyform could be the right solution for you.

4. Soliloquy

wp plugin for photographersSoliloquy is one of the most popular WordPress slider plugins in the market. It allows you to build stunning, responsive photo and video sliders for your WordPress site in minutes. It comes with tons of essential features like slider themes, dynamic sliders, video sliders, animations, and more.

Unlike most other WordPress slider plugins, Soliloquy feels like a seamless part of your WordPress dashboard and makes it very easy to use for WordPress user without any learning curve.

A poorly coded slider plugin can significantly reduce the speed of your site, in turn hurting search engine rankings and ruining the user experience. Due to the fact, both the frontend and backend queries are highly optimized to maximize the page speed, which makes Soliloquy one of the fastest slider plugins in the market.

If you’re looking to create blazing fast sliders on your site with ease, Soliloquy is the best choice for you.

5. WPMedia Tagger

photo plugin for wordpressWPMedia Tagger allows you to add tags and categories to your media files, images, and photographs, so you can easily sort and categorize your photos.

It also comes with a cool search feature that allows users to find the right image they’re looking for on a website. With its tag cloud widget, users can find the right images that are well organized in just a single click.

It works with your existing post tags. The WPMedia Tagger settings will display corresponding tags below each of your pictures. If you haven’t used any tags on your site before, it asks you to create them first so you can make use of the feature.

6. Easy Watermark

plugin for wp photos - easy watermark

Do you want to protect your photographs from unauthorized use?

The Easy Watermark plugin automatically adds watermark to images as they are uploaded to your WordPress media library. It also allows you to manually add watermark to your existing photographs either all at once or one by one.
You can choose watermark as image, text, and set position and transparency.

7. Imsanity

wp plugin Imsanity photo artists

To improve the user experience of your site, you need to ensure that your website loads faster, so it doesn’t frustrate your visitors. In fact, for most websites, images often account for most of the downloadable bytes. This can be true especially for photography sites.

Optimizing your images is the best way to improve the user experience and speed up your photography website. As a photographer, you might not want to use a typical image compression plugin that reduces the file size just for the sake of boosting speed.

Instead, you may use the Imsanity plugin, which resizes huge image uploads down to a size that is more reasonable for display in the browser, yet still more than large enough for typical website use. You can configure the plugin settings with a maximum width, height, and quality.

8. Lazy Load

wordpress plugin for photos

An easy way to improve your loading time is to avoid using unnecessary images on your site and keeping only those that are absolutely necessary. That being said, reducing the number of images may not be an ideal solution for photography sites.

If you want to use lots of images without reducing the page load time, you need to lazy load your images. That means, load images only when they are visible to your visitors. You may use the Lazy Load plugin to boost your page speed and save your bandwidth by making your image loads only when they’re visible to your visitors.

Creating a photography website needs a clear strategy and perseverance, but with the above-listed plugins, you can make the process a whole lot easier. With the right plugins, you can attract more clients to your site and convince them to hire you.

Did we miss your favorite plugin? Share your thoughts with us by dropping a line below.

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