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Responsive-&-Retina (Games Zone)

This theme is optimized for a Responsive viewing experience. Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal experience with a minimum of resizing and scrolling, across a wide range of devices.

Perfectly crisp...

...texts, icons, graphics & images on any screen, at any size - either if we are talking about a normal, classic monitor or the new and gorgeous Retina (HiRes) displays.

Wanna get the exact look of our demo?

Import the Demo Content

No more fiddling with server settings & complex XML content install process! All our WordPress themes have this unique feature, built into our framework, that auto-installs the demo content making the theme look exactly like the one you see on our live preview. We call this 1 Click Content Install.

Watch the 1 Click Content Install in action:

In this video we have used Paradise Cove as an example but the install process is exactly the same for all our WordPress themes. More tutorials on our help desk page:

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Themes in the wild:

Want to see examples of what our clients did with our themes after they have purchased? Click the link below for some of the best.

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